Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sri Kalika Sahasranama Sthothram by Mahakalabhairava – Lyrics and meanings 101 - 110

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Goddess Kalika who is Ameya/immeasurable, she is mighty Goddess with dreadful appearance, and she follows accurate disciplines, she is Thrivikrama who is capable to conquer the world in three strides, she symbolizes welfare, happiness, fortune, prosperity, she carries oblation/Havya from fire sacrifices, she has pleasant disposition and has attractive limbs which has the complexion of smoke, she undertakes severe austerities and penances, she can be sweltering as well, she represents Vishvabogadha/bestows pleasures to the Universe, she is embodied as Vishva/Universe, she is Dhara/Earth, she carries Earth in her womb, she has beautiful three assemblage/frame, she can be overpowering/obstructive, she is submissive, she is all pervading and she symbolizes all sounds, she is Beejaroopa who is the source of  living beings, she symbolizes great gestures/Mahamudhra and she is venerated with those Mudras, she entices the hearts of worshiper, she symbolizes Yoga/Yogaroopini, she represents the cupid flowers/Ananga Kusuma, she adorn  sky as girdle/Anangamekhala, she represents incorporeal, she represents cupid of Love, air, sky, mind, ether, water lily,  and sacred grass, she is decked in various fresh alluring flower garlands, she is Kameshvari who is the consort of Lord Kameshvara, she is the provider of well-being and fulfils the desires of the worshiper, she symbolizes Thanthric rites, she represents sense organs and she is eternal bliss, she is Vrajeshvari who dwells in the sacred land of Vraja, she is victorious, she eradicates all kinds miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, she is attractive  young woman who represents six limbs/six parts of Vedanga, she is immersed in the strict Yogic practices, she has supreme radiance of Amshumalin/Lord Surya, she is Durga who is the destroyer of malicious people, she is difficult to envision, and she is unconquerable, she eradicates miseries and evilness, and she is insurmountable, she is Hamseshvari who has elegant gait of swan and serenity, she resides in the three worlds, she is Shakambari who represents musicial notes, she has supreme abode in three worlds, she is eternal, she is nectar like supreme bliss, she is Mahavidhyeshvari who represents supreme wisdom and knowledge, wealth and fame, she is Berunda/formidable, awful, she is divine personified as georgeous woman in the illustrious clan, she is Thvaritha/swift, she is surrounded by ardent devotees, she  lures the hearts of devotees, she is perpetual/primordial, she is the provider of immense bliss to worshiper, she assumes herself as  devotee, she is the provider of auspiciousness to her worshiper, she symbolizes beauty and fame/fortune, she dwells in the supreme abode of pleasure, she represents all kinds of well-being followed by  wealth and fame.

Ameyo Vikrama Kroora  Samyaksheela Thrivikrama | Svasthiharvyavaha  Preethirukma  Dhoomrachirangadha ||

Thapini  Thaapini Vishvabhogadha  Dharini  Dhara | Thrikhanda  Rodhini Vashya  Sakala  Shabdharoopini ||

Beejaroopa Mahamudhra  Vashini  Yogaroopini | Anangakusuma Anangamekhala  Anangaroopini ||

Anangamadhana  Anangarekha  Anangakusheshvari |Anangamalini  Kameshvari  Sarvarthasadhika ||

Sarvathanthramayi Sarvaprodhinya  Anandharoopini | Vajreshvari  Cha Jayini  Sarvadhukha Kshayangari ||

Shadangayuvathi  Yogayuktha Jala Shambhu Malini | Dhurashaya  Dhuradhara  Dhurjaya  Dhurgaroopini ||

Dhurantha  Dhushkrithihara  Dhurdheya  Dhurathikrama | Hamseshvari  Thrilokasya  Shakambaryanuragini ||

 Thrikonanilaya  Nithya  Parama Amritharanjjitha |Mahavishveshvari  Shretha  Bherunda  Kulasundari ||

Thvaritha  Bhakthisamyuktha  Bhakthivashya  Sanathani | Bhakthanandhamayi Bhakthabhavitha  Bhakthashankari ||

Sarva Saundharyanilaya  Sarva Saubhagyashalini | Sarva Sambhogabhavana  Sarva Saukhyanuroopini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||