Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sri Lakshmi Sthothram – Devakritham – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

“Oh! Parathpare, kindly forgive us, she is Suddha Sathva Svaroopa which devoid of wrathfulness, she is most excellent/eminent among the virtuous who is worshiped by female deities and deities, chaste women, etc.. in your absence the  whole Universe remain lifeless and waste, she symbolizes all kinds of richness, she is omnipresent and she has numerous forms, she is personified as Raseshvari and attractive young maidens of Vraja, she  is Goddess Parvathi in Kailash, she is Sindhukanyaka/daughter of ocean Sindhu in  Ksheerasagara, she is Svargalakshmi in the heven, she is Marthyalakshmi who personified on the earth, she is Mahalakshmi in Sri Vaikundham, she is Devadevi and Sarasvathi as well, she is Ganga as well as Thulsi,  she is Savithri in Bhramaloka, she is dearest darling Krishna, she is personified as  Radhika in the sacred land of  Goloka, she is Raseshvari in the Rasamandala, she dwells in each and every woods of Vrindhavan, she is Krishnapriya in  Bandeera, She is Chandhra in Chandhrakanana, she is Viraja in Champakavana, she is attractive Shathashringa, she is Padmavathi in Padmavana, she is Malathi in Malathivana, she is Kundhadhanthi in Kundhavanam, she is Susheela in Kethakivanam, she represents garlands of Kadamba and resides in the Kadambavana, she is Rajalakshmi in the fortress and she is Grihalakshmi in all homes.” All the deities and Sages eulogized the glories of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi in the above verses, they prostrated before her and their throats dried out in intense devotion, these sacred verses are highly meritorious was composed by all the deities, which provides all the auspiciousness, whoever reads or listen to it during the early hours of dawn would get their wishes fulfilled, unmarried person will get wife with the great qualities, humble, beautiful, pleasant,  and pious, worshiper will remain  blissful in the association of virtuous offspring and grandchildren, he/she will remain pure and attain birth in illustrious clan, remain most pleasing to all, childless couple would be blessed with virtuous offspring, Vaishnavas who is fervent devotees of Lord Vishnu will attain long life, worshiper will be blessed with all the auspiciousness, wisdom, highest spiritual knowledge, and fame, Kings will regain their kingdom and lost glories and wealth once again, worshiper who is separated from their relatives will reunite with his/her relatives, people who lost their wealth will regain their wealth once again, people with no honor will remain honorable, above sacred verses are highly auspicious, it eradicates sorrows and miseries of the worshiper, it brings abundance of happiness, Dharma and Moksha, and worshiper will remain blissful with their companion."

Kshamasva Bhagavathyava Kshamasheele Parathpare | Suddha Sathva Svaroope Cha  Kopadhi Parivarjjithe ||

Upame  Sarvasadhveenam Devinam Devapoojithe | Thvaya Vina  Jagathsarvam Mrithathulyam Cha Nishphalam ||

Sarva Sampaththsvaroopa  Thvam Sarvesham Sarvaroopini | Rasehvaryadhi Devi Thvam  Thvathkala: Sarvayoshitha: ||

Kailase  Parvathi Thvam Cha Kshirodhe  Sindhukanyaka | Svarge Cha Svargalakshmi Sthvam Marthyalakshmishcha Bhoothale ||

Vaikunde Cha Mahalakshmir Devadevi Sarasvathi | Ganga Cha Thulasi Thvam Cha  Savithri Bhramalokatha : ||

Krishnapranadhidevi Thvam  Goloke  Radhika Svayam | Rase Raseshvari Thvam  Cha  Vrindhavana Vane Vane ||

Krishna Priya Thvam Bhandeere Chandhra  Chandhanakanane | Viraja  Champakavane  Shathashringe  Cha Sundari ||

Padmavathi Padmavane  Malathi Malathivane | Kundhadhamthi Kundhavane  Susheela Kethakivane ||

Kadhambamala Thvam Devi Kadhamba Kananepi Cha | Rajalakshmi Rajagehe  Grihalakshmi Grihe Grihe ||

Ithyukthva  Devatha: Sarva  Munayo Manavasthatha | Rururdhu Namravadhana: Shushka Kandoshta Thaluka: ||

Ithi Lakshmisthavam Punyam  Sarvadhevai: Kritham  Shubham | Ya:  Padeth Pratharuththaya Sa Vai Sarvai Labeth Dhruvam ||

Abharya Labhathe Bharya Vineetham Susutham Satheem | Susheelam Sundhareem Ramya  Mathisupriya Vadhineem ||

Puthra  Pauthravatheem Shuddham  Kulajam Komalam Varam | Aputhro Labathe Puthram Vaishnavam Chiranjeevinam ||

Paramaishvarya Yuktham Cha  Viddhyavatham Yashasvinam | Bhrashtarajyo Labeth Rajyam Bhrashta Shrir Labathe  Shriyam ||

Hathabandhur Labeth Bandhu Dhanbhrashto Labeth Dhanam | Keerthiheeno Labeth Keerthim Prathishtam Cha  Labeth Dhruvam ||

Sarva Mangaladham Sthothram Shoka Santhapanashanam | Harsha Anandhakaram Shashva Dharma Moksha  Suhrith Pradham ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||