Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Friday, 19 April 2019

|| Sri Mathangi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Nandhyavarththa Thanthram || 101 - 125

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Mathangi who symbolizes Rajasik nature, pleasantness, beauty, musical notes, night,  and princely status, she is Goddess of Night,  she is the source of royal status and progress of the kingdom, she represents wise ruler, royal conducts, and statesmanship, she resides in the silver abode/Mount Kailash, she is beautiful young woman, pleasant and chaste wife of Lord Shiva, she is RamA who has lovely appearance, she has personified as Devi Rathi, she symbolizes amorous sport, she is the source of virtuous offspring,  she removes illnesses and  causes the same, she symbolizes colors, passion, loveliness, beauty, affection, desire etc.. she represents night, darkness, royal status, prosperity, wealth, opulence, etc.. she has most beautiful eyes, she is attired in red colored skin of animal, she is passionate, she is accompanied by members of the assembly, she is most beautiful, she is most promising to Rambha, she has lovely thighs and shank resembles to plantain tree, she is beloved of Raghava, she is fond of battle fields and fierce in war zone, she has lovely limbs, she produces boisterous shrieks, she removes miseries, sorrows, illnesses, afflictions and grief, she is the source of lovely appearance, affection, love, and kindness, she is most promising to ardent devotees who are surrendered at her lotus feet, she remains captive and dearest companion of her passionate devotees, her beautiful lips has the appearance of Bandhookakusuma/flower of pomegranate fruit, she is most venerable, she represents yoga star of twenty seven lunar mansion, essence of Veda and Vedanga, she is ferocious and quivers the Earth, she is kind, she symbolizes Veda and auspiciousness, she is worshiped with prescribed rite, she holds conch, she represents uncertainty, presumption, and effort, she holds vessel made out of shell, she represents Shini clan, alarming sound, destruction, Shashi, Shabari, illusion,  and Shambhu, she is beneficent, and benevolent, she holds bow, she is mounted on celestial vehicle eagle, she is mounted on corpse, she has dark blue complexion, her lustrous limbs resembles to dark clouds, her dark blue eyes resembles to blue lotus flower petals, she resides in the funeral grounds, she sanctify the funeral grounds with her eternal presence, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of intoxicated drink and extremely passionate, she breaks the silence, she holds Shankha, she is wrathful, she symbolizes serenity, she is the source of peace and serenity, she has personified as beloved consort of supreme Lord Vishnu who reclines on the serpent Shesha, she represents wisdom, intellect, intention, ether,  water, surplus, might, valor, braveness, and demon, she causes curse and remove the same, she guides us to righteous path which leads to auspiciousness and bliss, she has embodied as divine cow and sacred rivers, she is adorned in various precious ornaments, she is Shankari and ShivA as well, she symbolizes auspiciousness,  corpse,  a rare kind of fruit-tree, wealth,  and appeasement, she is decked in corpse as ear ornaments, she represents religious rite performed to Goddess Durga, faith and follower of Lord Shiva, prosperity, welfare,  and auspiciousness, she is Shakthi who resides in the supreme abode located in icy cold mountain  of Kailash, she is decked in corpse as girdle and garlands, she symbolizes river Sindhu, and Saraswathi, she is beautifully adorned in vermilion, red lack, and red garments,  she is stunningly gorgeous, she has lovely face, she is supreme ascetic, she is the source of all kinds of supernatural powers, she symbolizes Siddha, and Siddhasaraswathi as well, she is the source of virtuous offspring, wealth, opulence, prosperity, richness, courage, prowess etc.. she represents Ganga and Parvathi as well, she is passionate, powerful, gracious, beautiful, and elegant, she is the essence of Universe and its living beings, she is the source of  eloquence, wisdom and knowledge, she is  munificent, she takes immense joy in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink and sweet meat, she is highly propitious, she is the source of all kinds of auspiciousness, she undertake intense meditation, she removes immoral deeds, she represent guardian deities, Savithri, Sathi, she resides in dense woods, she represents dense forest of Shami, she merrily explores through the dense woods, she is incomparable, perpetual,  and virtuous, she is always surrounded by female companions, she is most promising to virtuous, righteous and pious people, she represents swan, she has the gait of swan, she is attired in marvelous upper garment, she has the luster of lily, she represents spirituous intoxicated drink, Earth, and amorous sport, she is beloved consort of Lord Hara,  she enhances happiness and welfare, she causes destruction of wicked demon clans, she is promising as well, she is the source of enlightenment, wealth, attractive appearance, and  happiness, she represents zodiacal sign, sacrifices, performer of fire sacrifices, holika/festival holi, fire sacrifices and oblations to fire sacrifices, she has golden color complexion, she has beautiful eyes resembles to antelope, she resides in the mountain peak of Himachala, she has large belly, long ears, long tongue, and long stature, she has lovely appearance too,  she takes immense pleasure in various pastimes, she is most desirous, she is  chaste wife, she is gentle, pleasing, and  indulgent, she represents string of pearl, creeper, kind of meter,  and streak, her beautiful eyes are adorned in black ink and  their orderly movements multiplies her beauty, she has most desirable appearance, she was born in the illustrious clan.

Rajovathi Rajashchithra  Ranjjani Rajanipathi: | Ragini Rajani Rajya Rajyadha  Rajyavardhini ||

Rajanvithi  Rajaneethisthadha  Rajathavasini |Ramani Ramaneeya  Cha Rama  Ramavathi Rathi: ||

Retho Rathi Rathosaha  Rogaghni Rogakarini | Ranga Rangavathi Raga Raga Ragajja Ragakrith Dhaya ||

Ramika  Rajaki Reva  Rajani Rangalochana | Rakthacharmadhara  Rangi Rangastha  Rangavahini ||

Rama  Rambaphalapreethi Ramboru Raghavapriya | Ranga  Rangangamadhura  Rodhasi Cha Maharava ||

Rodhakrith Rogahanthri Cha  Roopabhrith Ragasravini | Bandhi Vandhisthutha  Bandhurbandhookakusumakara ||

Vandhitha  Vandhyamana Cha Vaidhrithi Vedavidhvidha | Vikopa  Vikapala Cha Vingastha  Vingavathsala ||

Vedhairvilaghnalaghna  Cha  Vidhivashankari Vidha | Shankhini Shankhavalaya  Shankhamalavathi Shami ||

Shankhapathra Shinee Shankhasvanashankhagala Shashi | Shabari Shambari Shambhu: Shambukesha  Sharasini ||

Shava  Shyenavathi  Shyama  Shyamangi Shyamalochana | Shmashanastha  Shamashana Cha  Shmashanasthanabhooshana ||

Shamadha Shamahanthri Cha Shankhini Shankharoshara | Shanthishanthipradha  Shesha Sheshakhya  Sheshashayini ||

Sheshamushi Shoshini Shesha  Shaurya  Shauryashara Shari | Shapadha  Shapaha  Shapashapapandha  Sadhashiva ||

Shringini Shringipalabhuk Shankari ShAnkari ShivA | Shavastha  Shavabhuk  Shantha  Shavakarnna  Shavodhari ||

Shavini  ShavaShimshathri:  Shava  Cha Shamashayini | Shavakundalini Shaivasheekara  Shishirashina ||

Shavakanchi Shavasreeka Shabamala Shavakrithi: | SavanthiSankucha  Shakthishanthanushavadhayini ||

Sindhusaraswathi Sindhusundhari Sundharanana |Sadhu: Siddhipradhathri Cha Sidhdha Sidhdhasaraswathi ||

Santhathi Sampadha  Sarvashakthisampaththidhayini | Sapathni Sarasa  Sara Saraswathakari Sudha ||

Surasamamsashana  Cha  Samaradhya  Samasthadha | Samadheesamadha Seema  Sammoha Samadhrshana ||

Samathisamadha  Seema  Savithri Savidha  Sathi | Savana Savanasara Savara SAvara Samee ||

Simara Sathatha  Sadhvi Sadhreechi Sasahayini | Hamsi Hamsagathi Hamsi Hamsojjvalanicholayuk ||

Halini HAlini Hala Halasree Haravallabha | Hala Halavathi Hyesha Hela Harshavardhini ||

Hanthirhantha Hayahahahatha Hanthathikarini | Hankari Hankrithirhanka  Hihihahahithahitha ||

Heethirhemapradha  Hararavinee  Harirasammatha | Hora Hothri Holika  Cha Homa Homamahavirhavi: ||

Harini Harininethra  Himachalanivasini | Lambodhari Lambakarnna Lambika  Lambavigraha ||

Leela Leelavathi Lola Lalana  Lalitha  Latha | Lalamalochana Lobhya  Lolakshi Sathkulalaya ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Thursday, 18 April 2019

|| Sri Chakravasini Sharanagathi Gadhyam ||

 || Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess  Sri Lalitha Thripurasundhari, who is omnipresent, she is the commander of the thousands and millions of Bhramanda, she resides in the divine Sri Chakra, she is surrounded by Yoginiganas, she is worshiped with Thanthric rites, she is the source of all kinds of supernatural powers  such as Anima/ability to assume minuscule form, Laghima/ability to become light/weight-less, Mahima /ability to grow massive, Garima/ability to become extremely heavy, Eshithva/commanding power, Vashithva/overpower all, Prapthi/attain whatever desired, and Prakamya/ fulfill all the wishes, she has personified as Sapthamatha  Bhrami/female aspect of Bhrama, Maheshvari/female aspect of Maheshvara, Kaumari/female aspect of Kumara, Vaishnavi/female aspect of Vishnu, Varahi/female aspect of Varaha, Mahendhri/female aspect of Indhra, Chamunda/slayer of demons Chanda and Munda, and Mahalakshmi who symbolizes wealth, she is worshiped by Yoginiganas, she represents Sarvasamkshobana who creates commotion, Sarvavidhravani who creates perplexity and agitation, Sarvakarshini who attracts everyone, Sarvonmadhini who is bewitching/intoxicated, Sarvamahangusha who  has great speed, Sarvakhechari who has supernatural powers, Sarvabeeja who is the cause of Universe and its living beings, Sarvayoni who bears Universe and its living beings in her womb, Sarvathrikhanda who inhibited on the Earth which is divided in to three portions, Thripura who is the Empress of the great city of Thripura, she resides in the middle of lotus flower with 16 petals, she represents Kamakarshini/love, Sparshakarshini/touch, Buddhyakarshini/mind, Ahamkarakarshini/ego, Shabdhakarshini/sound, Roopakarshini/appearance, Rasakarshini/taste, Gandhakarshini/scent/aroma, Chiththakarshini/intellect, Dhairyakarshini/courage, Smriththyakarshini/memory, Namakarshini/name, Beejakarshini/seed, Athmakarshini/soul, Amrithakarshini, and Shareerakarshini/body, she is worshiped by Gupthayogiganas, she is Thripureshi who resides in the middle of lotus flower with eight petals, she has the luster of Japakusuma, she symbolizes eight Shakthis known as Gupthatharayogini, she is  Thripurasundhari who has the luster of flower arrows of cupid, Anangamekhala/zone, girdle, Anangamadhana/intoxicated, Anangamadhanathura/struck by cupid arrows, Anangarekha/streak, Anangavegini/river, speed, Anangamshuka/fine upper garment, and Anangamalini/Shruthi, she resides in the middle of Sarvasaubhagyadhayaka Chakram, she resides in the middle of lotus flower with fourteen petals, she has the luster of flowers of pomegranate fruit, she represents fourteen Shakthis, Sarvasamkshobini who creates commotion, Sarvakarshini who attracts everything, Sarvasthambini who put sudden halt to actions, Sarvajhrimbini who is the source of creation and nourishment, Sarvavashamkari who symbolizes fire and auspiciousness, she is beloved consort of Lord Shiva, Sarvahladhanakari who is the source of happiness, Sarvajanani who is the mother of Universe and its living beings, Sarvasammodhini who is kind and friendly/source of fragrance, Sarvaranjani who has pleasant disposition, Sarvonmadhini who is supreme bliss, Sarvarththasadhaki who fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, Sarvasampaththiroopini who is the source of wealth, welfare, prosperity, richness, opulence, and good fortune, Sarvamanthramayi who symbolizes sacred chants, Sarvadhvandhadhvandhakshayamkari who eradicates duality, she is Sampradhaya Yogini, she resides in the glorious abode of Thripura, she has the luster of vermilion, she is the source of all kinds of supernatural powers, wealth, richness, and auspiciousness, she is beloved of all, she has most lovely appearance with attractive limbs, she fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, she removes afflictions, miseries, sorrows and grief, she removes accidental and unexpected deaths, she eradicates obstacles, she is the source of all kinds of auspiciousness , courage,  and supreme intellect, she is Thripureshi who is the protector of all, she has the luster of flowers of pomegranate fruit, she is omniscient, she eradicates all kinds of illnesses, she is omnipresent and eternal, she eradicates all the sins of the worshiper, she is the source of permanent bliss and fruit of  pious deeds, she is the protector of all, she is Thripuramalini who resides in the Sarvarogaharachakra located in the lotus flower with eight petals, she has the luster of gem Padmaraga/sun in the early hours of dawn, she represents Vashini, Kameshi, Medhini, Vimala, Aruna, Jayini, Sarveshi, Kaulini, Vagdevatha who is Goddess of speech, Thripurasiddha who resides in the Sarvasiddhipradhachakram, she has the luster of Bandhookakusuma, she is Thripuramba who represents Mahakameshvari, Mahavajreshvari and  Mahabhagamalini, are Athirahasya Yoginis, I shall repeatedly prostrate before supreme Lord Kameshvara along with Goddess Lalitha Thripurasundhari, Hail to supreme Lord Kameshvara along with Goddess Lalitha Thripurasundhari !

|| Devadevathoththama | Devathasarvabhaumika | Aneka Koti Bhramandanayaki | Sri Lalitha Thripurasundhari | Sri Chakravasini |Yoginiganamadhyastha | Thanthraroopa | Sarvasiddhipradhayini | Anima Laghima Mahima Ishithva  Vashithva Prakamya Bhukthi Iccha Prapthi Sarvakamadhayini | Mathrushakthiswaroopineem | Bhrami | Maheshvari | Kaumari| Vaishnavi |Varahi | Mahendhri | Chamunda | Mahalakshmi | Yoginiganasevitha |Sarvasamkshobhini | Sarvavidhravani| Sarvakarshini | Sarvonmadhini | Sarvamahangusha | Sarvakhechari| Sarvabeeja | Sarvayoni | Sarvathrikhanda |Thripura | Shodashadhalapadmasthitha | Kamakarshini | Sparshakarshini | Buddhyakarshini | Ahamkararakarshini | Shabdhakarshini | Roopakarshini |Rasakarshini | Gandhakarshini | Chiththakarshini | Dhairyakarshini | Smirththyakarshini | Namakarshini |Beejakarshini | Athmakarshini | Sparshakarshini | Amrithakarshini | Sharirakarshini | Gupthayoginiganasevitha | Thripureshi |Sarvasamkshobanachakrasthitha | Japakusumasankasha | Ashtashakthi  Swaroopineem |Guptha Tharayogini|Thripurasundhari |Anangakusuma | Anangamekhala | Anangamadhana | Anangamadhanathura | Anangarekha | Anangavegini | Anangamshuka | Anangamalini | Sarvasaubhagyadhayakachakrasthitha |Chathurdhasharasthitham |Dhadimikusumaprabha |Chathurdhashashakthiroopineem | Sarvasamkshobini |Sarvakarshini | Sarvasthambini |Sarvajhrimbihni |Sarvavashamkari |Sarvahladhini |Sarvasammodhini |Sarvaranjini |Sarvonmadhini |Sarvarththasadhaki | Sarvasampaththiroopini | Sarvamanthramayi |Sarvadhvandhvakshayamkari | Sampradhaya Yogini |Thripuravasini|Sarvarththasadhaki | Sindhooravarnna | Sarvasiddhipradha | Sarvasampathpradha |Sarvapriyamkari |Sarvamangalakarini |Sarvakamapradha |Sarvadhukhavimochani | Sarvamrithyuprashamani |Sarvavighnanivarani | Sarvangasundhari |Sarvasaubhagyadhayini |Thripureshi | Sarvarakshakari | Japakusumasankasha | Sarvajjna | Sarvashakthipradha |Sarvaishvaryapradhayini |Sarvajyanamayi |Sarvavyadhivinashini |Sarvadhasarvaroopa |Sarvapapahara |Sarvanandhamayi |Sarvarakshaswaroopini |Sarvepsithaphalapradha |Thripuramalini |Sarvarogaharachakrasthitha |Ashtadhalasthitha | Padmaragasankasha/Aruna |Vashini |Kameshi | Medhini |Vimala |Aruna |Jayini |Sarveshi | Kaulini |Vagdhevatha |Thripurasiddha | Sarvasiddhipradhachakrasthitha |Bandhukakusumasankasha |Mahakameshvari |Mahavajreshvari |Mahabhagamalini |Athirahasya Yogini |Thripuramba | Thava Vimalacharanaravindhyo: Namo Nama: | Sri Sri Sri Lalitha Thripurasundhari sametha Sri Chandhramaulishvara Swaminn Vijayibhava | Jayavijayibhava ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

||Sri Lakshmi Sthothram by Sage Agasthya ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Sage Agasthya speaks “Hail to supreme Goddess  Mahalakshmi who have beautiful eyes resembles to lotus flower petals ! Hail to supreme Goddess Mahalskhmi who is devoted consort of Sreepathi ! Hail to supreme Goddess Mahalakshmi who is the mother of Universe and its living beings! she eradicates miseries and sorrows of worldly existence, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Mahalakshmi who is Sureshvari/she represents all the female deities, I shall prostrate before dearest darling of Lord Hari, she is extremely compassionate, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who resides in the abode of lotus, she is most promising, she fulfills all the desires of living beings, Oh! Devi, kindly bestow us wealth, happiness, prosperity, opulence and all kinds of auspiciousness, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who is Vishveshvari/supreme Goddess of Universe, she is compassionate and kind, I shall take refuge at the lotus feet of supreme Goddess who symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness, she represents three worlds, she is the source of wealth, happiness, good fortune, opulence, auspiciousness and richness, Oh! Devadeveshi, Oh! Lakshmi who is dearest darling of Lord of Lords, kindly remove sufferings of poverty and shower your auspicious grace, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who is absolute Bhramam, she is the source of happiness to the whole Universe, she is the mother of three worlds and she is  purifier as well, Oh! Vishnupriye, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who has embodied as Universe and its living beings, she removes sufferings of poverty, miseries, sorrows and grief, Oh! Devi, Kindly bestow with all kinds of richness.  I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Lalitha who resides in the lotus flower, she has fickle nature and often keeps moving from one place to another, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who is the mother of Pradhyumna, Oh! Matha, I shall surrender at your lotus feet, kindly protect us.  I shall take refuge at the lotus feet of  Goddess Kamala who resides in the abode of lotus flower, Oh! Mahalakshmi, kindly protects us, kindly remove our sufferings and afflictions,  Oh! Mahalakshmi, it is impossible to attain refined knowledge, wisdom, virtues, disciplines, and morality, without your grace, Oh! Lakshmi, kindly bless us with lovely appearance, disciplines, morality, and virtues.   Hence whoever worships Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi would be relieved from all the sins, worshiper would attain stately luxuries, and even the immoral and wicked people would attain virtues and morality, Oh! Devi, she is epitome of beauty, she was born in the illustrious clan, she is the essence of wisdom and knowledge, and she is incomparable,  Oh! Lakshmi, eulogizing your endless glories would purify the tongue, Lord Rudra, Ravi, Chandhra and all the deities eulogizes your splendor, Oh! Vishvajanani, I am incompetent to describe your appearance, loveliness, and virtues, Oh! Matha, kindly protect us with your auspicious grace, Oh! Lakshmi, I am completely wretched with the sufferings of poverty, and miseries and sorrows of worldly existence, kindly shower abundance of wealth and auspiciousness, Oh! Haripriye, Oh! Janani, kindly bless us with your permanent presence, Oh! Lakshmi, kindly bless us with abundance of clothes and various precious ornaments, Oh! Lakshmi, you are mother and father as well, Oh! Mahalakshmi, Oh! Sureshvari, kindly protect us, Oh! Jaganmatha, kindly protect us from the sufferings of poverty, I shall repeatedly prostrate before supreme Goddess who is the essence of Universe, and she symbolizes righteousness, wealth, richness, opulence, good fortune, prosperity and happiness, Oh! Haripriye, I shall keep muttering, Oh! Lakshmi, I promise repeatedly, I have no shelter place other than you.”   Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi began to speak pleasantly after listening to the prayers of Sage Agasthya.

Goddess Lakshmi replied “ Oh! Mahabhaga,/illustrious one, whoever reads or listen to these glorious verses would attain the grace of Goddess Maha Lakshmi, whoever reads or listens to it on regular basis would be relieved from conflicts, battle,  and pain of separation, worshiper who recites or listens to it during the hours of early dawn with intense devotion and faith would attain eternal  presence of  Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi in their homes, worshiper would attain all the happiness, welfare, auspiciousness, wealth, virtues, knowledge, wisdom, virtuous offspring, fame, and  pleasure.”

The above are highly propitious hymns praising the splendor of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, worshiper would attain the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Chathurvargaphala/ Dharma, Arththa, Kama and Moksha as well, it would bring victory in battle fields and win over enemies, it would remove the fear from  evil spirit, wild animals, weapons, fire, and water, it would destroy wickedness, deceitfulness,  and sins of the worshiper, recitation of these sacred hymns in the midst of cows would remove all the sins of the worshiper, it’s an auspicious hymn composed by Sage Agasthya for the welfare of human being, whoever reads or listens to it would attain  happiness, welfare, long life, and good health.

 Jaya Padmapalashakshi Jayathvam Sreepathipriye | Jaya Mathar Mahalakshmi Samsararnnavatharini ||

Mahalakshmi Namasthubhyam Namasthubhyam Sureshvari | Haripriye  Namasthubhyam Namasthubhyam Dhayanidhe ||

Padmalaye Namasthubhyam Namasthubhyam Cha Sarvadhe | Sarvabhoothahitharththaya Vasu Vrishtim Sadha Kuru ||

Jaganmathur Namasthubhyam Namasthubhyam Dhayanidhe | Dhayavathi Namasthubhyam Vishveshvari Namosthuthe ||

Nama: Ksheerarnnavasuthe  Namasthrailokadharini | Vasuvrishte Namasthubhyam Rakshamam Sharanagatham ||

Raksha Thvam  Devadeveshi Devadevasya Vallabhe | Dharidhrathrahi Mam Lakshmi  Kripam Kurumamopari ||

Nama Stharilokajanani Namasthrailokyapavani | Bhramadhayo Namasthethvam Jagadhanandhadhayini ||

Vishnupriye Namasthubhyam Namasthubhyam Jagadhdhithe | Arththahanthri Namasthubhyam Samridhdhim  Kurumey Sadha ||

Abjavase  Namasthubhyam Chapalayai Namonama: | Chanchalayai Namasthubhyam Lalithayai Namo Nama: ||

Nama: Pradhyumna Janani Mathusthubhyam Namo Nama: | Paripalaya  Bho Matharmam Thubhyam Sharanagatham ||

Sharanye  Thvam Prapannoasmi Kamale Kamalalaye | Thrahi Thrahi Mahalakshmi Parithranaparayane ||

Pandithyam Shobhathe  Naiva Na Shobhanthi Guna Nare | Sheelathvam Naiva  Shobhathe  Mahalakshmi Thvaya Vina ||

Thavath Virajathe Roopam Thavath Sheelam Virajathe | Thavath Guna Naranam Cha Yavath Lakshmi: Praseedhathi ||

Lakshmi Thvaya Alamkritha Manava Ye Papair Vimuktha Nripalokamanya: | Gunairviheena Gunino Bhavanthi Dhusheelina: Sheelavatham Varishta: ||

Lakshmir Bhooshayathe Roopam Lakshmir Bhooshayathe  Kulam | Lakshmir Bhooshayathe Vidhyam  Sarvalakshmir Vishishyathe ||

Lakshmi Thvadh Gunakeerthanena  Kamalabhooryathyalam Jihmatham | Rudradhya Ravichandhra Devapathayo Vakthum Cha  Naiva Kshama: ||

Asmabisthava Roopalakshana Gunanvakthum Kadham Shakyathe | Matharmam Paripahi Vishvajanani Krithva  Mameshtam  Dhruvam ||

Dheenathibheetham Bhavathapapeeditham Dhanairviheenam Thava Parshvamagatham | Kripanidhi Thvanmama  Lakshmi Sathvaram Dhanapradhanadhdhanayakam Kuru ||

Mam Vilokhya Janani Haripriye | Nirdhanam Thvathsameepamagatham |Dhehi Mey Dhatithi  Lakshmi Karagram Vasthrakanchanavarannamathbhutham ||

Thvameva Janani Lakshmi Pitha Lakshmi Thvameva Cha || Thrahi Thrahi Mahalakshmi Thrahi Thrahi Sureshvari | Thrahi Thrahi Jaganmathar Dharidhraththrahi Vegatha: ||

Namasthubhyam Jagadhdhathri Namasthubhyam Namo Nama: | Dharmadhare Namasthubhyam Nama: Sampaththidhayini ||

Dharidhrannavamagnoaham Nimagnoaham Rasathale | Majjantham Mam Kare  Dhrithva  Soodhara Thvam Rame  Dhrutham ||

Kim Lakshmi Bahunokthena  Jalpithena  Puna: Puna: | Annyanme Sharanam Nasthi Sathyam Sathyam Haripriye ||

Yethath Shruthva Agasthivakhyam Hrishyamana Haripriye | Uvacha Madhuram Vanim Thushtavaham Thava Sarvadha ||

Lakshmiruvacha –
Yaththvayokthamidham Sthothram Ya: Padishyathi Manava: | Shrunothi Cha Mahabhagasthasyaham Vashavarththini ||

Nithyam Padathi Yo Bhakthya Thva  Alakshmisthasya Nashyathi | Ranashcha  Nashyathe Theevram Viyogam Naiva Pashyathi ||

Ya; Padeth Pratharuththaya  Shradhdha Bhakthi Samanvitha : | Grihe  Thasya Sadha  Sthasye Nithyam Sreepathina Saha ||

Sukha Saubhagya Sampanno Manasvi  Buddhiman Bhaveth | Puthravan Gunavan Shreshto Bhogabhoktha  Cha Manava: ||

Idham Sthothram Mahapunyam Lakshmya Agasthiprakeerthitham | Vishnu Prasadha Jananam Chathurvarga Phalapradham ||

Rajadhvare  Jayaishchaiva  Shothroshchaiva Parajaya: | Bhootha Pretha Pishachanam Vyaghranam  Na Bhayam Thadha ||

Na Shasthra Anala Thoyaughadh Bhayam Thasya Prajayathe | Dhurvriththanam Cha Papanam Bahuhanikaram Param ||

Mandhurakarishilasu Gavam Goshte  Samahitha: | Padethth Dhoshashanthyaarththam Mahapathakanashanam ||

Sarvasaukhyakaram Nrinam Ayurarogyadham Thadha | Agasthyamunia Proktham Prajanam Hithakamayaya ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

|| Sri Mathangi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Nandhyavarththa Thanthram || 76 - 100

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Mathangi who is safest ferry to cross the ocean of worldly existence, she has unique appearance with stains all over the body, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink, she is decked in garland of skeleton, she symbolizes Panchami/fifth day , Panchayagna known as five essential rite performed by twice born on daily basis are Bhrama/Rishi Yagna/ recitation of Veda, Deva Yagna/rites performed to deities, Pithru Yagna/homage to ancestors, Bhootha Yagna/charity to living beings in the form of food grains, and Manushya Yagna/service to society, she symbolizes five essential elements known as Air, Earth, Ether, Water, and Fire, she is fond of fifth note of music, she is smeared in turmeric, she is adorned in crescent moon on the throne,  she is beautifully decorated with vermilion and turmeric on forehead, she is adorned in lotus flower, saffron and fragrant Tulsi,  she undertakes deep meditation, she represents female cuckoo, she has reddish brown eyes, she is scholarly, she has fair complexion, she is mounted on corpse, she holds spirituous drink, she eradicates severe illnesses and infectious diseases caused form water, she symbolizes piousness, she is the source for fruit of accomplishment of pious deeds in the form of wealth, auspiciousness, and richness, she is  purifier of soul, she has pleasing disposition,  her face has the luster of lotus flower, she has the radiance of fire, she is the source of nourishment, success, richness and prosperity, she has personified as little girl, she is a great illusionist, she removes ill fortune of children, she is the source of power and courage, she takes immense joy in playing melodious music on flute, she merrily explore through the dense wood, she  is the creator of Lord Bhrama, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshvara, she symbolizes Mahavidhya, she is the source of wisdom and knowledge, she is Goddess of speech, she holds Veena, she takes immense joy in playing melodious music on Veena, she takes immense pleasure in various passionate sport, she has personified as Vaishnavi who is female aspect of Lord Vishnu, she is supreme cure for all the illnesses, she is spontaneous and independent, she is well known and has  endless glorious myths, she is the source of wisdom, knowledge, wealth, to the distressed people, she is free from afflictions, she produces boisterous cries, she accompanies by mighty warriors, she has red colored lips, she is fond of veneration with Bimba fruit, she resides on the highest peak of Vindhyachala, she is worshiped by deities and illustrious Rishis, and warriors, she is eulogized by Veda and Vedantha, she is victorious, she is the source of victory in all endeavors, she is void of passion, she is worshiped by all, she is most venerable, she eradicates worldly bondages of worshiper who is surrendered at her lotus feet, she is sister of Lord Vishnu, she represents wealth, prosperity, division of time, moon, region, good fortune, happiness etc.. she has personified as Bhavani who liberates the soul from worldly existence, she has frightening appearance, she has the appearance of lotus stalk, she has most lovely appearance too, she symbolizes all kinds of auspiciousness, she resides in the supreme abode of Lord of Lords, she is Goddess Mahalakshmi, who symbolizes loveliness, good fortune, prosperity, happiness, excellence, welfare, beauty, amorous pleasure,  and renunciation,  she takes immense joy in the veneration with the sounds of drum, she can be terrifying, she produces alarming voices, she is adorned in various precious ornaments all over the body, she is most promising to Sage Bharadhvaja, she is welfare personified, she is the source of good fortune, wealth, opulence, and prosperity, she has embodied as Earth and she is the protector of Earth, she resides on the supreme abode of Bhoopathi, she has embodied as honey bee, she whirl around at her own will, she has personified as young maiden, she belongs  to the illustrious clan of Bhoopala/Lord Vishnu, she has personified as Mother of deities, Universe and its living beings, she has lovely appearance, she is a great illusionist, she is highly honorable, she lures the whole Universe with her mesmerizing beauty, she has personified as Goddess Mahalakshmi, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink, and she resides in the abode of nectar, she is inseparable from Mathanga, she is Madhavi who takes immense joy in the consumption of nectar, she crushed the pride of demon Madhu, she symbolizes joy, pure intellect, and she is the source of the same, she represents purity, strength, wise, fire sacrifices, amorous sport, and discipline, she is worshiped with fire sacrifices, she takes pleasure in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink, and sweet meat, she is the essence of Universe and its living beings, she is Mahamaya who is a great  illusionist, she has endless glories, she  resides in the supreme abode, she is adorned in various fresh alluring flower garlands, she is supreme Goddess Maheshvari who symbolizes  intellect, wisdom, knowledge, and epidemic, she is chaste and dedicated wife of Lord Mahadeva, she is highly honorable, she has embodied as sacred land Mathura, she resides in the highest peak of Mount Meru, she is powerful , she has wide and beautiful eyes, she is the slayer of demon Mahishasura, she resides in the solar and lunar system, abode of wealth and auspiciousness, she takes immense joy in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink and she is proud, she is the source of liberation from repeated births, she is decked in garlands of skull, she is adorned in various fresh alluring flower garlands too, she is Mathangini/Mathangi who is the daughter of Sage Mathanga, she represents stream of nectar and spirituous drink, she has the luster of flowers of Badhooka, she is Yamini who represents  night, she has personified as female aspect of Yamininatha, she takes immense joy in exploring the fields of barley, she ward off evil spirit, she represents Yama/quarter of day and night, Yavani who is consort of Yavana, she removes accidental and unexpected deaths, she represents Yama, and  Kalpa, she symbolizes fire sacrifices, she  is the commander of Yajja, protector of Yajja and performer of Yajja,  she bestow fame and honor, she causes mass destruction as well, she represents Yakshini who is the mother of Yaksha, Yashodha, YAma/quarter of day and night, Yajja,  and performance of Yajja, she is the source of good fortune, admiration, and honor, she symbolizes sacred syllables of Yakara, deluge at the end of Yuga that causes mass destruction, she has lovely appearance, she has great effulgence, she represents royal consort, RamA, Sun, Mountain, passage of vital air, delight and battle/conflicts.

Pankila  Pangamagna  Cha Paneeya  Panjjarasthitha | Panchami Panchayajja  Cha Panchatha  Panchamapriya ||

Pijjama Pundareeka  Pikee  Pingalochana | Priyangumanjari  Pindi  Panditha  Panduraprabha ||

Prethasana  Priyalastha  Pandughni Peenasapaha | Phalini Phaladhathri Cha Phalashri: Phalabhooshana||

Phoothkarakarini Raphathi Phulla  Phullambujalochana | Spulingaha  Speethamathi: Speethakeerthikari Thadha ||

Balamaya  Balarathirbalini Balavardhini | Venuvadhya  Vanachari  Virinchijanayathyapi ||

Vidhyapradha  Mahavidhya  Bodhini Bodhadhayini | Buddhamatha  Cha Budhdha  Cha Vanamalavathi Vara ||

Varadha Varuni Veena Veenavadhanathathpara | Vinodhini Vinodhastha  Vaishnavi Vishnuvallabha ||

Vaidhya  Vaidhyachikithsa  Cha Vivasha  Vishvavishrutha | Vidhyaughavihvala  Vela  Viththadha  Vigathajwara ||

Virava Vivarikara  Bimboshti Bimbavathsala | Vindhyastha  Paravandhya  Cha Veerasthanavara  Cha Vith ||

Vedanthavedhya  Vijaya  Vijayavijayapradha | Viraga Vandhini Vandhya  Vandhyabandhanivarini ||

Bagini Bhagamala Cha Bhavani Bhavanashini | Beema  Beemanana Bheemabangura  Bheemadharshana ||

Billi Billadhara  Beerurbarundabhi  Bhayavaha | Bhagasarpinyapi Bhaga Bhagaroopa  Bhagalaya ||

Bagasana  Bhavabhoga  Beridhankararanjjitha | Beeshana Beeshanarava  Vabhagathyahibooshana ||

Bharadhvaja Bhogadhathri Bhoothighni Bhoothibhooshana | Bhoomidha Bhoomidhathri  Cha  Bhoopathirbaradhayini ||

Bramari BrAmari Bala Bhoopalakulasamsthitha | Matha  Manohara  Maya Manini Mohini Mahi ||

Mahalakshmir Madhaksheeba  Madhira  Madhiralaya | Madhodhdhatha  Mathangastha Madhavi  Madhumardhini ||

Modha  Modhakari Medha  Medhya madhyadhipasthitha | Madhyapa Mamsalobastha  Modhini Maidhunodhyatha ||

Moordhavathi Mahamaya  Maya  Mahimamandhira | Mahamala  Mahavidhya  Mahamari Maheshvari ||

Mahadevavadhoo Manya  Mathura  Merumanditha | Medhasvini Milindhakshi Mahishasuramardhini ||

Mandalastha  Bagastha  Cha  Madhiraragagarvitha | Mokshadha  Mundamala Cha Mala Malavilasini ||

Mathangini Cha Mathangi Mathangathanayapi Cha | Madhusrava  Madhurasa  Bandhookakusumapriya ||

Yamini Yamininathabhoosha  Yavakaranjjitha | Yavankunrapriya  Yama  Yavani Yavanardhini ||

Yamaghni Yamakalpa  Cha Yajamanaswaroopini | Yajja  YajjaYajjuryakshi Yashoni: Kampakakarini ||

Yakshini Yakshajanani Yashodhayasadharini | Yashasusuthrapadha  Yama  Yajjakarmakareethyapi ||

Yashasvini Yakarastha  Bhooyasthambanivasini | Ranjitha  Rajapathni Cha  Rama  Rekha Ravi Rana ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Sunday, 14 April 2019

|| Samkshepa Ramayan !!

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

The supreme Lord Vishnu was born as Rama in the illustrious clan of Ikshvaku/Raghu/Solar dynasty; he was born as elder son to Devi Kausalya and King Dhasharatha under the constellation of Gemini, with the birth star Punarvasu.   He carried out early education under the guidance of Sage Vashishta, later Rama along with Lakshman was assigned to protect the Yaga of Sage Vishwamithra, he sincerely followed the instructions of Sage Vishwamithra, he killed dreadful demon Thataka and numerous demons, and he removed the curse of Devi Ahalya who is chaste wife of Sage Gauthama.  He traveled to the Kingdom of Mithila, in the great assembly Rama tied the powerful bow of Lord Shiva, and received Devi Sita as wedded wife; he crushed the pride of Bhargavarama/Parashurama.  Rama was brave, courageous as well as wise; hence King Dhasharatha decided to perform coronation ceremony to Rama who is heir to the throne.  Though the arrangements for the coronation ceremony was taken place in full swing, due to the plotting of Mandhara and the promises given to Devi Kausalya resulted in exile of Rama, Sita and Lakshman from the Kingdom of Ayodhya.   Rama along with Devi Sita and Lakshman moved to Shringiberipuram, he made close association with Guha who was chief of tribal clan, Rama visited Sage Bharadhvaja in his hermitage, Rama at the instruction of Sage Bharadhvaja moved to the hills of Chithrakoota.  Bharatha visited Rama with the grave news of death of Dhasharatha was pacified and offered his Padhuka,  eventually he performed final rite for his father.  Rama moved to the dense wood of Dhandakaranya, he killed haughty demon Viradha and numerous demons.  Rama met Sage Sharabhanga,  Sage Sutheekshna,  Sage Agasthya and illustrious Rishis, he reverentially greeted  them, promised to kill Ravana and protect the world from the atrocities of Ravana.  Rama obtained various Asthra and Shasthras from the Rishis and explored through the dense wood.  In the meanwhile, Shoorpanakha was humiliated by cutting off her nose, Dhooshana and Thrishirass were mortified, they accompanied with fourteen thousand demons and fought with Rama, ultimately all the demons were killed in Janasthana.  Ravana was raged at the death of numerous demons in Janasthana, with the help of Mareecha who is a great illusionist, chased Rama and Lakshman far off from the hermitage, eventually Devi Sita was abducted by Ravana.  Jatayu who was approached to protect Devi Sita from the clutches of Ravana was severely wounded.  Rama and Lakshman met Jatayu on their way, Rama collected all the information about the abduction of Devi Sita from Jatayu was deeply dejected, he performed final rite for Jatayu.  Rama conducted rigorous search for Devi Sita.   He met Kabandha and Shabari and provided liberation to them.  Rama had an encounter with Hanuman on the river bank of Pampa was taken to Sugreevah, a peace treaty was formed between Rama and Sugreevah.  Rama killed Vali and crowned Sugreevah as King of Kishkindha.  Soon, a huge army of monkey warriors were assigned in all directions to conduct meticulous search of Devi Sita.  The mighty warrior Hanuman met elderly Sampathi, he sincerely followed the advice of Sampathi,  crossed the vast ocean of hundreds of Yojana, met Devi Sita who was completely distraught at the separation from Rama,  she was relentlessly contemplating upon Lord Rama, in the Ashoka Vatika.  Hanuman reverentially greeted Devi Sita and offered the ring of Lord Rama, he pacified her and encouraged her to be optimistic.  Hanuman vehemently destroyed the pleasure garden of Ravana, killed five chief of army men, seven sons of assembly men, and Akshakumara, consequently Lanka was burnt in to ashes.  The precious gem Choodamani obtained from Devi Sita by Hanuman was respectfully offered to Lord Rama, and described all the information about Devi Sita. Rama was highly pleased and embraced Hanuman.  Rama and Lakshman, with the help of Sugreevah and mighty warriors of monkeys arrived at the sea shore, with the help of Nala and numerous monkey warriors a huge bridge was constructed across the vast ocean.  Rama has a fierce battle with Ravana, at the end of the vicious battle all the demon clans were destroyed, he crowned Vibheeshana as King of Lanka.  Devi Sita was sanctified in the fire and obtained various boons from all the deities.   Rama along with Devi Sita, and Sugreevah with all the monkey warriors were traveled in a grand flower chariot/Pushpkavimanam to Nandigram, in the meantime Rama visited the hermitage of Sage Bharadhvaja, and Hanuman was already instructed to meet Bharatha in the Nandigram.  Rama removed the matted hair locks and saffron robe, attired in a magnificent garment, reverentially greeted his mothers.  On an auspicious day, grand coronation ceremony of Rama along with Devi Sita was performed.  During his regime, there were no natural calamities, child death, subjects were extremely contented and happy, women were blessed with husbands of long life, there were no famine, fear, or crime, people were sincerely followed righteousness.  Lord Rama performed hundreds of Ashwamedha Yaga, and performed abundance of charities to priestly class.  In this way, Rama wisely ruled his Kingdom for eleven thousand years.

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Courtesy - Ajay Srivatsa Iyer

Friday, 12 April 2019

|| Sri Mathangi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Nandhyavarththa Thanthram || 51 - 75

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Mathangi who symbolizes the sacred syllables ‘Dhakara’, she has lustrous space between the eye brows, she causes afflictions on the wicked, she is youthful always, she is the mother of Thundhila who has pot sized belly, she has dark cloud complexion, she has most desirable appearance, she is lustrous like reddish brown metal, she has great speed, she is impartial, she can be formidable, quivering, tumultuous, and  violent, she has personified as Thulja, she has lovely appearance too, she is impartial to her devotees, she has balanced speed and movements, she symbolizes likeness, she has embodied as sacred river Thamraparnni, she has reddish brown lips, she eradicates darkness of ignorance,  she is Durga who is expeditious, she removes infectious diseases, she represents shore, Goddess of stars and planets/savior as well, she resides in the dense wood of Thamala, she is the source of darkness/night, she is Durga who represents night and darkest hours in the night, she is fierce, she is extremely valorous, she is neutral, indifferent, and  spiritual essence, she is smeared in Til oil, she is youthful, she has great effulgence, she represents   Thiloththama/Dhakshayani, she has beautiful mole which multiplies her beauty, she is adorned in crescent moon on the crown, she is fond of being worshiped with the flowers of Til, she has personified as Thara who is one of the Dhashamahavidhya, she is the safest ferry to cross the ocean of worldly existence, she is prominent member in the family of Lord of Lords, she is beloved consort of Sthanu, she is loyal, she showers abundance of wealth, opulence and prosperity, she symbolize protection, tranquility, perseverance, patience, steadfastness, and stability, she is mighty Goddess, she is supreme Goddess who is imperishable, she represents might, hill, Earth, fame,  and lushness of the soil, she holds Danda/stick to imposes punishment on the wicked, she has colossal appearance, she is adorned in flower garlands, she is most promising to penniless as well as distressed people, she is divine personified as beloved consort of Lord of Lords, she has embodied as divine cow, she is supreme Goddess who symbolizes jewels on the crown of deities, she is too compassionate, she imposes punishment on wicked, she is too kind to distressed people, she has large bosom resembles to fruit of pomegranate, she represents all the deities, she represents Dhaithya and deities as well, she takes immense joy  travelling in palanquin, she is too kind, she represents Purusha as well as Prakrithi, and all the female deities, she is the source of supreme intellect, she removes impurities and sins,  she has personified as Durga who removes afflictions, she is difficult to be pacified, she resides in fortress/places difficult to access, she removes impurities,  and foul smell, she eradicates miseries and sorrows, she discard  the place of foul smell and place of gambling, she is adorned in vermilion, she is the  protector and foster-mother as well, she is too kind to distressed people, she is most promising, she is supreme Goddess who is the source of wealth, richness, opulence, and auspiciousness, she produces boisterous voices, she has embodied as Earth, she symbolizes righteousness, she is extremely valorous, she is decked in bow and arrow, she is self-controlled and oppressed, she destroys fraudulent activities, she has smoky complexion, she consumes smoke, she has black mixed with red  complexion, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of spirituous intoxicated drink, she symbolizes kind of meter, and  happiness, she has personified as daughter of Nandabalika/Mahamaya, she is young, she symbolizes sacred river Narmada, she performs various passionate sport, she has the might of thunderbolt, she represents principles, restriction, rule, law,  perception, and sound, she is virtuous, sinless, and pure, she is the essence of Shashthras/doctrines, she symbolizes rivers, she has most desirable appearance, she is attired in directions as clothe, she has dark cloud complexion,  she symbolizes  final emancipation, she is void of desires, passion, emotion, and properties, she is modest and pure, she has beautiful blue colored neck, she is indifferent, she is supreme being,  she symbolizes good fortune and auspiciousness, she has embodied as sacred river and divine cow, she has the appearance of round, swollen, and  muscular, she has large and high bosom, she is chaste wife, she is decked in serpent, she symbolizes darkest hours in the night, she is beyond human intellect, she has personified as Kali, she always works for the welfare of Universe, she is purifier of soul, she explore through the air,  and water, she is promising to Pavana, she  is the source of growth of cattle, prosperity, welfare,  happiness, virtuous offspring,  nourishment, opulence, and  wealth,  she holds  lotus flower and sacred scriptures, she symbolizes full moon, sheath, cell,  and muscle, she causes worldly bondage, she has embodied as Earth, she represents living beings, she is skillful, she is formidable, she is wielded in powerful weapon Parashu and noose, she eradicates sins of the worshiper, she is the commander of Universe, she is chaste wife, she elevates distressed and desolate people, she represents spirit, she destroys evil spirit, she consumes sweet meat and spirituous intoxicated drink, she holds gem studded pot contains spirituous drink, she is prominent, she symbolizes nectar, she is flawless, she fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, she has the radiance of sun, she holds parrot and take immense pleasure in listening to its chirping as well as consumption of nectar.

Dhakara Nissvanaruchisthapini Thapini Thadha | Tharuni Thundhila Thundha Thamasi Cha Thama: Priya ||

Thamra  Thamravathi Thanthusthundhila  Thulasambhava | Thulakotisuvega  Cha Thulyakama Thulashraya ||

Thudhini Thunini Thumba  Thulyakala Thulashraya | Thumula Thulaja Thulya  Thuladhanakari  Thadha ||

Thulyavega  Thulyagathi Sthulakoti Ninadhini | Thamroshta  Thamraparnni Cha Thama: Sankshobhakarini ||

Thvaritha  Jwaraha  Theera  Tharakeshi Thamalini | Thamonudha Thamathalasthanavathi Thami ||

Thamasi Cha  Thamisra  Cha Theevra  Theevraparakrama | Thatastha  Thilathailaktha  Tharuni Thapanadhyuthi: ||

Thiloththama Cha  Thilakriththarakadheesha Shekhara | Thilapushpapriya  Thara  Tharakeshi Kudumbini ||

Sthanupathni Sthirakari Sthoolasampathvivardhini | Sthithi: Sthairya Sthavishta  Cha Sthapathi: Sthoolavigraha ||

Sthoola Sthoolavathi Sthali Sthalasanghavivardhini | Dandini Dhanthini Dhama Dharidhra  Dheenavathsala ||

Deva  Devavadhurdhithya  Dhamin Devabhooshana | Dhaya Dhamavathi Dheenavathsala Dhadimasthani ||

Devamoorthikara Dhaithyadharini Devathanatha | Dholakreeda Dhayalushcha  Dhampathi Devathamayi ||

Dhashadheepasthitha  Dhoshadhoshaha Dhoshaharini | Durga  Durgarthishamani Durgamya Durgavasini ||

Dhurgandhanashini Dhussadha  DhukhaPrashamakarini | Dhurgandhdha Dhundhubidhvantha  Dhoorastha  Dhooravasini ||

Dharadhamaradhathri Cha Dhurvyadhadhayitha  Dhami | Dhurandhara  Dhureena  Cha  Dhaureyi Dhanadhayini ||

Dheerarava Dharithri Cha Dharmadha  Dheeramanasa | Dhanurdhara  Cha Dhamani Dhamani Dhoorththavigraha ||

Dhoomravarnna  Dhoomrapana Dhoomala Dhoomamodhini | Nandhini Nandhininandha  Nandhininadhanabalika ||

Naveena  Narmadha Narmanemir Niyamanisvana | Nirmala Nigamadhara  Nimnaga Nagnakamini ||

Neela  Nirathna  Nirvana  Nirllebha Nirguna  Nathi: | Neelagreevah  Neeraha Cha Niranjjanajamanava ||

Nirgundika  Cha  Nirgunda Nirnasa  Nasikabhidha | Pathakini Pathaka Cha Pathrapreethi: Payasvini ||

Peena Peenasthani Pathni Pavanashi Nishamayi | Parapara Para Kali Parakrithya Bhujapriya ||

Pavanastha  Cha Pavana  Pavanapreethivardhini | Pashuvridhdhikari  Pushpi  Poshaka Pushtivardhini ||

Pushpini Pusthakakara  Poornimathalavasini | Peshi Pashakari Pasha  Pamshuha  Pamshula Pashu: ||

Patu: Parasha  Parashudharini Pashini Thadha | Papaghni Pathipathni Cha Pathitha  Pathithapathi ||

Pishachi Cha Pishachaghni Pishithashanathoshini | Panadha  Panapathri  Cha  Panadhanakarodhyatha ||

Peyaprasidhdha Peeyusha  Poornna  Poornnamanoratha | Pathangabha Pathanga Cha Pauna: Punyapibapara ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||