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Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & Meanings 91 – 100

Jai Ambey Ma !!
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has slender waist, golden complexioned, raised bosom, dwells on the left half of Lord Shiva with matted hair locks; you are the humble servant of your devotees who worship according to the Vedic scriptures. Whoever worships Goddess Abirami would be blessed with the highest of the honor of Lord Indra along with the riches and his celestial vehicle Airavatha accompanied by divine music played by the celestials.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami who has beautiful smiling face is worshipped by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and all the deities.  I have desired for an eternal wisdom and your compassionate grace provided a safe heaven at your lotus feet and compelled me to follow your righteous path, therefore I will not have fascination towards other methods of worship or I will not follow any other faith.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, whoever worships you with utmost devotion and dedication, tears overflowing, intense joy and in a state of ecstacy that would be the highest of merit and that would be the appropriate method of worship.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami/Komalavalli who is the source of endless virtues, she is the ocean of mercy and daughter of Himavan, I shall surrender at your lotus feet, I have no possession of things to augment my proud, becuase I have made all those possession as yours, whatever good or evil happens I will consider them with serenity.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami/Komalavalli who has attractive features, Oh! Yamalavalli, who is unblemished, resides in the stunning lotus flower, matchless beauty which is impossible to describe in words, proficient in all forms of art, whoever worships Goddess Abirami would be blessed with material wellbeing that is capable to rule the seven worlds.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is eulogized and venerated by deities and virtuous, Lord Surya, Lord Chandra, Lord Agni, Lord Kubera, Lord of the celestials Lord Indra, Lotus born Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva who burnt the city of Thripura, Lord Vishnu who killed the demon Mura, Sage Agasthya who resides in Pothikaimalai, Chief warrior of deities Lord Skandha, Lord Ganesha and Lord Manmatha.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who resides in the heart of virtuous and never settles in the heart of wicked people, has the resemblance to cuckoos, the moment Lord Shankara decorated your lotus feet on his matted hair locks, it was difficult to find the presence of fire in his hand and sacred river Ganga on his matted hair.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is omnipresent, daughter of Himavan, wedded Lord Shiva of Mount Kailash, resides in the woods of Kadamba, has the resemblance of peacock in the icy mountain of Himalaya and resides on the lotus flower.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has beautiful long plait of hair, raised bosom decked in the attractive flower garlands of Kondrai, carries sugarcane as bow, five types of marvelous flowers as arrows, striking as well as gleeful smile on her face, mesmerizing eyes has the resemblance of deer, I can envision your marvelous form in my mind and I shall venerate them.
Oh! Goddess Abiramavalli, Oh! Mother of the Universe, has the resemblance of the flowers of Pomegranate, protector of the Universe, carries five types of alluring flowers as arrows, Pasam, Angusam, sugarcane as bow, whoever worships Goddess Abiramavalli who has beautiful three eyes, would be blessed with all the auspiciousness.
91. Melliya  Nun Idai  Minanaiyalai Virisadayon
Pulliya Menmulai Ponanaiyalai Pukazhthu Marai
Solliyavannam Thozhum Adiyarai Thozhumavarkku
Palliyam Arththu Yezha Venpakadu Oorum Patham Tharume
92.   Pathaththe Uruki Nin Padhaththile Manam Pattri Unthan
Ithaththey  Ozhuka Adimai Kondai Ini  Yan Oruvar
Mathaththey Mathimayangen Avar Pona Vazhiyum Sellen
Muthal Thevar Moovarum Yavarum Pottrum Mukizh Nakaiye
93. Nakaiye Ithu Intha Nyalamellam Pettra Nayakikku
Mukaiye Mukizh Mulai Mane Muthukan Mudivil Antha
Vakaiye Piraviyum Vambe Malaimakal Yenpathu Nam
Mikaiye  Ivalthan Thakaimaiyai Nadi Virumbuvathe
94. Virumbi Thozhum Adiyar Vizhineer Malki Meipulakam
Arumbithathumbiya Anandhamaki Arivu Izhanthu
Karumbin Kaliththu  Mozhi Thadumari Mun Sonnayellam
Tharum Piththaravar Yendral Abirami Samayam Nandre
95. Nandre Varukinum Theethey  Vilaikinum Nan Arivathu
Ondreyum Illai Unakke Param Yenakku Illamellam
Andre Unathu Yendru Aliththu Vitten Azhiyatha Guna
Kundre Arulkadale Ivamavan Petra Komalame
96. Komalavalliyai Alliyanthamarai Koyilvaikum
Yamalavalliyai Yethamilalai Yezhuthariya
Samalameni Sakalakala Mayilthannai Thammal
Yamalavum Thozhuvar  Yezhu Parukku  Athipare
97.  Athithyan Ambuli Angi Kuberan Amarar Tham Kon
Pothipiraman Purari Murari Pothiya Muni
Kathi Poruppadai Kanthan Ganapathi  Kaman Muthal
Sathiththa  Punniyar Yennilar Pottruvar Thaiyalaye
98. Thaivanthu Nin Adithamarai Soodiya Sankararkku
Kaivanthatheeyum Thalaivantha Arum Karalarnthathu Yenge?
Meivantha Nenjil Allal Orukalum Virakar Thangal
Poivantha Nenjil Pukalariya Mada Poonguyile
99. Kuyilai Irukkum Kadambadaviyidai Kolaviyan
Mayilai Irukkum Imayachalathidai Vanthu Udhiththa
Veyilai Irukkum Vishumbil Kamalathin Meethu Annamam
Kailayarakku Andru  Imavan Aliththa Kanaguzhaye
100. Kuzhaiyai Thazhuviya Kondraiyanthar Kamazh Kongaivalli
Kazhaiyai Porutha Thiruneduntholum Karubu Villum
Vizhaiyai Poruthiral Veriyam Banamum Ven Nakaiyum
Uzhaiyai Porukannum Nenjil Yeppothum Uthikindrave
Aathalai Yengal Abiramavalliyai Andam Yellam
Pooththalai, Mathulam Poo Niraththalai, Puvi Adanga
Kaaththalai Ainkanai Pasangusamum Karumbu Villum
Serththalai Mukkanniyai Thozhuvarkku Oru Theengu Illaye !!
Jai Ambey Ma !!

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Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & Meanings 81 – 90

Jai Ambey Ma !!
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, I am certain that will not be in the association of evil minded due to your boundless compassion towards me, I have understood that you are the main source of energy to all the deities, therefore I would prefer to venerate you and elugize your glories, even though I am an ignorant.   I will be in the association of intellectuals who consider all they have possessed are provided by you, I shall honor them and follow them sincerely.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami who dwells in the lotus flower crammed with honey bees, you are matchless, whenever I envision your magnificent form which is the personification of brilliance that spread radiance in the entire Universe, I would immerse in a state of bliss which causes me to shed tears of joy, How do I forget your boundless mercy?
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, The intellectuals/Sages, Rishis and deities, worships your lotus feet sincerely with the flowers of fresh alluring lotuses, thereby attains innumerable riches, possession and honor of Lord Indra, divine elephant Airavatha, sacred river Ganga, fierce weapon Vajrayudha, wish fulfilling tree Kalpatharu, eventually they live a blissful life.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! devoted souls, Goddess Abirami who attaired in majestic red silk garments, has beautiful plait of hair decked with the dazzling crescent moon, resides in the heart of virtuous/ she will not reside in the heart of evil minded, she always present on the left half of Lord Shiva, she is the Universal mother and her lotus feet are safe heaven for her passionate devotees, therefore she will protect me from rebirth.  Oh! Souls, whoever sincerely worships Goddess Abirami would be relieved from the cycles of birth and death, eventually attains salvation at her lotus feet.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Mother, I always envision your glorious form with Angusam, Pasam, flower arrows and Sugar cane.  Oh! Thripurasundari, your marvelous form with attractive physical features and raised bosom decked in various ornaments are capable to alleviate all my sorrows and pain.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has the melodious voice that has the resemblance to sweet milk and nectar, Oh! Mother, who is worshipped by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Vedas and deities, I earnestly pray to reveal your lotus feet which are invisible for the deities and your beautiful hands decked in various jewels to me, at the time of arrival of Lord Yama/Lord of Death and his hellish torture with his fierce weapons.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who conquered highest of Yogic practices of her consort Lord Shiva/Tripurari, who burnt the city of demon Thripura and eventually attained a permanent place on the left half of his body; it is a real surprise to me that I could envision your glorious form which was distant for my mind, words, actions and eyes.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who dwells on the left half of her consort of Lord Shiva, who holds Mount Meru as bow, burnt the city of demon Thripura and plucked out one of the heads of lotus born Lord Brahma.  Oh! Mother, I am a hopeless person, I shall surrender to your lotus feet, and therefore you should not reject me for my impurities and ignorance.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is the personification of auspiciousness, resides on the fresh alluring lotus flower, I earnestly pray to place your lotus feet on my head while I prepare to leave this world and struggle to catch my breath and loose my memories in death bed, bless me with the state of absence from worldly bondages and renunciation.

My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is primordial, witnessed the distribution of elixir of nectar that was obtained after churning the milky ocean, to the deities by Lord Vishnu, I have no desire for anything in this Universe, you have accepted my heart as lotus flower, your dwelling place, you have blessed me with liberation from the cycles of birth and death.  Therefore I have no more desires in this life.
81. Anange  Anangukal Nin Parivarangal Akayinal
Vanangen Oruvarai Vazhthukilen Nenjil Vanchakarodu
Inangen Yenathu Unathu Yendriruppar Chilar Yavarodum
Pinangen Arivu Ondrilen Yengan Ni Vaiththa Peraliye
82.  Aliyar Kamalathil Aranange Akilandamum Nin
Oliyaka Nindra Olir  Thirumeniyai Ulluthorum
Kaliaki Anthakaranangal Vimmi Karai Purandu
Veliyaividin Yengane Marappen Nin Virakinaye?
83. Viravum Puthumalar Ittu Nin Padha Viraikamalam
Iravum Pakalum Irainja Vallar Imayor Yevarum
Paravum Pathamum Ayiravathamum Bagheerathiyum
Uravum Kulikamum Karpaka Kavum Udaiyavare
84. Udaiyale Ulku Sempattu Udaiyalai Olirmathi Sen
Sadaiyalai Vanchakar Nenju Adaiyalai Thayangu Nunnool
Idaiyalai Engal Pemman Idaiyalai Ingu Yennai  Ini
Padaiyalai Ungalayum Padaiyavannam Parthirume
85. Parkum Thisai Thorum Pasangusamum Panichirai Vandarkkum
Puthumalar Ainthum Karumbum Yen Allall Yellam
Theerkkum Thirupuraiyal Thirumeniyum Sittridayum
Varkumkuma Mulaiyum Mulaimel Muththu Malayume
86.  Malayan Theda Marai Theda Vanavar Theda Nindra
Kalaiyum Soodaka  Kaiyaium Kondu  Kathiththa Kappu
Velai Venkalan Yenmel Vidumpothu Velinil Kandai
Palaiyum Thenayum Pakayum Polum Panimozhiye
87. Mozhikkum Ninaivukkum Yettatha Nin  Thirumoorththam Yenthan
Vizhikkum Vinaikkum Velinindrathal Vizhiyal Mathanai
Azhikkum Thalaivar Azhiya Virathathai Andamellam
Pazhikkumpadi Oru Pakam Kondu Alum Paraparaye
88. Param Yendru Unai Adaithen Thamiyenum Un Paktharukkul
Tharam Andru Ivan  Yendru Thalla Thakathu Thariyalartham
Puram Andru Yeriaporuppuvil Vangiya Pothil Ayan
Shiram Ondru Settra Kaiyan Idapakam Siranthavale
89. Sirakkum Kamalathiruve Ninsevadi Senni Vaikka
Thurakkam Tharum Nin Thunaivarum Neeyum Thuriyam Attra
Urakkam Thara Vanthu Udambodu Uyir Uravu Attru  Arivu
Marakkum Pozhuthu Yen Munne Varalvendum Varunthiyume
90. Varunthavakai Yen  Manathamarayil Vanthu Pukunthu
 Irunthal Pazhaiya Iruppidamaka Ini Yenakku
Porunthathu Oru Porul Illai Vin Mevum Pulavarukku
Virunthaka Velai Marunthathanai Nalkum Melliyale
 Jai Ambey Ma !!


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Abirami Andhadhi !! Lyrics & meanings 71 - 80

Jai Ambey Ma !!
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who has matchless features, whose lotus feet has the red color due to her cosmic dance on the essence of Veda, Oh! Godess Komalavalli who has the cool crescent moon on her beautiful plait of hair, Oh! Poor soul, don’t get disappointed while her grace is encircled you.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, I prostrate before you, kindly remove by impurities, I am not responsible for my rebirth with all those impurities and it will be your liability.  Oh! Mother, who has the slender waist resemblance to the stars in the sky, whose beautiful lotus feet were carried on the matted hair locks of Lord Shiva, in order to restrain his amorous sport.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is decked in the flower garland of Kadamba, carries five types of flower as arrows, sugar cane as bow, whose third eye on the forehead is the symbol of auspiciousness, and she has beautiful four hands of red complexioned.  You are venerated by Lord Bhairava in the mid hours of darkness, you are Goddess Thripura, and I presume that your lotus feet are the highest of the affluence in my life.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is worshipped by three eyed Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, whoever surrenderd at her lotus feet would never desire for the luxuries in celestial world of Lord Indra, celestial Apsaras who are capable to achieve highest of the auspiciousness, sing and dance praising your glories with an intense desire for the service at your lotus feet.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is the creator of highest peaks, ocean and fourteen worlds, whose beautiful long plait of hair is decked with fresh alluring flowers, whoever constantly remembers your splendor would be blessed with happiness and remain in the shadow of the wish fulfilling tree/Kalpatharu, they will be blessed with salvation at your lotus feet, liberated from the cycles of birth and death, eventually they will be freed from the worldly bondages as well.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who carries five arrows of fresh alluring flowers, obtained left half of the body of Lord Shiva who is decked with the fresh alluring flower garlands of Kondrai which is crammed with the honey bees; I envision your glorious form and meditate upon you in my mind persistently.  I have realized the arrival of Lord Yama and I have freed from the fear of death with your grace.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, Oh! Bhairavi, who is venerated by Lord Bhairava, Oh! Panchami, Oh! Panchapani/holds five arrows of flowers, Oh! Chandi who is the vanquisher of evil minded and finds immense pleasure in consuming their blood,  Oh! Mahakali, Oh! Bhairavi who has the supreme brilliance, Oh! Mandali, who is venerated by the dieities in the abode of Lord Surya and Lord Chandra, Oh! Shooli/who has trident, Oh! Varahi who is measured the entire Universe, in this way your devotees worships your various magnificent form, supreme scriptures and Veda reveals your splendor and it is followed by your passionate devotees.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, I have envisaged your glorious form, your raised bosom decorated with precious gems, body smeared in sandal paste of supreme fragrance and decorated with marvelous jewels and ornaments, beautiful eyes of compassion and your attractive face has the resemblance of cool moon.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, whose eyes are capable to provide auspiciousness to her devotees, I have an intense desire to worship you according to the Vedic scriptures, therefore I have no intention to be in the  association with the people who commit sins, eventually end up in hellish torture.
My humble salutation to Goddess Abirami, who is matchless beauty dwells in the magnificent golden lotus flower, you have made me remain in the association of your zealous devotees, and you have liberated me from the sins committed, you have revealed your marvelous forms to an ignorant person like me, I am in a state of extreme bliss after witnessing your magnificent form and I have no words to praise your kindness.
71.  Azhakukku Oruvarum Ovvatha Valli Arumaraikal
Pazhaki Sivantha Pathampuyaththal Pani Ma Mathiyin
Kuzhavi Thirumudi Komala Yamalai Kombuirukka
Izhavuttra Nindra Nenje Irangel Unakku Yen Kuraiye?
72. Yenkurai Theeranindru Yettrukindren Iniyan Pirakkil
Ninkuraiye Andri Yar Kuraikan? Iruneel Vishumbin
Minkurai Katti  Melikindra Ner Idai Melliyalal
Than Kurai Theera Yem Kon Sadaimel Vaiththa Thamaraye
73. Thamam Kadambu Padaipancha Panam Thanukarimbu
Yamam Vairavar Yeththum Pozhuthu Yemakku Yendru Vaiththa
Semam Thiruvadi Sengaikal Nangu Olisemmai Ammai
Namam Thiripurai Ondrodu Irandu Nayanangale
74. Nayanangal Moondrudai Nathanum Vethamum Narananum
Ayanum Paravum Abiramavalli Adi Iynayai
Payanendru Kondavar Pavaiyar Adavum Padavum Pon
Sayanam Porunthu Thamaniya Kavinil Thanguvare.
75. Thanguvar  Karpaka  Tharuvin Neezhalil Thayarendri
Manguvar Mannil Vazhuvai Piraviyai Malvaraiyum
Ponguvar Azhiyum Eerezh Puvanamum Pooththa Unthi
Konguivar Poonguzhalal Thirumeni Kuriththavare
76. Kuriththen Manaththil Nin Kolam Yellam Nin Kuripparinthu
Marinththen Marali  Varukindra  Nervazhi Vandu Kindi
Veriththen Avizh Kondrai Venipiran Orukoottrai Meyyil
Pariththe Kudipukuthum Pancha Pana Pairaviye
77. Bhairavi, Panchami, Pasangusai, Panchapani, Vanchar
 Uyiravi Unnum Uyar Chandi, Kali Olirum Kala
Vairavi, Mandali, Malini, Shooli, Varahi  Yendre
Seyiravi  Nanmarai Ser Thirunamangal Seppuvare
78. Seppum  Kanaka Kalashamum Polum Thirumulaimel
Appum Kalabha Abiramavalli Anitharala
Koppum, Vayirakuzhayum Vizhiyin Kozhungadayum
Thuppum Nilavum Yezhuthivaithen Yen Thunai Vizhikke
79. Vizhikke Arul Undu Abiramavallikku Vedam Sonna
Vazhikke Vazhipada Nenjundu Yemakku Avvazhi Kidakka
Pazhikke Zhushandu Vem Pavangalae  Seithu Pazh Naraka
Kuzhikke Azhunthum Kayavar Thammodu Yenna Koottu Iniye?
80. Koottiyava Yennai Than Adiyaril Kodiyavinai
Ottiyava, Yenkan Odiava, Thannai Ullavannam
Kattiayava Kanda Kannum Manamum Kalikindrava
Attiyava Nadamadaka Thamarai Aranange
Jai Ambey Ma !!