Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sri Shiva Sahasranama Sthothram – Rudrayamala Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 91 – 100

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Shiva who is eulogized by Lord Bhrama and deities, he liberates the souls from worldly bondages and he is devoid of any worldly affairs, he is devoid of any restrictions and he is  independent, he symbolizes sacred hymns, he has supreme effulgence and he illuminates the whole Universe with his radiance, he is Pushkaraksha who has eyes resembles to  lotus petals, he symbolizes fame, he represents pieties and his endless glories are eulogized by deities, he is Punyamoorthi who is the provider of abundance of pieities to the worshiper, he dispenses the fruit of karma/act of goodness and wickedness as well, he is the essence of living beings, he symbolizes sounds, Earth, and sentiments, he carries out the functions of Universe, he symbolizes Omkara/Pranava, he represents the sacred sound of Omkara, he eradicates the excessive lust and desires of the worshiper who is surrendered at his lotus feet, he creates the sense of nearness as well as very distant from Bhramanda, he is the commander of Bhramanda, he represents leader of herd or crowd and delightful in the association of crowd, he dwells in the root of Mandhara,  he is decked in the fresh alluring flowers of Mandhara, he is surrounded by his worshiper and he is the provider of abundance of boons to his worshiper, he is Sriman who is the Lord of wealth, he is eternal, he has possessed endless virtues and auspiciousness, he is flawless and he is supreme Lord, he have great power and enthusiasm, he absorbs the Universe and its living beings at the end of Yuga/Vishvabhoktha, he ensures the welfare of the Universe and fulfils the desires of the living beings, he is approachable and remains distant as well, he is easily attainable and remains remote, he augments the welfare of Universe and its living beings, he is promising and provider of  fortune, he is splendid with no envy, he is Bhramacharin/observes chastity, Dhridacharin/undertakes strict austerities and disciplines, he is Devasimha who is lion among the deities, he symbolizes wealth, and Veda, he is Lord of Lords, he is superior and flawless among the Lords, he is the source of living being in the Universe, he is the King of  living beings and cause of lving beings in the Universe, he auguments the source of living beings, he is the ultimate haven of the living beings, he represents soul in living beings, he is devoid of properities and he is the cause for the destruction of living beings, he is supreme Lord who is beyond human intellect, he is the provider of boons to worshiper, he has various complexions such as reddish-brown, yellow, tawny, golden-colored, he represents fire, he have three eyes, he have reddish-brown eyes, he is Suraguru who is supreme preceptor of the deities, he represents Suraguru/Brihaspathi,  he is beloved of the  preceptor of deities, he symbolizes Yuga such as Kritha, Thretha, Dwapara and Kaliyuga, he is the commander of Yugas and carries out the functions of Yuga, he is embodied as Yuga and he is the cause for the deluge/destruction at the end of Yuga.

Bhrama  Vishvasrigurveesho Mochako Bandhavarjitha: | Svathanthra: Sarvamanthrathma: Dhyuthiman Amithaprabha: ||

Pushkaraksha: Punyakeerthi: Punyashravanakeerthana: | Punyamoorthi: Punyadhatha Punyapunya Phalapradha: ||

Sarabhootha: Svaramayo Rasabhootho Rasashraya: | Omkara: Pranavo Nadho Pranatharthi Prabhanjana: ||

Nikadastho Athidhoorastho Vashi Bhramandanayaka: | Mandharamoola Nilayo Mandharakusumavritha: ||

Vrindharaka Priyathathmo Vrindharakavararchitha | Shriman Anantha Kalyana Paripoono Mahodhaya: ||

Mahothsaho Vishvabhoktha  Vishvasha Paripooraka: | Sulabho Asulabho Labhyo Alabhyo Labhapravardhaka: ||

Labathma  LabhadhoVaktha  Dhyuthiman Anasooyaka: | Bhramachari  Dhridhachari  Devasimho Dhanapriya: ||

Vedapo Devadevesho  Devadevoththamoththama: | Beejarajo Beejahethur  Beejadho Beejavridhdhidha: ||

Beejadharo  Beejaroopo Nirbeejo Beejanashaka: | Paraparesho Varadha: Pingalo Ayugma Lochana: ||

Pingalaksha: Suraguru: Guru: Suragurupriya: | Yugavaho Yugadheesho Yugakridh Yuganashaka: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||