Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sri Kalika Sahasranama Sthothram by Mahakalabhairava – Lyrics and meanings 171 – 180

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Goddess Kalika whose  limbs are soaked in blood, she is worshiped with blood, she is eager to consume blood, she is anointed in blood all over her body, she has dreadful appearance drenched in blood, she is promising to people who worship with blood, she is Maharaktha, she is the source of blood, she causes streaming of blood, she bathe in the pool of blood, she get satisfied with the immense consumption of it, she has one of the seven tongues of Lord Agni, she takes great joy in the pool of blood, she takes immense joy in the blood always, she symbolizes blood and field of blood, she punishes people who disapprove blood, she is embodied as blood and attracts towards it, she is highly enthusiastic to consume blood, she is immensely fond of consumption of blood, she gets immensely pleased to see the pool of blood, she symbolizes absolute bliss, she is  resplendent, she dwells in the hearts of worshiper, she is Devi who is purifier of souls and destroyer of sins, she resides in the hearts of Sadhus/ascetic, pious, she gets highly pleased in the veneration, she is the mother of worshiper, she is beloved of her worshiper, she is the provider of abundance of happiness, wealth and welfare to her worshiper, she symbolizes sincere devotees, she is beloved of worshiper, she lures the heart of worshiper, she remains in every aspect of her sincere devotees, she is fond of her sincere worshiper, she finds pleasure in the welfare of her devotees, she destroys the enemies of her worshiper, she symbolizes Athmavidhya/knowledge of Athman/soul, Bhramavidhya/knowledge of supreme Bhramam, she is the consort of Parambhrama, she  is embodied as  Thrikooda/3 stronghold, castle, mountain, Panchakooda and Sarvakooda, she symbolizes all colors and colorful prayer beads.  The above are the glorious thousands of names of Goddess Sri Kalika described by Lord Shiva.

Rakthabhidheha  Raktharha  Rakthavandhakavandhitha | Maharaktha  Rakthabhava  Rakthavrishti Vidhayini ||

Rakthasratha  Rakthapreetha  Rakthasevya Athirakthini | Rakthanandhakari  Raktha Sadhanandhavidhayini ||

Raktharaktha  Rakthapoorna  Rakthasarvyakshanirama | Rakthasevakasarvasva  Rakthanindhakanashini||

Rakthathmika  Raktharoopa  Rakthakarshanakarini |Rakthothsaha  Rakthavyagra Rakthapanaparayana ||

Shonithanandhajanani  Kallollasnigdharoopini | Sadhakanthargadha  Devi Pavini  Papanashini ||

Sadhoonam Hridhisamsthathri  Sadhakanandha Karini | Sadhakanam  Cha Janani Sadhakapriyakarini ||

Sadhakaprachuranandha  Sampaththi Sukha Dhayini | Sadhaka Sadhakaprana  Sadhakasakthamanasa ||

Sadhakoththama Sarvakha  Sadhaka  Bhaktharakthpadha | Sadhakanandha Santhosha  Sadhakari Vinashini ||

Athmavidhya  Bhramavidhya  Parambhrama Kudumbini | Thrikoodasya  Pracchakooda  Sarvakoodashareerini ||

Sarvavarnnamayi  Varnna Japamala Vidhayini | Ithi Sri  Kalikanamnam Sahasrakam  Shivabhashitham ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||