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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Chapter – 16 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi

Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Pavanakumara, you are extremely valorous, you are beloved of Lord Rama, kindly do whatever you wish to do with me. Oh! Bhagavan, you can perform the most impossible tasks, your grace can make the life of the unfortunate Jeeva fruitful, Oh! Protector of the three worlds, why did you keep me afar from you and hurled me into utter darkness? How did you approve of me as a sincere attendant before and honored? Why did you abandon me now, what was the sin committed? You have approved me as your sincere devotee, and now you have deserted me. I have always been consuming pieces of meals received as alms, singing in praise of you. I have been living all my life in your faith, and I always dependent on you. How could you become so distant to me, like the ordinary humans? You are the knower of all, you know what’s happening with me, you are Gnaninam Agraganya/super intellectual, Oh! Bhagavan, I know very well that whoever untruthful to masters would lose self-respect as well as honor. The ignorant Jeeva constantly chases after the material matters, possession, wealth, richness, money, fame, children, wife, relatives, and companion, due to Mahamoha/illusion, ignorance, ultimately forgets the Paramathma Parambhramam resides as a soul in it and undergoes constant sufferings and grief of worldly existence. You are a sincere attendant of Lord Rama and Devi Janaki, I am Tulasidas despairingly wandering through the worldly existence, you are my safest asylum, hence kindly guide me to reach  the lotus feet of Lord Raghunatha.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “Oh! Hanuman, do not take seriously the saying of a tormented, selfish, distressed, and depressed Jeeva, these are extremely perplexed, and do not think good or bad of their words. It is evident in the Samsara that, the heavy downpour and the lack of downpour, both would stir intense trepidations among the Jeeva, eventually they curse the deities in either way. The truth is the supreme Lord Parameshwara did not take the curses of Jeeva seriously. Oh! Bhagavan, I have openly accused you because of intense trepidation and sufferings of worldly existence in the Kali era, kindly shower your mercy and compassionate grace upon me, and forgive me. The innocent Jeeva remembers only noble souls, well-wisher, promising people during the hours of extreme difficulties, they can only protect by all means during the time of troubles. Oh! Bhagavan, the Masters must be kind enough to point out the mistakes in attendants and guide them, I am Tulsidas is a firm and sincere devotee of you, and have already taken shelter at your lotus feet.”

33) Samarath Suan Sameerake Raghubeer Piyare| Mopar Kibi Thohi JO Kari Lehi Bhiya Re|| Their Mahima The Chalai Chinchini Chiya Re | Andhiyaro Meri Bar Kyo Tribhuvan Ujiyare || Kehi Karani Jan Janikai Sanman Kiya Re | Kehi Adha Auguna Apane Kar Dari Dhiya Re || Khayi Khonchi Mangi Mei Thero Nama Liya Re | There Bal Bali  Aju Lau Jag Jagi Jiya Re || Jo Theso Hothau Phirau Mero Hethu Hiya Re | Thau Kyo Badhana Dhekhavatho Kahi Bachan Iyare || Thoso Gyana Nidhana Ko Sarbagya Biya Re | Ham Samucchath Saidhrohaki Gathi Cchar Cchiya Re || There Swami Ram Se  Swamini Siya Re | Thaham Tulasike Kaunko Kako Thakiya Re ||


34) Athi Arath Athi Swarathi Athi Dheena Dhukhari | Inko Bilagu Na Maniye  Bolahim Na Bichari || Loka Reethi Dhekhi Suni Vyakula Nara Nari | Athi Barshe Anabarbehum Dehim Dheivahim Gari || Nakahi Aye Nathaso Samsathi Bhaya Bhari | Kahi Ayo Kibi Cchama Nija Aur Nihari || Samai Samkare Sumiriye  Samarath Hithakari | So Sab Bidhi Ubar Karai Aparadh Bisari || Bigari  Sevakaki Sadha Sahebahim Sudhari |Tulasipar Their Kripa  Nirupadhi Nirari ||

Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Chapter – 15 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi

Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Whoever achieved the perpetual grace of Lord Hanuman who is Kesari Nandhan, would get protected from all the troubles and afflictions. Who is powerful than the supreme Lord Hanuman who showers bliss to his devotees, destroyer of enemies, and break the faces of wicked, in this world? The Veda and Purana eulogizes the glories of Hanuman. He is the Shiromani/precious jewel adorned on the crown and hair, among the valorous. He restored the lost kingdom and glories of Vibheeshana and Sugreevah. He has overthrown the mighty King Ravana and Bali from the throne, he fulfilled the desires of the deities, protected himself from all the traps of Ravana, he crossed the mighty ocean and set fire to the city of Lanka. He crushed the haughty demons under his feet. His childhood pranks terrify Lord Surya in the early hours of dawn. The illustrious Kings seek the grace and bow their heads before Lord Hanuman, for the victory on the battlefields. He is fearless and wins over enemies, whoever worships him would achieve all the auspiciousness, welfare, and ultimately Moksha. He resembles Chakora bird that yearningly looks at the full-moon like the face of Lord Sri Ramachandra, the remembrance of Lord Hanuman and recitation of his sacred names would give the results of auspicious wish-fulfilling tree Kalpavruksha to his devotees. Oh! Tulsidas, the worship of Lord Hanuman and intense devotion and faith at the lotus feet of Hanuman would bring back the lost glories and welfare. Whoever sings in praise of Lord Hanuman would achieve the Purusharththa/Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, these four would be on the palm of the devotees who have intense faith and devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Hanuman.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “Oh! Hanuman who destroys the sufferings of the Jeeva, you are the sincere attendant of Lord Rama, Oh! Bhagavan, haven’t seen the Simharoopi/lion cubs attacked by the evil effects of Kaliyuga like untamed elephants? Don’t you remember that you are Sharanagathavthsala of the Jeeva? You are the protector of your sincere devotees, you are kind and compassionate to your devotees, have you forgotten all those virtues? Where is your valor that terrified each and every limb of Ravana with the sounds of your Humkara/boisterous sound of 'Hum'? Where is that prowess that frightened your enemies? Have you become arrogant? Have you forgotten your kindness and compassion to your devotees? Today your sincere attendant is getting thrashed and humiliated before your eyes, kindly protects them. Oh! Bhagavan, you are extremely skilled and shrewd as well. Previously, you have considered your sincere attendants as your life, you have listened to them you have given importance to them, what happened to you now? Oh! Bhagavan, after watching the sufferings of worldly existence of Tulsidas, why so remote to me? kindly take all the fame to you, there is no doubt that the ardent devotees of Lord Rama would attain all kinds of auspiciousness in their lives.”


31) Thakihai Thamaki Thaki  Aur Ko| Jako Hai Sab Bhanthi Bharoso Kapi Kesari  Kisorako || Jana Ranjjana Arigana Ganjjana Mukhabhanjjana Khala Barajorako | Bedha Purana Prakat Purursharaththa Sakala  Sumata Sirmora Ko || Uthape Thapan Thape Athapan Pan  Bibudhabrindha Bandhicchora Ko | Jaladhi Langhi Dhahi Lanka Prabala Bala Dhalana Nisachar  Ghora KO || Jako Balabinodh Samucchi Jiya Darath Dhivakar Bhorako | Jaki Chibuka Chot Choorana Kiya  Radha Madha Kulisa Kadorako ||Lokapala Anukoola Bilokivo Chahath Bilochana Korako |Sadha  Abhaya Jaya Mudha Mangalamaya Jo Sevaka Ranarorako || Bhagath Kamatharu Nama Rama Paripoorana Chandh  Chakorako | Tulasi Phala Charo  Karathala Jas Gavath  GayiBahorako ||



32) Ais Thohi Na  Boonjjiye  Hanuman Hadeele | Saheb Kahum Na Ramase Thosey Na  Usiley || There Dhekhath Simhake Sisu Medak Leele | Janath Hai Kali Thereau Man Gungana Keeley || Hank Sunath Dhasakandhake Bhaye Bandhan Deele | So Bal Jayo Kidhau Bhaye Ab Garabgaheele|| Sevak Ko Paradha Phate Thu Samarath Seeley | Adhika Aputhe Apuno Suni Man Sahi Le || Samsathi Tulasidasaki Suni Sujas Thuhi Le | Thihukal Thinako Bhalau Jey Ramarangeele ||

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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi - The worship of Lord Hanuman would bring the grace of all the deities


Chapter – 14 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You symbolize supreme bliss, you are a lion among the warriors of Kesari, you have born to valorous Kesari, you are the commander and protector of the Universe. You have born to Devi Anjjani who resemble magnificent Bhoomidevi, you are the precious gem from the Earth resemble Devi Anjani, you are the destroyer of grief, miseries, and anguish of the Jeeva. Oh! Vibhu, Victory to you! You are the source of Purusharththa/Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksham, you are a supreme Vairagin, do not take pleasure in the richness of the Bhramaloka and three worlds. You are true to words, thoughts, and deeds, you are righteous, you are Paramapremi at the lotus feet of Janaki Rama. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have crushed the pride of Garuda who was arrogant of his speed, intelligence, and power, you are Bala-Bhramachari who crushed the pride of Kamadeva, you are a great composer and actor as well. You are Shiromani of crores of Mahakavi, you are prominent among Gana and Vidhya as well. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You are Mukutamani of the warriors, you have seized the hairs of Devi Mandodhari, as a part of the monkey act before the Maha Abhimani Ravana. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You could not control the anger watching the merciless act of female demons act against Devi Janaki, further you have punished them all like the Yama hurls the Papi Jeeva into hellish torture. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! Oh! Bhagavan, you get highly pleased and emotional listening to the glorious myth of Lord Sri Ramachandra Prabhu, your eyes get welled up with tears of intense devotion and love, listening to the marvelous legends of Rama, and your voice gets choked. You take immense pleasure in the dust particles from the lotus feet of Lord Ramachandra. Oh! Hanumanroopi Trishooladhari Lord Shiva, I am Tulasidas have already taken shelter at your lotus feet, kindly protects me.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “Whoever taken shelter at the lotus feet  of Lord Hanuman would get all their desires fulfilled, and it is true as the lines written in the Vajra, because Sri Hanuman is skillful in performing even the impossible tasks, and no one is capable to do such deeds like him. The mere remembrance of Lord Hanuman would remove the Shoka/grief and Sankata/sufferings of the Jeeva. The fortunate achieve the eternal grace of Lord Hanuman who symbolizes auspiciousness, receives the grace of all the deities as well.  Oh! Tulsidas, the worshipers of Lord Hanuman achieves the grace of Lord  Shiva, Parvathi, Lakshman, Rama, and Devi Sita as well.”


29) Jayathi Nirbharanandha Sandhoha Kapikesari  Kesarisuvana Bhuvanaikabharththa | DhivyaBhumyajjjana Manjjulakaramano  Bhaktha Sampatha Chinthapaharththa || Jayathi Dharmrththa Kamapavargadha Vibho Bhrahlokadhi Vaibhava Vigari | Vachana Manasa Karma Sathya  Dharmavrathi Janakinatha Charanauragi || Jayathi  Bihagesha  Balabudhdhi Begathi Madha Mathana Manmatha Mathana Urdhvaretha| Mahanataka Nipuna Koti Kavikula Thilaka Ganaguna  Garva Gandharva Jetha || Jayathi Mandhodhari Kesha  Karshana Vidhdhaman Dhashakanda Mata Mukuta Jani | Bhoomija  Dhukha Sanjjatha Roshanthakritha Jathanajanthu Kritha Jathudhani || Jayathi Ramayana Shravana Sanjjatha Romancha  Lochana Sajala Shithilavani | Ramapadhapankaja Makarandha Madhukar Pahi  Dasa Tulasi Sharana Shoolanapani ||


30) Jake Gathi Hai Hanumanaki | Thaki Paija Pooji Ayi Yaha Rekha  Kulisa Pashanaki || Akhatitha Ghatana Sukhata Bikhatana Yesi Birudhavali Nahim Anaki | Sumirath Sankat Socha Bimochana Moorathi Modha  Nidhanaki || Thapara Sanukoola Girija  Hara Lakshmana Rama  Aru Janaki | Tulasi Kapiki Kripa Bilokani  Khani Sakala Kalyanaki ||

Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Chapter – 13 – Sri Vinaya Pathrika – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You are the destroyer of the sufferings of Samsarabhara, you are highly propitious, you are Sakshath Shivaswaroopa Purari incarnated as Vanara. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the destroyer of dreadful Pathanga like demons, that burn into ashes in the Krodharoopi Agni of Lord Sri Ramachandra. Oh! Bhagavan, Victory to you! You are the delight of Devi Anjjani and Vayu. You were highly promising to Sugrivah who was tormented by the cruelties of Bali, you have protected Sugrivah from the grief. You are the destroyer of the demons, resembles the Karala Krodharoopi Pralayakala Agni. You are bliss to the Siddhas, Devatha and Sajjana. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you!  You are prominent among the Ekadasha Rudras, and you are Gnaninam Agraganya/eminent scholar, you are extremely valorous among the warriors. You are profound in Samavedagana, and conqueror of Kamadeva. You are most promising to Ramachandra, and always protects the devotees of Lord Rama. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You are a winner in the battlefields, you have successfully completed the mission of Sri Raghunatha, you have effectively performed the task of a messenger to Devi Sita and brought back the whereabouts of Devi Sita to Lord Ramachandra. You have beautifully sung the welfare of the magnificent Kingdom of Ayodhya before Devi Janaki. You are the Kalpavruksha that protected Bharatha and the people of Ayodhya who were suffering from the grief of separation from Lord Ramachandra. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have danced in bliss watching the coronation ceremony of Lord Ramachandra and Devi Sita, Oh! Bhagavan, kindly reside in the heart of Tulsidas/Manroopi Ayodhya and spread bliss, like Lord Ramachandra who is seated on the throne of Kingdom of Ayodhya and spreading delight to the whole world.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “ Oh! Hanuman Victory to you! You are the son of Lord Vayu, you are extremely valorous, you have powerful arms, mighty stature, and your prowess is indescribable. You have a long tail; your powerful and brilliant physique is equivalent to the size of Sumeru Parvatham/golden mountain. Your bodily hairs have the resemblance of lightning. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have an attractive face that resembles the sun in the early hours of dawn, you have yellowish eyes, you have attractive matted hair locks, your fingernails and teeth are powerful as Vajra, you are a lion to the enemies like untamed elephants. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have crushed the pride of Bheema, Garuda, and Arjun, and you have taken a seat on the flag hoisted on the chariot of Arjuna during the great war of Kurukshetra, and ensured the safety of Arjuna. You have assumed the form of Kala, protected yourself from Bhishmapithamaha, Karna, and Dhronacharya, and destroyed the huge army of Duryodhana. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have brought back the lost glories and Kingdom of Sugrivah, you are the destroyer of sufferings of worldly existence, you are the destroyer of the haughtiness of Dhanava. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the protector from natural calamities like heavy downpours, floods, famine, drought, etc., and the attack of birds and flies on the food crops, Mahamari, forest fire, theft, infectious diseases, troubles from evil spirits. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have profound knowledge in Veda and six auxiliaries of Vedanga, crores of art forms, etc., and eminent in Samavedagana, you are Sakshath Shivaswaroop who fulfills all the desires of the worshiper. You are a staunch devotee of Sri Ramachandra and a fervent companion of Rama. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You have provided freshly grown feathers to Sampathi, that was lost  long ago by the sunburn, an attractive body and eyesight to Ghridhra Sampathi who is the elder brother to Jatayu, you are the destroyer of the evilness /Papa and Santhapa of Kali era, I Tulasidas have already taken shelter at your lotus feet, you are my father and mother, kindly protects me.”

27) Jayathi Mangalagara Samsarabharapahara Vanarakaravigraha Purari | Rama Roshanala Jwalamala Misha Dhvanthachar Salabha Samharakari || Jayathi Marudhanjanamodha Mandhir Nathagreeva Sugreeva Dhukhaikabandho| Yathudhanodhdhath Krudhdha Kalagnihara Sidhdhar Sura Sajjananandha Sidhdho || Jayathi Rudhragrani Vishva Vandhyagrani Vishwavikhyatha Bhata Chakravarththi | Samagathagrani Kamajethagrani Ramahitha Rama Bhakthanuvarththi || Jayathi Sangramajaya Ramasandhesahara Kaushala Kushala Kalyanabhashi | Rama Virahark Santhaptha Bharathadhi Naranari Sheethalakarana Kalpashashi || Jayathi Simhasanaseena Seetharamana Nirakhi Nirbharaharsha Nrithyakari | Rama Sambhraja Shobhasahitha Sarvadha Tulasimanasa Ramapura Vihari ||


28) Jayathi Vathasanjjatha Vikhyatha Vikrama Bhrihathbhahu Balibipula Baladhibisala| Jatharoopachalakara Vigraha Lasalloma Vidhyullatha Jwalamala || Jayathi Balarkka Varavadhana Pingalanayana Kapisha Karkkasha Jatajootadhari | Vikata Mukuti Vajra Dhashana Nakha Vairi Madhamaththa Kunjjara Punjja Kujjarari || Jayathi Bheemarjjuna Vyalasoodhana Garvahara Dhanajaya Ratha Thrana Kethu |Bheeshma  Dhrona Karnnadhi Palitha  Kaladhrik Suyodhana Chamu Nidhana Hethu || Jayathi Gatharajadhathara Hanthara Samsara Sankata Dhanuja Dharppahari | Ithi Athi Bhithi Graha Pretha  Chauranala Vyadhibadha Shamana Ghora Mari || Jayathi  Nigamagama Vyakarana Karanalipi Kavyakauthuka KalaKoti Sidhdho | Samagayaka Bhaktha Kamadhayaka Vamadeva  Sreerama Priya Premabandho || Jayathi  Dharmashu Sandhangdha Sampathi Navapaksha Lochana Dhivya  Dhehadhatha | Kalakali Papasamptha Samkula Sadha  Pranatha Tulasidasa Thatha Matha ||

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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Chapter – 12 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Sri Hanuman Sthuthi


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “ Victory to Sri Hanuman!  Oh! Hanuman you are the delight to Devi Ajjani.   You symbolize Lord Chandra born from the ocean like the womb of Devi Ajjani, your luster causes to blossom the lotus flower-like deities, you are the delight to the Chakora like the eyes of your father Kesari, you are the destroyer of Santhapa, Shoka, and Thapa of the living beings. Oh! Hanuman, victory to you! Oh! Bhagavan, you have performed a mesmerizing childhood sport that lured the heart of all, you have mistaken the sun in the early morning hours as a toy and rushed towards it, thus you have crushed the pride of Rahu, Indhra, and Vajra. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the destroyer of fears and grief of the Jeeva who have taken shelter at your lotus feet. Oh! Bhagavan, you are protector and preserver of the Universe and its living beings, Oh! Hanuman, victory to you! Oh! Bhagavan, you are extremely valorous in battlefields, you are most promising to Lord Sri Rama, you represent Devashiromani Lord Rudra, you are the protector of people who are worn out of miseries and sorrows of worldly existence. You are the essence of Bhraman, Devatha, Siddha, and Manushya. You symbolize wisdom, pure intellect, virtues, and you are Vidhatha as well. Oh! Hanuman, victory to you! You are most benevolent to Sugreevah and Jambhavan, and ensures the safety of them. You have taken initiative in killing Bali, you have killed the haughty demoness Simhika while crossing the vast ocean, you have crushed the pride of the female demon who was the protecting Lankanagari, you have played the role of Dhoomakethu/comet to instill fear among the demons in Lanka. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you!  You have removed the grief and pain of separation of Devi Sita and destroyed the Ashokavatika/pleasure garden of Ravana. Oh! Bhagavan, you have fought against valorous Meghanath, and met shot of Bhramasthra, pretended as if fastened by it, further the demons set fire on your tail, ultimately you have playfully set fire to the entire city of Lanka. Oh! Hanuman, victory to you! You are the delight to Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman, you have led the army of monkeys and Jambhava in search for Devi Sita. You are most promising to deities and always been auspicious to Suryakulakethu Rama in the battle against the demons. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you, Oh! Bhagavan, you have played a great role in the battle against Ravana, Kumbhakarnna and Meghanath, and brought success to Rama. You have killed the wicked Kalanemi, Oh! Bhagavan, you are unique, you are valorous in performing even the impossible tasks. You have free access to the Prithvi, Pathal, Samudra, Akasha, and in all directions. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You are prominent, scholarly, and extremely valorous, you have endless glories, the Veda and intellectuals eulogize your splendor. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the destroyer Bhavabhaya of Tulasidas, Oh! Bhagavan, you are highly fortunate, permanently resides with the supreme Lord Seetha Rama in Ayodhya.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “Oh! Hanuman, Victory to You! You are the king of monkeys, you are extremely valorous like the lion, you are supreme Lord Shiva who symbolizes auspiciousness and bliss incarnated as the Kapishwara. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the destroyer of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Mathshcharya like the darkness in the vicious Samsara, you are the sunlight that removes the darkness of the night. You have born to Devamatha/Adhithi like Devi Ajjani and the valorous lion-like Kesari. You are the destroyer of sufferings of worldly existence and spread bliss like the sun rays cause to blossom the lotus flowers. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to You! You have great stature and a mighty body, each and every limb has the power of Vajra, you have powerful arms, the sparkling fierce teeth and fingernails are sharp like Vajra, you have a long tail, you have great knowledge in Astra and Shastra, and uses mountains as weapons against enemies. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You are the destroyer of the grief of Devi Sita, and enhances the delight of Rama and Lakshman like blissful lotus flowers. Oh! Bhagavan, you have playfully set fire to the Kingdom of Lanka, destroyed the pleasure gardens of Lanka, you have the radiance of the sun in the early hours of dawn. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You and the army of Vanara have constructed a mighty bridge across the vast ocean with the floating stones. You have crushed the pride of Ravana, Kumbhakarnna, and Meghanatha, and offered their Karmaphala/fruit of Karma. Oh! Hanuman Victory to you, you are a precious jewel that adores the three worlds, you have provided the fruit of Ramabhakthi to Vibheeshana, you have performed mighty tasks along with Rama and Lakshman in the vicious battle against Ravana. You represent the Keerthi-Pathaka/flag of fame, on the Pushpakavimana of Suryakula Thilak Sri Ramachandra, who is seated along with Devi Sita and Lakshman. Oh! Hanuman, victory to you! You are the destroyer of the Yantra, Manthra of Ucchadana, Marana, Vasheekarana, Sammohana of enemies, and the evil spirits. You are the controller of  Shankini, Dakini, Poothana, Pretha, Vethala, Bhootha, Pramathaganas, and dreadful creatures. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you, you are profound in Veda and Vedantha, you are the knower of various Shastras and Vidhyas, you are eminent in four Vedas and  six auxiliaries of Veda/Shiksha, Kalpa, Vyakarana, Niruktha, Chandhass, and Jyothish. You represent pure and all-pervasive supreme Bhramam. You symbolize Gnana, Vijjana, and Vairagya, you are eulogized by Maharishi Narada, Shukadev, and illustrious Rishis and Sages. Oh! Hanuman, Victory to you! You provide Moksha/liberation to the Jeeva from the Kala, Karma,  and Thriguna, and protects the Jeeva from the Maya of worldly existence. You symbolize wisdom and knowledge, truthfulness, and Dharma. You are worshiped by Siddhagana, Devagana, and Yogiraja, Oh! Bhagavan, you represent the sun that removes the darkness, you are the destroyer of Bhava Bhayaroopi darkness of worldly existence. Oh! Bhagavan, I Tulsidas take shelter at your lotus feet, kindly protect me.”

Hanumath Sthuthi –

25) Jayathyanjjani Garbha Ambodhi Sambhooth Vidhu Vibudha Kula  Kairavanandhakari | Kesari Charu Lochana Chakoraka Sukhadha Lokagan Shoka Santhapahari || Jayathi Jaya  Balakapi Keli Kauthuka Udhitha Chandakar Mandala Grasakarththa | Rahu Ravi Shakra Pavi Garva Kharvikarana Sharana Bhayaharana Jaya Bhuvanabharththa || Jayathi Ranadheera Raghuveerahitha Devamani Rudra Avathar Samsarapatha | Viprasura Sidhdha Muni Ashishakara Vapusha Vimalaguna Budhdhi  Varidhi Vidhatha ||Jayathi Sugreevah Thrakshadhi Rakshana Nipuna Bali Balashali Badhdh Mukhyahethu| Jaladhilanghana Simha Simhika Madha Mathan Rajanichara Nagara Uthpath Kethu || Jayathi Bhoonandhini Shocha Mochana Vipina Dhalana Dhananadhavasha Vigathashanka | Loomaleelalana Jwalamala Kulitha Holikakarana Lankesha Lanka || Jayathi Saumithri Raghu Nandhana Nadhakara  Thraksha Kapi Kataka Sanghat Vidhayi |Badhdha Varidhi Sethu Amara Mangalahethu Manukoolakethu Rana Vijayadhayi || Jayathi Jaya Vajrathanu Dhashana Nakha Mukha Vikat Chanda Bhujadhanda Tharu Shaili Pani | Samara  Thailika Yanthra Thil  Thameechar Nikar  Peri Dare Sumat Dhali Dhani || Jayathi Dhashakanda Ghatakarnna Varidhi Nadha Kadhan Karan Kalanemihantha | Aghataghatana Sughata Sughata Vidhadana Vikat Bhoomi Pathala Jala Gagana Gantha || Jayathi Vishwa Vikhyatha Banaitha Virudhavali Vidhusha Baranath Veda  Vimala Bani | Dasa Tulasi Thrasa Shaman Seetharamana Sanga Shobhitha Rama Rajadhani ||


26) Jayathi Markatadheesha Mrigarajavikrama Mahadeva Mudha Mangalalaya Kapali | Moha Madha Krodha Kamadhi Khala Sankula Ghora Samsara Nisha Kiranamali ||Jayathilasadhanjana Adhithija Kapi Kesari Kashyapa Prabhava Jagadharththiharththa | Loka Lokapa Koka Kokanadha Shokahara Hamsa Hanuman Kalyanakarththa || Jayathi Suvishala Vikarala Vigraha Vajrasara Savarga Bhujadhanda Bhari | Kulishanakh Dhashanavar Lasath Baladhi Brihadha Vairi Shasthrasthradhar Koodhardhari || Jayathi Janaki Shocha Santhapa Mochana Ramalakshamananandha Varija Vikasi | Keesha Kauthuka Keli  Looma Lanka Dhahana Dhalana Kanan Tharuna  Thejarasi || Jayathipathodhi Pashana Jalayanakar Yathudhana Prachuraharsha Hatha |Dhushta Ravana Kumbhakarnna Pakarijith Marmmabhith Karma Paripaka Dhatha || Jayathi Bhuvanaikabhooshana Vibheeshanavaradha Vihith Kritha Ramasangram Saka | Pushpakarooda Saumithri Seethasahitha Bhanukulabhanu Keerathipathaka || Jayathi Par Yanthramanthrabhichar Grasan Karman Koota Krithyadhi Hantha | Shakini Dakini Poothana Pretha Vethala Bhootha Pramatha Thootha Yantha ||Jayathi Vedanthavidha Vividha Vidhya Visharadha Veda Vedangavidha Bhramavadhi |Jjana Vijjana Vairagya Bhajanavibho Vimalaguna Ganathi Shukanaradhadhi || Jayathi Kalagunakarma Maya Mathana Nishchalajjana Vratha Sathyaratha Dharmachari | Sidhdha Suravrindha Yogeendhra Sevitha Sadha Dasa Tulasi Pranatha Bhaya Thamari ||


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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Chithrakoot Sthuthi/The beautiful forest of Chitrakoot


Chapter – 11 – Sri Vinaya Pathrika – Chithrakoot Sthuthi/ The beautiful forest of Chithrakoot


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “The glorious land Chithrakoot removes all the miseries and sorrows of the Jeeva, it is an auspicious dense forest remove the sufferings of worldly existence, and evil effects of Kali era. This sacred land is full of numerous trees, herbs, and creepers that give out the stunning view, the river Mandakini protects the lush green land with her sacred watercourse. The river Mandakini removes the grave sins of the Jeeva whoever takes a dip in it. The beautiful rich landscape, the pack of tall trees with green leaves, the cool breeze carries the rich fragrances of the sandalwood trees,  is the abode of beauty and serenity, and it is the dwelling place of Munigana who represents birds/ parrot, cuckoo, peacock. The Sadhana/various austerities of these Muniganas represent the flowers of rich fragrances which provides Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha like succulent fruits. The shadow of these tall and beautiful trees removes the scorching heat like the sufferings and sorrows of the worldly existence and provides shelter to those Munigans who have taken shelter underneath it. Janakinath Sri Rama ensures that those tall trees protect these Sadhakas who are constantly engaged in austerities and Tapasya, achieves the fruit of it. The Sadhakaroopi Shreshta Muniganas immensely praises their fortune to achieve the shadow of these tall trees and lives in complete serenity and contentment. The shadow of these trees resembles Mayarahitha/free from illusion, Vasanarahitha/free from attributes of Sathvik, Rajasik and Thamasik, Kala/time and Karmarahith/deeds. Whoever takes shelter in the glorious forest of Trikoota which protects by Kripalu Rama, Devi Sita, and Lakshman, would get relieved from the illusion/Maya, body and I consciousness, impurities of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathshcharya, interest in worldly matters and bondage.” Oh! Tulsidas, if you want to achieve intense faith and devotion at the lotus feet of  Srirama, then take shelter in the Chitrakoot Parvath, and undertake strict austerities.


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “Oh! Mind, do not waste your time, go to Chitrakoot, the evilness of the Kali era has destroyed the Dharma, devotion, and faith, and shut all the gateways to achieve auspiciousness. The desire/ Moha, Maya/illusion, and Papa/sin are rapidly increasing, Oh! Mind, you take shelter on the sacred land Chithrakoot where the footprints of Rama imprinted on it, the compassionate Lord has taken several expeditions through this land, and this land is free from Dhambha/pride, Kapata/lies, Pankhada/ignorance, it would destroy all the wickedness in the Jeeva the moment you take notice of the tall trees and peaks, it would liberate the Jeeva from the vicious cycles of death and birth as well. This is the land where Jagathpathi Jagadheeshwar Bhrama,  Vishnu , and Shiva took birth as the son of Devi Anasuya and Sage Atri. The hermitages of this Chithrakoot removed the grief in Yudhishtira who was defeated in the board game by wicked Kauravas, the Pandavas visited this sacred land during their exile and got relieved from their grief, and the King Nala took expedition on this land and got freed from anguish. Oh! Mind, do not make any delay to visit Chitrakoot, you have already wasted several years sleeping, and there is little time to make it. The Ayu is very short and unpredictable, each second are precious, remember the death is nearer, hence rush to the sacred land Chithrakoot,  and undertake Ramanama Japa, which is highly propitious. Lord Shiva achieved immortality with the Ramanama Japa, hence remain untainted even after consuming the deadly poison of Kalakoota. Oh! Mind, go to Chitrakoot, undertake austerities, Ramanama Japa, Yajja, take a dip in the holy river Mandakini/Payasvini, quench your thirst with the waters of Payasvini, thereby achieve the grace of Lord Rama, and Purusharththa/Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha as well. Chitrakoot is Kamanath Parvath, it would fulfill all the desires of the Sadhaka, same as the Kalpavruksha and Chinthamani, and it would continue to exist and spread glories for several Yuga. This sacred land Chithrakoot is highly propitious to all the creatures provides serenity and auspiciousness whoever undertake austerities on this land.” Oh! Tulsidas, you have true faith in it, and you have immense belief and love at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra.

Chithrakoota Sthuthi -

23) Sab Soch Bimochana Chithrakoot | Kaliharan Karan Kalyana Boot || Suchi Avani Suhavani Alabal | Kanan Bichithra Bari Bisal || Mandhakini Manini Sadha Seench | Bar Bari Bishama Nara Nari  Neech || Sakha Susranga Muruha Supath | Niranjjar Madhubar Mridhu Malaya Bath || Suka Pika Madhukar Munibar Biharu| Sadhan Prasoon Phala Chari Charu || Bhava Ghoradhama Hara Sukhadh Chamha | Thapyo Thira Prabhav Janaki Naha ||Sadhaka Supathika Bade  Bhag Payi | Pavath Aneka Abhimath Adhayi || Rasa Yek Rahitha Guna Karam Kala | Siya Rama Lakhan Palak Kripal || Tulasi Jo Rama Padha Chahiya Prema | Seyi Giri Kari  Nirupadhi  Nema||


24) Ab Chith Chethi Chithrakootahi Chalu | Kopith Kali  Lopith Mangala  Magu  Bilasath Badath Mohamaya Malu || Bhoomi Biloku Ramapadha Ankith Ban Biloku Raghubar Biharathalu | Sailashrunga Bhavabhang Hethu Lakhu Dhalana Kapat Pankhad Dhambha Dhalu || Jaham Janame Jaga Janak Jagathpathi Bidhi Harihara Parihari Prapanch Cchalu | Sakrith Prabes Karath Johi Asthram Bigath Bishadh Bhaye Parath Nalu || Na Karu  Bilamba Bicharu Charumathi Barash Pacchile Sama Agile  Palu |Manthra  So  Jayi Japahi So Japi  Be Ajar Amar Hara Achayi Halahalu|| Ramanama Jap Jaga Karath Nitha Majjath Path Pavan Pivath Jalu | Karihem Rama  Bhavathai Mankau Sukhasadhan Anayasa Mahaphalu || Kamadhamani Kamatha Kalpatharu So  Juga Juga Jagath Jagathithalu | Tulasi  Thohi Biseshi Boojjiye Yek Pratheethi Preethi Yekai Balu ||

Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Devi Yamuna and Kashi Sthuthi/The glorious abode of Lord Vishwanatha


Chapter – 10 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Prayer to Devi Yamuna and Kashi Sthuthi/The glorious abode of Lord Vishwanatha


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “The more and more watercourses of Yamuna move forward, the Punyaroopi warriors set forward to fight against the Kaliyugaroopi King of evilness. During the seasons of heavy downpour, the Punyaroopi waters of Yamuna gushes towards the emissaries of Yama and taint their face with her black colors of waters, so that they refrain from the mission to torture the Jeeva, these emissaries get scared of the Punyaroopi waters and set back footed and gets puzzled whom to take to the abode of Yama? Oh! Devi, your dark-colored waters of Punyaroopi resemble the heavy clouds, are highly powerful to burn down Samsararoopi Papa.”


Kashi Sthuthi –


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “In this Kali era, the Kashiroopi Kamadhenu should be served sincerely, with intense devotion and faith. It is the treasure house of auspiciousness, it removes the Santhapa/afflictions, Papa/sins, Shoka/grief, and all kinds of ailments. This is one of the sacred lands that hold the foot prints of Kamadhenu, and it is the most beautiful land worshiped by the deities and celestials, all those Theerththa surrounded by the Kashi represents auspicious limbs, and indestructible Linga represents the bodily hairs of Kamadhenu. The center point of the Kashi is considered as the throne of Kamadhenu, the Arththa, Dharma, Kama, and Moksha/Purusharththa are the bosom of Kamadhenu. The noble-souls, Mahatmas who sincerely follow Veda and Shashthra are the calves of the sacred Kamadhenu. The devoted and noble souls who live on this sacred land achieves the Mukthiroopi Amriththaththva milk of the Kamadhenu. The beautiful rivers Varuna and Asi enhances the beauty of this land, the Dhandadhari Bhairava is the protector of this land resemble the horn of the Kamadhenu, and it terrifies the sinners with its horn. The Lolark Kund and Thrilochan Theerth are the two eyes of the Kamadhenu, the Karnnaghanda river is the bell decked around the neck of the Kamadhenuroopi Kashi, the Manikarnnika Theertha resembles the lustrous face of Kamadhenu and has the appearance of the full moon, the sacred river Ganga removes the Thapa/miseries and Papa/sins of the virtuous. The Panchakosha Parikrama/circumambulation of this sacred land resemble Kamadhenu which provides Bhoga, Moksha, and Paripoornna Sukha to the noble souls, the sacred land has endless splendor which is beyond words, the supreme Lord Shivanatha who is an ocean of mercy, protects the Kamadhenu like the sacred land Kashi, and Goddess Parvathi, Jagathjannani, Paramba Bhagavathi affectionately takes care of this Kamadhenu like sacred land Kashi and its creatures. The Ashtasidhdhi, Devi Saraswathi, Devi Indrani, Devi Shachi, and all the female deities worship the Kamadhenuroopi Kashi. The Jagathjanani Poshanakarini Goddess Mahalakshmi represents the Kamadhenuroopi Kashi. The sacred Panchakshara ‘Om Nama: Shivaya” is the Panchaprana of this divine Kamadhenu. Bhagavan Bindumadhav represents the bliss of this Kamadhenu. Panchanadhi Panchaganga is the Panchagavya received from the Kamadhenu. The two sacred syllable ‘Ra’ and ‘Ma’ are the source of initiation of Universe and its living and non-living things, the presiding deity of ‘Rakara’ and ‘Makara’ is Lord Bhrama/creator and the Jeeva. The Jeeva graze on the Sukarmaroopa and Kukarmaroopi grass on this land achieves the Paramapadharoopi milk which is the sole object of the Viraktha Mahathagana. The scriptures affirm that the supreme Lord Vishnu implanted all his skills to create a magnificent abode for Lord Shiva on the Earth.” Oh! Tulsidas, if you want to be free from the miseries and sorrows of worldly existence, body and I consciousness, impurities of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha and Mathshcharya, then take shelter in the sacred land Kashi and recite the sacred Ramanama.



Yamuna sthuthi –

21) Jamuna Jyo Jyo Lagi Badana | Thyo Thyo Sukrith Subhat Kali  Bhoopahim Nidhari Lage Bahu Kadana || Jyo Jyo Jala Malina Thyo Thyo Jamagan Mukha Malina Lahai Aad Na | Tulasidas Jagadhadh Javas Jyo Anaghmedha Lage Dadan ||


Kashi Sthuthi –

22) Seyiasahitha Saneha Dhehabhari  Kamadhenu Kali Kasi | Samani Soka Santhap Paparuja Sakala Sumangalarasi || Marajadha Chahuaur Charanabar Sevath Surapurabasi | Theertha Sab Subha Anga Roma Sivalinga Amitha Abinasi || Antharayena Yena  Bhala Thana Phala Baccha Bedh Biswasi | Galakambala Baruna Bimathi Janu Loom Lasathi Sarithaasi || Dhandapani Bhairav Bishan Bhalaruchi Khalagana Bhayadhasi | Loladhinesha Thrilochana Lochana Karanakhata Khatasi || Manikarnnika Badhanasasi Sundhara Surasari Sukha Sukhamasi |Swarath Paramarth Paripoorana Panchakosi Mahima Asi ||Biswanath Palaka Kripalu Chitha Lalathi Nitha Girija Asi | Sidhdha Sachi Saradh Poojahim Mana Jogavathi Rahitha Rama Si || Pancchakshari Prana Mudha Madhav Gavya Su Panchanadhasi | Bhrama Jeeva Sama Ramanama Juga Aakhar Biswa Bikasi || Charithu Charitha Karam Ku Karama Kari  Bharath Jeevagana Khasi | Lahath Paramapadha Patha Pavana Johi Chahath Prapancha Udhasi ||Kahath Purana Rachi Kesav Nija Kara Karathoothi Kalasi | Tulasi Basi Harapuri Rama Japu Jo Bhayo Chahai Supasi ||

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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Devi Ganga who is Thrividha Papaharani


Chapter – 9 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Prayer to Devi Ganga who is Thrividha Papaharani


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Devi Gange, victory to you!  You are the purifier of the entire Universe, you have descended as a highly fragrant watercourse from the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, you would burn down the sorrows and miseries of worldly existence, you are the destroyer of accumulated sins of several births. Your sacred waters are rich fragrant mixed with the dust particles from the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu is stored in the Kamandalu of Lord Bhrama. You have taken shelter on the attractive matted hair locks of Lord Shiva. Oh! Jahnavi, you are truly fortunate, you have liberated the sons of King Sagara, you have originated from the highest peaks, Oh! Devi, you have several sacred names. The Yaksha, Gandharva, Muni, Kinnara, Naga, Dhaithya, and Manushya takes a holy dip in your waters and achieves an abundance of piousness. You have descended from heaven, and you are the source of Gnana and Vijjana. You are the destroyer of impurities of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathshcharya like the lotus flowers that get withered in the Shishira Rithu. Your river banks are flourished with the various auspicious trees, plants, and herbs, and your most promising sacred waters elegantly streaming between them, this attractive sight would capture the hearts of everyone, gives out the appearance of Sheshanaga in the midst of the greens. Oh! Devi, you are supreme Goddess, beloved of all the deities, the sparkling water course resembles the precious gems of the thousands of hoods of Sheshanaga. You have endless splendor, and innumerable forms too. You are worshiped by the Kings, and they reverentially bow before you. Oh! Devi, your stunning water course streaming through heaven, Earth and Pathalaloka, Oh! Shivapriye, Oh! Bhavabhayaharini who destroys the extreme fear and anxieties of worldly existence, Oh! Janani, who is the mother of the universe, Oh! Devi kindly blesses me with the perpetual devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Raghunatha.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “ Oh! Devi Gange, you are the destroyer of Thrividha Thapa/Adhidhevik, Adhibhauthik, and Adhyathmika, with the mere remembrance of your sacred names. Oh! Devi, you are Kalpatharu which fulfills all the desires of the worshiper and provides immense bliss and contentment. Your waters have the luster of the moon, and it is highly propitious as the nectar of immortality and sweet, it is the superior cure from the vicious cycles of rebirth, it would remove impurities of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathscharya, interest in worldly matters and bondage, body and I consciousness and protects the Jeeva from hurling into Janana Marana Chakra. Oh! Devi, Your exhilarating and powerful water currents continuously sings in praise of Ramacharithra/legends of Rama in extreme bliss, Oh! Jagathjanani, Oh! Devi Gange, if you were not here, do not know what would happen to the unfortunate Jeeva in the Kali era, and how miserable it would be in your absence, Oh! Devi, I am Tulsidas, how could I save myself from the battering brutal waves in the ocean of Samsara?”


Sri Tulasidas concludes “Oh! Devi Gange, you have taken shelter on the attractive matted hair locks of Lord Shiva, you are merrily streaming through the heaven, Earth, and Pathalaloka, you are most promising to Devatha, Manushya, Muni, Naga, Siddha, and Sajjana. Oh! Devi, mere witnessing your watercourse would remove the Dhukha, Dhosha, Papa, Thapa, and sufferings of poverty. You have liberated the sons of Sagara and provided them Mukthi. Your sacred water courses merge in the ocean, you reside in the Kamandalu of Lord Bhrama, you have descended from the lotus feet of Vishnu and taken shelter on the matted hair locks of Shiva, in this way, you have added splendor to the Trinities. Oh! Devi Gange, kindly make my words pure as your sacred waters that destroy the Thrividha Papa of the Jeeva, so that I could sing the highly propitious Sarva Papanashaka/ Ramacharithra/legends of Rama at my heart’s content.”


18) Jayathi Jaya Surasari Jagath Akhila Pavani || Vishnu Padhapankaja Makarandh Iva  Ambhuvara Vahasi Dhukha Dhahasi Adhavrindha Vidhravini || Milith Jalapathra Aaj Yuktha Haricharanaraja Viraja Varavari Thripurari Shira Dhamini | Jahnukanya Dhanya Punyakritha Sagarsutha Bhoodharadhroni Vidhdhdharani Bahunamini || Yaksha Gandharva Muni Kinnara Uraga Dhanuja Manuja Sajjahi Sukrithapunjja Yutha Kamini | Swarga  Sopan Vijjana Jjanapradhe  Moha Madha Madhana Pathoja Himayamini || Harith Gambheer Vanir Dhoohum Theeravara Madhya Dhara Vishadh Vishwa Abhiramini | Neela Ptharkakritha Shayan Sarpasha Janu Sahasa Seemavali Sthrotha Suraswamini || Amitha Mahima  Amitharoop Bhoopavali  Mukuta Manivandhdhya Thrailoka Pathagamini | Dhehi Raghubeera Padha Preethi Nirbhara Mathu Dhasa Tulasi Thrasaharini Bhavabhamini ||


19) Harini  Papa Thribidha Thapa Sumirath Surasaritha | Bilasathi Mahi  Kalpabeli Mudha Manorath Pharith || Sohath Sasi Dhavala Dhara Sudha Salila Bharith | Bimalathara Tharanga Lasath Raghubarake Se Charith || Tho Binu Jagadamba Ganga Kalijuga Ka Karith? Ghora Bhava Aparadhasindhu Tulasi Kimi Tharitha ||


20) Esa  Seesabasitha  Thripatha Lasasi Nabha  Pathal Dharini | Sura Nara Muni Naga Sidhdha Sujana Mangalakarani || Dhekhath  Dhukhadhosha Dhuritha Dhaha Dharidha Dharani | Sagar Suvana Samsathi Samani Jalanidhi Jala Bharani|| Mahimaki Avadhi Karasi Bahu Bidhi Hari Harani | Tulasi Karu Bani Bimala Bimala Bari Barani ||

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Sri Vinaya Patrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Goddess Bhavani and Devi Ganga for devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Raghunatha


Chapter – 8 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Prayer to Goddess Bhavani and Devi Ganga for devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Raghunatha


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Jagathjanani Victory to You! Oh! Jagathjanani/who is the mother of the Universe and its living and non-living things, Oh! Devi, you are worshiped by Deva, Asura, and Munigana, you are the provider of Bhukthi and Mukthi, Oh! Devi Kalika, you are the destroyer of fears and anxieties of worldly existence, you symbolize Siddhi and all kinds of auspiciousness, you are stunningly gorgeous, your face resembles the full moon, Oh! Devi, you are the destroyer of Thrividhapapa/Adhyathmika, Adhibhauthika, and Adhidevika Thapa, you would vanquish these Thapa, like the scorching sun rays in the afternoon remove the darkness. You are wielded in a protective shield, you are holding sword and shield, Thrishool, spear, Dhanusha and Bana, you are the destroyer of Dhanavas, you would assume extremely ferocious form in the battlefields, you are the destroyer of all the evil spirits, Oh! Shive, Victory to you! Oh! Devi you have endless forms and names, you are the supreme Goddess of the Universe, Oh! Himachalakanyake, you are the protector of the Jeeva who has taken shelter at your lotus feet. Oh! Devi, I am Tulasidas yearning to attain intense devotion and faith at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Raghunatha, kindly bless me and protect me.”


Ganga Sthuthi –


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Victory to Bhageerthanandhini who is the daughter of King Bhageeratha, Hail Gange! Hail Gange! Hail Gange! You are full moon to the Chakora like the crowd of Munigana, Oh! Devi, you are worshiped by deities, Naga/mountains, and humans, Oh! Jahnuputhri who is the daughter of Sage Jahnu, Victory to You! Oh! Devi, you have descended from the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu, you have taken shelter on the attractive brownish-red matted hair locks of Lord Shiva. Oh! Devi, you are streaming through the Triloka/Swarga, Bhoomi, and Pataloka. You symbolize piousness, you destroy the impurities of the Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathshcharya, interest in worldly matters, and bondage in the worshiper. You are the destroyer of all the grave sins. You have incarnated as a sacred watercourse that removes the Thrividha Papa of the worshiper and purifies the souls. Your powerful and lustrous water currents give out a marvelous appearance, and the worshiper offers lamps and flowers of fresh alluring and rich fragrant on your stunning water that are capable to destroy the vicious cycles of rebirth, and resemble Kalpavruksha that fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, and enhances Bhakti, Gnana, Vairagya and bliss in the worshiper. You are the protector of the creatures, /Jalachara, Thalachara, Pashu, Pahang, Keeta, and Jatadhari Tapasvis who have taken shelter at your riverbank. Oh! Gange, you are Kalika, you are the destroyer of Moharoopi Mahishasura of worldly existence. Oh! Devi kindly blesses me with pure intelligence and devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Raghunatha, and merrily move along on your riverbank.”


16) Jaya Jaya  Gajathjanani Devi Sura Nara  Muni Asura Sevi  Bhukthi Mukthi Dhayini  Bhayaharini Kalika |Mangala Mudha Sidhdhi Sadhani Parvasharvareesha  Vadhani Thapa Thimira Tharuna Tharani Kiranamalika || Varma Charma  Kara Kripana Shoola Shola Dhanushabana Dharani Dhalani Dhanavadhala Ranakaralika | Poothana Pishacha Pretha  Dakini Shakini Sametha Bhoothagraha Bethala Khaga Mrigali Jalika ||Jaya Maheshabhamini Anekaroopanamini  Samasthaloka Swamini Himashaila Balika | Raghupathipadha Parama Prema  Tulasi Yaha Achala Nema Dhehuhai Prasanna Pahi Pranatha Palika ||


Ganga Sthuthi –

17) Jaya Jaya Bhageeratha Nandhini Munichaya Chakora Chandhini  Nara Naga Bibudha Bandhini Jaya Jahnu Balika |Bisnu Padha  Sarojajasi Esa Seespar Bimasi  Thripadhagasi Punyarasi Papacchalika || Bimala Vipula Bahasi Bari  Seethala Thrayathapahari  Bhamvar Bar Bimbhagathar Tharangamalika | Poorajan Poojopahar Sobhitha Sasi Dhavaladhara Bhanjjan Bhavabhara Bhakthi Kalpathalika || Nija  Thatabasi Bihanga Jalathara Chara  PasuPathanga Keeta Jatila Thapas Sab Saris Palika | Tulasi Thava  Theer Theer  Sumirath Raghubhamsa Beer  Bicharath Mathi Dhehi Moha Mahisha Kalika ||

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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Lord Mahadeva & Goddess Bhavani


Chapter – 7 – Sri Vinaya Pathrika – Prayer to Lord Mahadeva & Goddess Bhavani


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Umakantha, you have created a beautiful forest, Devi Parvathi who is your Ardhangini incarnated as Vasantharithu in the forest to have a glimpse of you. Oh! Bhagavan, the luster of your attractive body resembles the garland of Champapusha, and your bluish throat has the appearance of Thamalapathra, the beautiful Jangha/thigh has the appearance of plantain Vruksha, and the feet has the luster of a red lotus flower, the great physique resembles a lion, and your majestic movements resembles a swan. Oh! Bhagavan, you have adorned in exquisite ornaments and flowers, the magnificent Noopura and Kinkini make jingling noises resemble the sounds of birds.  You have attractive shoulders, arms, and chest, you have wide and beautiful eyes that resemble a blue lotus, are decorated in black ink. You have a pleasant lotus-like face, and an attractive smile, the melodious speeches resemble cuckoo, and the sparkling beautiful line of teeth resembles white flowers. Oh! Bhagavan, you are wisdom personified, I am tormented by the cupid arrows of Kamadeva, kindly destroy the interest in worldly matters, impurities, lust, and desires in me, so that I could witness the perpetual presence of Sukhaswaroopa Sacchidhanandha Paramathma Lord Sri Rama in my heart.”


Devi Sthuthi –


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Devi, you are the destroyer of grief, agonies, and sins, kindly shower your kindness upon me. You are the root of the Bhramanda, you are the creator of all the living and non-living things, you are most promising to your devotees, holds powerful trident to destroy the enemies, and you are that Avyakritha Prakrithi who is inseparable from the indestructible Purusha. Oh! Devi, your attractive limbs resemble lightning, you are attired in majestic garments, and adorned in exquisite ornaments. Your attractive dark blue eyes resemble the antelope, you have a beautiful lustrous face that resembles the full moon, and you excel the beauty of the crores of Devi Rathi and Kamadeva. Oh! Devi, your virtues, loveliness, are beyond words, you are dreadful to wicked enemies and highly propitious and benevolent to noble. Oh! Jagathjanani, you are Lakshmi who symbolizes wealth, you are Saraswathi who symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, and You are Parvathi who is the mother of the Universe.  Oh! Devi, you are the mother of Lord Karthikeya and Lord Ganesha, and you are the Grihani of Lord Mahadeva. Oh! Hail Bhavani!  Hail Bhavani! Hail Bhavani! You are the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda, you are the slayer of demon Mahishasura, you have sieved off the limbs of Munda and crushed his pride. You are that ferocious lion who fought against the haughty elephant-like demons Shumbha and Nishumbha, you push down the demons into the Krodharoopi ocean. Oh! Devi, you are eulogized by Veda, Shastra and the thousand-tongue of Adhishesha, even after all these, they are finding it difficult to describe your splendor. Oh! Matha, kindly provide me intense devotion and dedication at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra, like the Chathaka birds longing for the rain clouds.”


14) Dhekho Dhekho Ban  Banyo Aaju Umakanth | Mano Dhekhan Thumahim Ayi Rithu Basanth|| Janu Thnudhoothi Champaka  Kusuma Mala | Bar Basana Neela Noothana Thamala ||Kalakadhali Jangh Padhakamala Lal | Soochath Kati  Kehari Gathi Marala || Bhooshana Prasoon Bahu Bibidha Rang | Noopura Kinkini Kalarav Bihanga || Kara Navala Bakula Pallava Rasala | Sreephala Kucha  Kanchukilatha Jal || Anana Saroj Kacha Madhupa Goonj | Lochana Bisala Navaneela Kancha || Pika Bachana Charitha Bar Barhi  Keer | Sitha  Sumana Hasa Leela Sameera || Kaha Tulasidasa Sunu Siva   Sujan | Ura Basi Prapancha Rache  Panchaban || Kari Kripa Haritha BhramaPhandha Kama | Jehi Hridhaya Basahim Sukharasi Ram ||


Devi Sthuthi –

15) Dussaha Dhosha Dhukha Dhalani Karu Devi Dhaya || Vishwamoolasi Janasanukulasi |Kar Shooladharini Mahamoolamaya || Thadith Gamarga Sarvaga Sundar Lasath| Dhivya Pat Bhavya Bhooshana Virajai | Balamrigamanju Khajan Vilochani Chandravadhani Lakhi Koti Rathimara Lajjai || Roopa Sukhasheela Seemasi Bheemasi Ramasi Vamasi Varabudhdhi Bani | Cchamukha Herambha Ambasi Jagadambike  Shambhu Jayasi Jaya Jaya Bhavani || Chanda Bhujadhanda Khadani Bihamdani Mahisha  Munda Madha Bhanga Kara Angathore | Shumbha Nishumbha Kumbheesha Rana Kesharani Krodha Vareesha Arivrindha Bore || Nigamagama Agamagurvi ! Thava Gunakathan Urvidhara Karath Johi Sahasajiha | Dhehi Ma ! Mohi  Pana Prema  Yaha Nema  Nija  Rama  Ghanashyama Tulasi Papheeha ||

Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Lord Mahadeva to remove grief and ignorance



Chapter – 6 – Sri Vinaya Patrika – Prayer to Lord Mahadeva to remove grief and ignorance


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj speaks “I shall meditate upon the supreme Lord Mahadeva who symbolizes auspiciousness and prosperity, he is the provider of devotion, welfare, and happiness to his worshiper, bliss to saintly men and ascetics, he is the beloved consort of Himachalakanya Devi Parvathi has a charming appearance, beautiful eyes that resemble to lotus flower petals, destroyed the pride of Kamadeva. His body has the luster of Kundhendhupushpa, Shankha, and camphor, and has the rich fragrance of sacred ashes, he has a stunning appearance and he is Sacchidhanandha Swaroopa Paramathma. His lotus feet are worshiped by Siddha, Sanaka, Sanandhan, Sanathan, Sanathkumara, Yogiraj, Devatha, Vishnu, and Bhrama. I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Shiva who is fond of twice-born who sincerely follow the Varnna and Ashrama Dharma. He is easily attainable to the pious and noble-souls, and extremely difficult for the wicked people. His appearance is Vikaral/unique, he is all-pervasive, he is beyond Veda, Shastra, Purana, and Ithihasa. He is the storehouse of mercy, he is adorned in serpents as ornaments, sacred river Ganga on matted hair locks, he is pure and free from impurities of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathshcharya, he is dispassionate and beyond Triguna. He is the Lord of the Universe, he is the destroyer of sins and illnesses, he is Trishuladhari who is the destroyer of Maha Moha Andhakara, like the Surya spread its radiance to remove the darkness. He is Mahakala who is the Lord of Kala, he is beyond time and death, he is immortal, he protects the Jeeva from the vicious cycles of repeated births. He resembles colossal fire that destroys the dense wood like the evil effects of the Kali era. I shall surrender at the lotus feet of supreme Lord Mahadeva who represent Sage Agasthya, Sarvantharyami/resides as a soul in the Jeeva, symbolizes auspiciousness and kindness, destroys the repeated births of the Jeeva who have taken shelter at his lotus feet and provider of perpetual happiness to them.”


Sri Tulsidas Maharaj continues “The supreme Lord Mahadeva is the provider of all kinds of auspiciousness to his devotees, hence I adore the dust from his lotus feet, he is Kamadhenu who fulfills all the desires of the worshiper. He has a lustrous body that resembles Karpoora, he is benevolent and symbolizes ‘Athman’ in the Anathmaroopi Samsara, he is adorned the King of serpent Vasuki as garland. He is the abode of eternal bliss, welfare, and happiness. He is mighty Lord and his glories are beyond description. He is beyond Triguna/Sathvik, Rajasik, and Thamasik, he is the storehouse of virtues, he is invisible, eternal, pure, Sacchidhanandhaswaroopa Paramathma Parmbhramam resides as a soul in the Jeeva. He has Surya, Chandra, and Agni as three eyes, He is Maheshwara who has won over the Kamadeva. He is the destroyer of pride in the body and material matters like the dense wood of darkness in the Jeeva, like the Udhayasurya/sunlight in the early hours of dawn. He has adorned the crescent moon on the matted hair locks that spread intense radiance on the forehead. He is the Lord of Gana, destroys the grief of three worlds. He is Lord of Kashi/Kashinath is extremely compassionate to Jeeva who is unfortunate has no line of auspiciousness on his forehead would achieve Paramagathi with the grace of that supreme Lord in Kashi. There is no deity compassionate and kind as Lord Shiva, he is Karunanidhan who swallowed the toxic poison watching the deities and demons were tormented by the heat of deadly poison emitted while churning the ocean. The Athmajjana/knowledge of self’/ Paramatha Thaththva is impossible to achieve without the grace of supreme Lord Mahadeva, even if you achieve to perform various Yoga and Yaga for several Kalpa. Oh! Parvathi Ramana, you are the only one who can remove the fear and anxieties in me.” Sri Tulsidas Maharaj says, Lord Mahadeva, Parvathi Ramana is the abode of Gnana Vijjana.


12) Sadha -  Shankaram Shampradham Sajjananandhadham Shailakanyavaram Parama Ramyam | Kama Madha Mochanam Thamrasalochanam Vamadevam Bhaje Bhavagamyam || Kambu Kundhendhu Karpoora Gauram Shivam Sundharam Sacchidhanandhakandham | Sidhdha Sanakadhi Yogeendhra Vrindharaka Vishnu Vidhi Vandhya  Charanaravindham || Bhramakula Vallabham Sulabhamathi Dhurllabham Vikatavesham Vibhum Vedaparam | Naumi  Karunakaram Garala Gangadharam Nirmalam Nirgunam Nirvikaram || Lokanatham Shoka Shoola Nirmoolanam Shoolinam Moha Thama Bhoori Bhanum | Kalakalam Kalathithamajaram Haram Kadina Kalikala Kanana Krishanum ||Thajjamajjana Pathodhi Ghatasambhavam Sarvagam Sarva  Saubhagyamoolam | Prachurabhava Bhanjanam Pranathajana Ranjjanam Dasa Tulasi Sharanam Sanukoolam ||


13) Sevahu Sivacharana Sarojarenu | Kalyana Akhilapradha Kamadhenu || Karpooora Gaura Karunadhara | Samsarasara Bhujagendhrahara || Sukha Janmabhoomi Mahima Apara | Nirguna Gunanayaka Nirakara || Trayanayana Mathanamardhana Mahesa | Ahamkara Nihara Udhitha Dhinesa || Bar Bala Nisakar Mauli Bhraja | Thrailoka Sokahar Pramatharaja || Jinhakaham Bidhi Sugathi Na Likhi Bhala | Thinha Ki Gathi Kasipathi Kripala || Upakari Koapar Harsaman | Surasura Jarath Kritha Garala Pan || Bahu  Kalpa Upayan Kari Aneka | Binu  Sambhu Kripa Nahim Bhava Bibeka|| Bigyan Bhavana Girisutha Ramana |Kaha Tulasidasa Mama  Thrasa Saman ||


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Sri Vinaya Pathrika - Sri Tulasidas Maharaj – Prayer to Bhairavaroopi Lord Shiva to get rid of the vicious cycles of rebirth


Chapter – 5 – Sri Vinaya Pathrika – Prayer to Bhairavaroopi Lord Shiva to get rid of the vicious cycles of rebirth


Sri Tulasidas Maharaj speaks “Oh! Fierce form of Rudra, Oh! Bhairava, you are the Lord of Bhootha, Pretha Gana, and has the dreadful appearance, you are the destroyer of troubles, you are the enemy of Moharoopi/Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, and Mathshcharya like the mouse, you are the destroyer of fears and anxieties of Janana Marana. You are the provider of Moksha/free from trepidations and dualities, and liberation from the vicious cycles of rebirth, you are Muktharoopa and the protector of the worshiper whoever taken shelter at your lotus feet. You are powerful, valorous, and have a great physique, you are fair, pure, and radiant like the Sheshanaga. You have attractive yellow matted hair locks that resemble thousands of lightening, the crescent moon, and Parama Pavithra Devanadhi Ganga dwells on the matted hair locks. Oh! Bhagavan, your forehead has the luster from the crescent moon, I shall prostrate before supreme that Lord Shiva who is the close companion of Lord Kubera. Oh! Bhagavan, you have Chandra, Surya, and Agni as three eyes, you are the destroyer of Kamadeva, Oh! Bhagavan, you symbolize storehouse of virtues, Gnana and Vignana as well. Oh! Bhagavan, you take great pleasure in conducting expeditions with Devi Parvathi, and your supreme abode is Parvatharaj Mount Kailash. You are adorned in marvelous ear ornaments that spread brilliant radiance all around the neck areas, and enhances the beauty of your lotus face. You are holding a protective shield and sword, and Trident, holds Damaru, Bana and Dhanush. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the ocean of mercy, your celestial vehicle is bull, you are extremely compassionate, you have become too concerned watching the deities and demons who were tormented by the heat of Halahal poison emerged out of the ocean, while churning for the nectar of immortality, soon you have swallowed the deadly poison and protected the Universe. Oh! Bhagavan, you have smeared in sacred ashes all over the body, Oh! Bhasmabhooshana, you have adorned the serpent and Mundamala on the chest. You are the destroyer of the evilness of the Dakini, Shakini, Khechara/spirits from the sky, Bhoochara/ghosts on the Earth, Yanthrini and Manthrini, etc. Oh! Bhagavan, you are the destroyer of sins in seconds. You are Mahakala, you are the Garuda to the Kalikalaroopi Sarpa/destroyer of the evil effects of the Kali era, you are the destroyer of the demons of Tripura, and many wicked Dhaithyas, you perform the most impossible tasks, Oh! Bhagavan, at the end of Mahapralaya, you destroy the entire Universe with the tip of your trident and perform a fierce cosmic dance. Oh! Bhagavan, I am completely worn out, wandering through the eighty-four lakh Yoni/repeated births as birds, worms, reptiles, animals, humans, etc. in the dreadful Samsara which is full of miseries and sorrows, and continuously hurling myself into the vicious cycles of repeated births. Oh! Bhagavan, I am helpless, no one to protect me. Oh! Bhairavaroopa, Oh! Ramarooopi Rudra, you are my Bandhu/relative, Guru/preceptor, Pitha/father, Matha/mother and Vidhatha/creator, kindly protect me.” Santh Tulsidas says the supreme Lord Mahadeva whose endless virtues are sung by Devi Saraswathi, the Goddess of wisdom, and  the Veda, Maharishi Narada,  Bharamajjani Shesha, always eulogizes the glories of that supreme Lord Shiva who is Sarveshwara resides in the Anandhavan/Kashi, and is the safest asylum to the worshiper who has taken shelter in him.


Bhairavaroopa – Shiva Sthuthi

11) Deva! Bheeshanakar Bhaiarav Bhayankar Bhootha Pretha Pramadhathipathi Vipathiharththa | Moha Mooshak Marjara Samsarabhayaharana Tharana Tharana Abhayakarththa || Athula Bal Vipula Visthar Vigraha Gaur Amala Athi Dhavala Dharanidharam |Shirasi Samkulitha Kala Joota Pingala Jata Patala Shathakoti Vidhyuththchatam || Bhraj Vibudhapaga Aap Pavana Parama Mauli Maleva Shobha Vichithram | Lalitha Lallat Par Raj Rajanishakala Kaladhar Naumi Hara  Dhanadhamithram || Indhu Pavak Bhanu Nayana Mardhana Mayan Gunaayan Gnana Vijjana Roopam|Ramana Girija Bhavana Bhoodharadhipa Sadha  Shravana Kundala Vadhanacchavi Anoopam ||Charma Asi Shooladhara Damaru Shara Chapakara Thana Vrishabhesha Karunanidhanam |Jaratha Sura Asura Naraloka Shokakulam Mridhulachitha Ajitha Kritha Garalapanam ||Bhasmathanu Bhooshanam Vyaghracharmambharam Uraga Nara Mauli Ura Maladhari | Dakini Shakini Khecharam Bhoocharam Yanthra Manthra Bhajan Prabala Kalmashari || Kala Athikala Kalikala Vyaladhi Khaga Tripura Mardhana Bheemakarma Bhari |Sakala Lokantha Kalpantha Shoolagra Kritha Digajjavyaktha Guna Nrithyakari || Papa Santhap ghanghor Samsrithi Dhin Bhramath Jag Yoni Nahim Kopi Thratha | Pahi Bhairavaroop Ramaroopi Rudra Bandhu Guru Janaka Janani Vidhatha || Yasya Guna  Gana Ganathi Vimalamathi Sharadha Nigama Narada Pramukha Bhramachari| Shesha Sarvesha Aseena  Anandhavana Dasa Tuliasi Pranatha Thrasahari ||


Sri Vinaya Patrika – Sri Tulsidas Maharaj – Prayer to Lord Shambhu to achieve intense devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra



Chapter – 4– Sri Vinaya Patrika – Prayer to Lord Shambhu for intense devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra


Sri Tulasidas Maharaj speaks “ Oh! Deva, you are the destroyer of darkness of Moha/desires, and ignorance, Oh! Hara, you symbolize the sun that spread brilliance and remove the darkness Oh! Rudra, Oh! Sharenya, Oh! Lokabhirama, who adorned in Balachandra/crescent moon on the matted hair locks, your eyes resemble the lotus flower petals, you excel the loveliness of hundred crores of Manmatha, you are the storehouse of virtues and charm, kindly destroy my sorrows of worldly existence. Oh! Bhagavan, your loveliness resembles Shankha, Kundhapushpa, Chandhrama, and camphor. Oh! Bhagavan, the brilliance of your body has the resemblance of crores of Madhyahna Surya, you are adorned in sacred ashes all over the body. Oh! Bhagavan, you have allocated half of your body to Himachala Kanya Goddess Parvathi, you have beautiful brownish-red matted hair lock, your chest is adorned in serpent and Mundamala are garland, your matted hair lock is the dwelling place of sacred Ganga who descend from the lotus feet of Lord Hari, you have adorned in marvelous ear ornaments, the Halahal poison on the bluish-throat enhances the beauty of your neck area, Oh Karunakandha Sacchidhanandhaswaroopa, Oh! Avadhootha Vesha Bhagavan, I shall repeatedly prostrate before you. Oh! Bhagavan, you hold the weapon, trident, sword, bow, and arrows, you are that colossal fire that burns down the dense wood-like enemies. Your celestial vehicle is bull, you are attired in the skin of animals/leopard, elephant, you symbolize Vignan, you are worshiped by Siddha, Deva, Muni, and Manushya. Oh! Bhagavan, your well known Thandavanriththya/cosmic dance, reverberating noise of the Damaru though it gives out an inauspicious appearance, it is highly propitious. Oh!         Bhagavan, you burn down the whole Bhramanda during the Mahapralaya, the sacred land Kashi is your permanent dwelling place and the Kailash is your supreme abode. Oh! Bhagavan you have profound knowledge in all the philosophies, Oh! Sarvajja, you are the Lord of Yajja, Oh! Vibhu, you are all-pervasive Bhramam, Oh! Purari, the Universe, and it's living and non-living things initiated from you. You are changeless and eternal, the deities, Bhrama, Indra, Chandra, Surya,  Varuna, Agni, Ashtavasu, Maruthganas, and Yama worship you and have attained the prowess from you. Oh! Bhagavan, you are beyond time, independent, Nirguna, Nirlepa, Paramathma Parambhrama, you have neither birth nor death. Oh! Bhagavan, you symbolize the Universe, though you have Ugraroopa/fierce, you are always compassionate and benevolent. You are Lord of Lords, you are all-pervasive supreme Bhramam, you are the destroyer of the sins and provider of auspiciousness as well. Oh! Bhagavan, whoever worships you would achieve Gnana, Vairagya, Dhana, Dharma, Kaivalyasukha, Sundharatha, Saubhagya, effortlessly, after all these the ignorant Jeeva keep away from the worship of your lotus feet and chases after material welfare and pleasure fleet to different directions, undergoes constant miseries and sorrows. Oh! Shambho, Oh! Kamari, I am ignorant and wicked, completely drenched in worldly matters and bondage, exhausted and distressed, I am Tulasi Das taking shelter at your lotus feet, kindly shower perpetual devotion at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra so that I can save myself from the Mayaroopi worldly existence.”



10) Deva ! Moha Thama Tharani Hara Rudra Shankara  Harana  Mama Shoka Lokabiramam | Bala Shashi Bhala Suvishala Lochana Kamala Kama Sathakoti Lavanya Dhamam || Kambu Kundhendhu Karpoora Vigraha Ruchira Tharuna Ravi Koti  Thanu Theja Bhrajai | Bhasma Savarga  Adharga Shailathmaja Vyala Nrikapala Mala Virajai || Mauli Sankula Jata  Mukuta  Vidhyuthcchata Thadini Vara Vari Haricharana Pootham | Shravana Kundala Garala Kanda Karunakandha Sacchidhanandha Vadhe Avadhootham || Shoola shayak Pinakasikara Shathru Vana Dhahana Iva Dhoomadhvaja Vrishabha Yanam | Vyaghra Gajacharma  Parikhan Vignana Dhana Sidhdha  Sura Muni Manuja Sevyamanam ||Thadavitha Nrithyapara Damaru Dindima Pravara Ashubha Iva Bhathi Kalyanarashi | Mahakalpath Bhramanda Mandala Dhavana Bhavana Kailas Aseena Kashi || Thajja Sarvajja Yajjesha Acchyutha Vibho Vishwa Bhavadhamsha Sambhava Purari | Bhramendhra Chandhrarkka Varunagni Vasu Maruth Yama Archir Bhavandhanghri Sarvadhikari || Akala Nirupadhi Nirguna Niranjjana Bhrama Karma Pathamekamaja Nirvikaram | Akhilavigraha Ugraroopa Shiva  Bhoopasura Sarvagath Sharva Sarvopakaram || Jjana Vairagya Dhanadharma Kaivalya Sukha Subhaga Saubhagya  Shiva! Sanukoolam| Thadhapi Nara Mooda  Arooda Samsarapatha Bhramatha Bhava  Vimukha Thava Padhamoolam || Nashamathi Dhushta Athi Kashtaratha Khedhagatha Dhasa Tulasi Shambhu  Sharana Aya | Dhehi Kamari! Sreerama  Padha Pankaje Bhakthi Anavarath Gath Bhedha Maya||