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Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & Its meaning 41 - 50

Jai Ambey Ma !!
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has the eyes resemblance to blue lotus/Kuvalai, consort of Lord Shiva who is red complexioned, it was the compassion of the divine couple which made us to remain in the association of ardent devotees, it was their grace we have obtained a safe heaven at their lotus feet, therefore we must have earned some merit in our previous life.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is decked in sparkling white pearl garlands on her high raised bosom like mountain which fascinates Lord Shiva, who has possessed perfect control over senses, Oh! Goddess Abirami, Oh! Sundari, who always speak in melodious way, decked in anklets made of Veda, you have possessed lap like the hood of serpent.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Thripurasundari, who has marvelous feet decked in glorious anklets, carries Pasam Angusam, and Panchabanam in her hands, she has possessed tuneful voice and has the skin texture of vermillion, she has possessed left half of her consort of Lord Shiva who was destroyed the pride of Lord Manmatha and burned the City of demon ‘Thripura’.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is the consort of Lord Shankara, and she is the mother/Parashakthi to Paramashiva, you are supreme Goddess, therefore I shall render sincere service to you, in that way I shall not strangle with grief and sorrows any more.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Mother, there are many intellectuals who did not perform any service to you, or venerate you, but they have performed their responsibilities as they have desired.  If I follow them would you feel hatred towards me or would you forgive and bless me? I really don’t know anything, Oh! Mother, if I commit any sin, you should not show any dislike to me, you should forgive me and bless me.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is setteled on the left side of her consort of Lord Neelakanda whose throat is bluish by consuming venomous poison.  This is not something new that the young people commit mistakes without knowledge were forgiven and blessed by the intelltuals.  Oh! Mother with golden complexion, I suppose if I pass through through wrong path which creates extreme dislike to you, eventually I shall surrender to you and I shall eulogize the glories of you and venerate you.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Mother of the Universe, you dwells beyond the highest of the mountain peak which is inapprochable for the seven worlds and oceans, you sparkle between the deities who dwells in the celestial world and Lord Surya and Lord Chandra who causes day and night.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, you resembles fresh alluring Parimala creeper, you are the brilliance of Lord Chandra, consort of Lord Shiva who has matted hair locks, The Yogis and intellectuals who always remember your splendor and venerates you will they attain liberation or not? Definitely they will attain liberation whoever does not long for birth which is nothing other than mass of blood, organs, skin and flesh.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has the limbs of musical instruments, I will be struggling hard at the time of death, when Lord Yama present before me to take away life from my body, at that moment you should be present with all those deities to protect me.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who carries alluring and diverse flowers as arrow, you are the supreme Goddess; you are the female force of Lord Bhrama and Lord Vishnu.  You are the female force of Lord Shambhu, You have various forms like Shankari, Yezhiludaiyal,  Nagapani, Varahi, Shooli, Mathangi/ daughter of Sage Mathanga. You are primordial; therefore I shall venerate your lotus feet that would be my safe heaven.
41.  Punniyam Seithaname  Maname Puthu Poonkuvalai
Kanniyam Seyya Kanavarum Koodi Nam Karanathal
Nanni Inge Vanthu Tham Adiyarkal Nadu Irukka
Panni Nam  Senniyinmel Padma Padham Pathithidave
42. Idamkongu Vimmi Inaikondu Iruki Ilaki Mutthu
Vadamkonda  Kongai Malaikondu Iraivar Valiyanenjai
Nadangonda Kolkai Nalam Kondam Nayaki Nalaravil
Vadam Konda Alkul Panimozhi Vethaparipuraye
43. Paripura Seeradi  Pasangusai Panchapani Insol
Thiripura Sundari Sindoora Meniyal Theemai Nenjil
Puripura Vancharai Anchakuni Poruppu Shilaikkai
Yeri Purai Meni Iraivar Sempakaththu Irunthavale
44. Thavale Ival Yengal Shankaranar Manai Mangalamam
Avale Avarthamakku Annaiyum Ayinal Akaiyinal
Ivale Kadavular Yavarkkum Melai  Iraiviyum Am
Thuvale Ini Oru Theivam Undaka Mei Thondu Seithe
45.  Thondu Seyyathu Nin Padham Thozhathu Thuninthu Icchaye
 Pandu Seithar Ularo Ilaro? Apparisu Adiyen
Kandu Seithal Athu Kaithavamo Andri Sei Thavamo?
Mindu Seithalum Porukkai Nandre Pin Verukkai Andre
46. Verukkum Thakaimakal Seyyinum Tham Adiyarai Mikkor
Porukkum Thakamai Puthiyathu Andre Puthunanjai Undu
Karukkum Thirumidattran Idapakam Kalantha Ponne
Marukkum Thakaimakal Seyyinum Yannunnai Vazhthuvane
47.  Vazhupadi Ondru Kandu Konden Manaththe Oruvar
Veezhumpadi Andru Villum Padi Andru Velainilam
Yezhum Parvarai Yettum Yettamal Iravu Pakal
Choozhum Sudarkku Naduve Kidanthu Sudarkindrathe
48. Sudarum Kalaimathi Thundrum Sadaimudi Kundril Ondri
Padarum Parimala Pacchai Kodiyai Pathithu Nenjil
Idarum  Thavirthu Imaippothu Iruppar Pinnum Yeithuvaro
Kudarum Kozhuvum Kuruthiyum Thoyum  Kurampayile
49.  Kurampai Aduthu Kudipukka Avi Venkoottukku Itta
Varampai Aduthu Marukkum Appothu Valakai Amaithu
Arampai Aduthu Ariyavar Soozha Vanthu Anjal Enpai
Narampai Aduthu Isai Vadivai Nindra Nayakiye
50.  Nayaki  Nanmukhi Narayani Kainalina  Pancha
Sayaki Sambavi Sankari Samalai Sathi Nacchu
Vai Aki Malini Varahi Soolini Mathanki Yendru
Aya Kiyathi Udaiyal Saranam Aran Namakke
Jai Ambey Ma !!


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Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & Its meaning 21 - 30

Jai Ambey Ma !!
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is the personification of auspiciousness, always remains young and unblemished, she has attractive raised bosom, dwells in the highest of the peak, she has stunning hands decked in white bangles made of conch shell, golden complexioned, knower of all art forms and has the resemblance to peacock, always surrounded by the zealous devotees and consort of Lord Shiva who has adorned powerful and divine watercouse of Ganga on his matted hair locks.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has slender waist resemblance to creeper, she is young and beautiful, she is the essence of Veda extended with its frangrances, she is like an female elephant manifested in the mountain peak of Himalaya covered with ice.  She is the mother of Lord Brahma and all the deities.  Oh! Mother of the Universe, showered blessing to an unmerited, I earnestly pray to provide liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, I shall always keep your grandeur in my mind, I shall not create any enmity with the passionate devotees of you, I shall not follow any methods of worship other than you.  Oh! Goddess Abirami, you are ubiquitous on Earth, Sky and netherworld, you are the provider of nectar like bliss to me, you are the personification of supreme bliss, and you are my desired deity who showered grace on humble person like me.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has the resemblance of reverberation of the sounds of divine bell, she has the magnificence of gems of her ornament; she remains impassive to the ignorant and remedy to the sinful people surrendered to her.  You are like sumptuous feast to the deities, I have completely surrendered to your lotus feet, and therefore I have no heart or intention to follow any other method of worship.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, you are the mother of Trinities, you are excellent and rare cure to the three world, I have undergone severe austerities to get liberated from the cycles of birth and death, I have been in the association of your passionate devotees and served them relentlessly.  Oh! Goddess Abirami, I am venerating you with utmost sincereity and devotion due to the merit attained in the previous birth and I will continue to do so.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is venerated by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who performs the functions of creation of fourteen worlds, preservation and destruction respectively, she has great splendor, decked in the flower garlands made of Kadamba.  I shall surrender at your glorious lotus feet and I submit garland made out of my humble words, it makes me feel totally surprised.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Mother, you have crushed my pride, ego and illusion, you have provided me a serene heart filled with devotion, and you have given me a highest of the opportunities to serve your lotus feet in this Yuga.  You have washed off my impurities from heart with the water like grace, you are the personification of beauty, and how can I describe your grace?
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami who remain as a mesmerizing creeper with her consort, Lord of cosmic dance, who perform dance in extreme bliss, like piece of music and theme.  Your lotus feet has the features of fresh alluring flower of Parimala, which is venerated by your zealous devotees would be blessed with worldly desires, knowledge of methods of salvation, ultimately the abode of Lord Shiva.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami who is the manifestation of penance and you are Goddess Sri Adi Shakthi, Goddess to the penance as well, you are Para Shakthi, the female force of Lord Shiva, and you are the provider of liberation to the Sages and Rishis who worship on Parashakthi & Lord Shiva.  You are the personification of eternal wisdom and knowledge; you are Goddess Tripurasundari who is capable to liberate from the worldly bondages.

My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Goddess Uma, who is ubiquitous,  you are the savior from sins, therefore  If I did commit any sin and plunge into the unfathomable ocean/ocean of birth and death, you should come to rescue me and it is your responsibility, you cannot refuse to do so, your graceful fleeting look should protect me.
21.  Mangalai  Senkalasam Mulaiyal Malaiyal Varuna

Sanku Alai Senkai Sakala Kalamayil Thavu Gangai

Pongu Alai Thangum Purisadaiyon Pudaiyal Udaiyal

Pingalai Neeli Seyyal Veliyal Pasum Penkodiye


22. Kodiye Ilavanchikombe Yenakku Vampe Pazhutha

 Padiye Marayin Parimalame Panimal Imaya

Pidiye Piraman Muthalaya Thevarai Petra Amme

Adiyen Irainthu Ingu Ini Piravamal Vanthu Andukollen


23.  Kollen Manathil Ninkolam Allathu Anpar Koottamthannai

Villen Parasamayam Virumpen Viyan Moovulakukku

 Ulle Anaithinukkum Purampe Ullathe Vilaintha

Kale Kalikkumkaliye Aliya Yen Kanmaniye


24. Maniye Maniyin Oliye Olirum Mani Punaitha

Aniye Aniyum  Anikku Azhake Anukathavarkku

Piniye Pinikku Marunthe Amarar Peru Virunthe

Paniyen Oruvarai  Nin Padma Padham  Paninthapinne


25.  Pinne Thirinthu Un Adiyarai Peni Pirappu Arukka

Munne Thavankal Muyandru Konden Muthal Moovarukkum

Anne Ulakukku Abirami Yennum  Arumarunthe

Yenne? Ini  Unnaiyan Maravamal Nindru Yeththuvane


26.  Yeththum Adiyavar  Erezh Ulakinayum Padaithum

Kaththum Azhiththum  Thirpavaram  Kamazh Poogadambu

Saththum Kuzhal Anange Manam Narum Nin Thalinaikku Yen

Naththangu Punmozhi Yeriyavaru Nakaiyudaiththey


27. Udaiththanai Vancha  Piraviyai Ullam Urukum Anpu

Padaithanai Padma Pathayugam Soodum Pani Yenakke

Adaiththanai Nenchathu Azhukkai Yellam Nin Arulpunalal

Thudaiththanai Sundari Nin Arul Yethendru Solluvathe


28. Sollum Porulum Yena Nadamadum Thunaivarudan

Pullum Parimala Poongodiye Nin Puthumalar Thal

Allum Pakalum Thozhumavarkke Azhiya Arasum

Sellum Thavaneriyum Shivalokamum Siddhikkume


29. Siddhiyum Siddhitharum Deivamaki Thikazhum Para

 Shakthiyum Shakthi Thazhaikkum Shivamum Thavam Muyalvar

Mukthiyum Mukthikku Viththum Viththaki Mulaithu Yezhuntha

Puththiyum Puththiyunulle Purakkum Puraththai Andre


30. Andre Thaduthu Yennai Andukondai Kondathu Alla Yenkai

Nandre Unakku? Ini Nan Yen Seyyinum Nadukkadalul

Sendre Vizhinum Karaiyettrukai Nin Thiruvullamo

Ondre Palauruve Aruve Yen Umayavale
Jai Ambey Ma !!



Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & Its meaning 31 - 40

Jai Ambey Ma !!

My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is the personification of Goddess Uma and a part of Ardhanareeeshwara by attaining possession of half of the body of her consort Lord Shiva; you are too compassionate to choose me as your servant, therefore I have nothing to think about any other religion to worship, I have no one to carry me in their womb and I have no more desires for the woman with marvelous physical features.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has possessed half of the body of my Lord and stood as Ardhanareeshwara, Oh! Mother, I have been whirling in the ocean of worldly desires which can provide inexorable grief and ultimately strangled in the noose of Lord Yama, at that moment you have protected me, though I have committed numerous sins by mind and provided shelter on your lotus feet, I have no words to describe your compassion.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who hurries to the cries of her devotees when they are tortured by the presence of Lord Yama, for the sins, committed Oh! Goddess Komalavalli who has mesmerizing physical features and smeared fragrant paste of sandal on her raised bosom which has deliberately slow down the wisdom of Lord Shiva, Oh! Mother, I shall shed tears calling out for you at the time of death and you should rush to protect me.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is dwells in the creation of four faced Lord Bhrama, dwells in the heart of Lord Vishnu who is decked in Navamani and Thuvala garlands, dwells in the left part of the body of Lord Shiva, and resides in the golden lotus flower and the brilliance of Lord Surya and Lord Chandra as well.  Oh! Goddess Abirami, you are the provider of bliss and material well being, remover of sorrows and grief of your zealous devotees who are surrendered at your feet.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who resides as Vaishnavi in the milky ocean on the bed of serpent with red eyes, we are truly blessed and must have undergone austerities to have your marvelous lotus feet on our head, which has the resemblance of Lord Chandra, it is uncertain that whether the celestial had the same fortune to carry your lotus feet on their head.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has raised bosom, you are the manifestation of prosperity which provides sumptuousness and illusion, eventually the eternal wisdom.  Though you have various appearances, ultimately you have removed my delusion and provided eternal wisdom; remain as eternal brilliance in the Universe, I am puzzled to realize your splendor.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who carries sugarcane and flower bunch on her hands, her lotus like body adorned in auspicious white pearl garlands, she is attaired in grand garments, her waisted is decked in waistbelt made of various precious gems.  Oh! Abirami who resides on the left to her consort Supreme Lord Shiva who has possessed all the opulence and attired in the garment made of eight directions.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has beautiful mouth which has the resemblance of precious coral, she has got beautiful smile which provides coolness, she has disturbed the severe austerities of Lord Shiva, with her beautiful features like slender waist and raised bosom, whoever worships here would attain the celestial world, therefore I suggest everyone should worship her.


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, your lotus feet are capable to protect me, your graceful eyes has the capabilities to guard me from the clutches of Lord Yama, Oh! Goddess Abirami, who has possessed beautiful forehead and seated on the left of Lord Shiva who has carried bow and arrow to destroy the city of Tripura I understand that If I venerates you sincerely I will be fortunate, If I did not do that I will remain inauspicious, it has nothing to do with you. 


My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami who has possessed radiance on her forehead, she is a young maiden, adorable and fascinates the deities to worship and present before the ignorant, I am fortunate to worship her with all those merits attained in my previous births.

31. Umayum Umayorupakanum Yeka Uruvil Vanthu Ingu
Yemaiyum Thamakku Anpu Seyyavaiththar Ini Yennutharkku
Samayangalum  Illai Eendreduppal Oru Thayum Illai
Amaiyum Amaiyuru Tholiyarmel Vaiththa Asayume
32.  Asai Kadalil Akapattu Arulattra Andhakan Kai
Pasaththil Allarpada Irunthenai Nin Patham Yenum
Vasakkamalam Thalaimel Valiya  Vaithu Andu Konda
Nesathai Yen Solluven? Esar Pakathu Nerizhaye
33.  Izhaikkum Vinaivazhiye Adumkalan Yennai Nadunga
Azhaikkum Pozhuthu Vanthu Anjal Yenpai Aththar Sittham Yellam
Kuzhaikkum Kalapa  Kuvimulai Yamalai Komalame
Uzhaikkum Pozhuthu Unnaye Annaye Yenpar Odivanthe
34. Vanthe Saranam Pukum Adiyarukku Vanulakam
Thanthe Parivodu Than Poyirukkum Chathurmukhamum
Payithen Alangal Parumani Akamum Pasamum Por
Senthen Malarum Alarkathir Jyayirum Thingalume
35.  Thingal Pakavin Manam Narum Seeradi Senni Vaikka
Yengalkku Oru Thavam Yeithiyava Yenniraintha Vinnor
Thangalkkum Intha Thavam Yeithumo? Tharangakadalul
Vengan Pani Anaimel Thuyilkoorum Vizhipporule
36.  Porule Porulmudikkum Pogame Arum Pogam Seyyum
Marule Marulil Varum Therule Yen Manathu Vanchaththu
Irulyethum Yendri  Oliveli Aki Irukkum Unthan
Arulyethu Arikindrilen Ampuyathanathu Ambikaye
37.  Kaikke Anivathu Kannalum Poovum Kamalam Anna’
Meikke Anivathu Ven Muththumalai Vidaravin
Paikke Anivathu Panmani Kovayum Pattum Yettu
Thikke Aniyum Thiru Udaiyanidam Serpavale
38. Pavalakodiyil Pazhuththa Sevvayum Panimuruval
Thavala Thiru Nakaiyum Thunaiya Yengal Sankaranai
Thuvalaporuthu Thudiyidai Saikkum Thunaimulaiyal
Avalai Panimin Kandir Amaravathi Alukaikke
39. Alukaikku Unthan Adithamaraikal Undu Anthakanpal
Meelukaikku Unthan Vizhiyin Kadaiundu Melivattrin
Moolukaikku Yen Kurai Nin Kuraiye Andru Muppurangal
Malukaikku Ambu Thodutha Villan Pangil Vanuthale
40. Vannuthal Kanniyai Vinnavar Yavarum Vanthu Irainji
Penutharkku Yennia Yem Perumattiyai Pethainenjil
Kanutharkku Anniyal Allatha Kanniyai Kanum Anpu
Poonutharkku Yennia Yennam  Andro Munsei Punniyame
Jai Ambey Ma !!