Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Sri Maha Thripurasundhari Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vamakeshvara Thanthram – Lyrics and Meanings – 111 -120

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Goddess Sri Maha Thripurasundhari who has the brightness of lighnting, she carries lotus flower, she is seated on the white lotus flower, she is attired in crimson colored majestic clothe, her beautiful eyes has the resemblances to red lotus flower petals, she is insurmountable, unconquerable, and incomparable, she guides us to cross the ocean of Samsara safely, she is Thara who has ever lasting Youth, she produces shrill sounds, she is embodied as sacred water courses, she symbolizes righteousness, she imparts the knowledge of Dharma to her passionate worshiper, she is Bhageshvari who is Goddess of wealth and prosperity, she is worshiped by Bhaga/Lord Kubera, she is Bhagini who is  beloved sister of Lord Vishnu, she is personified as the consort of Bhaga/Bhaganayika, she represents wealth and fortune, she showers abundance of wealth and prosperity to her worshiper, she is Bhageshi who symbolizes wealth and good luck, she is Bhagodhari, Bhaganandha, Bagastha, Bagashalini, she is Shakthi, she is victorious, she is Malini and Madhavi, as well, she represents nectar, she is Berunda who has dreadful appearances, Chandrika who has the luster of moon, Jyothsna, she witnesses the happenings in the Universe and she eradicates lethargy/dullnesss, she is Suprasanna/gracious, Mahadhoothi, and Yamadhoothi, she is alarming, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of nectar, she has Maharoopa/great forms, Dhivyaroopa/divine form, she is worshiped by Suras, she is supreme spirit/supreme consciousness, she is permanent, she symbolizes amorous sport, she is Madhirakshi who has intoxicated eyes, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of nectar, she is Siddheshvari who has profound in the knowledge of Siddha Vidhya, she is the provider of various Siddhis to her worshiper, she is Siddhamatha who is the provider of Sarva Artha Siddhi, she is Manomayi who has endless virtues, she is Paramjyothi swaroopini, she is Pareshi  who is wise, she guides us through the ocean of Samsara, she provides Paragathi /Moksha and Parasiddhi as well, she is Vimala who is unblemished, she is Mohini who lures the heart of three worlds with her mesmerising beauty, she is primordial, she takes immense pleasure in the consumption of nectar.

Airavatha Padhamadhara  Shvethapadmasana Sthitha | Rakthambaradhara Devi Rakthapadma  Vilochana ||

Dhusthara  Tharini Thara  Tharuni Thararoopini | Sudhadhara  Cha Dharmajja  Dharma Sanghopadheshini ||

Bhageshvari Bhagaradhya  Bhagini Bhaganayika | Bhagabimba  Bhagaklinna Bhagayonir Bhagapradha ||

Bhageshi Bhagaroopa Cha Bhagaguhya  Bhagavaha | Bhagodhari Bhaganandha  Bhagastha  Bhagashalini ||

Sarvasangkshobhini Shakthi: Sarvavidhravini Thadha | Malini  Madhavi Madhvi Madhuroopa  Mahothkada ||

Berunda  Chandhrika Jyothsana  Vishvachakshu Thamopaha | Suprasanna  Mahadhoothi Yamadhoothi Bhayangari ||

Unmadhini Maharoopa  Dhivyaroopa  Surarchitha | Chaithanyaroopini Nithyaklinna  Kama Madhodhdhatha ||

Madhiranandha Kaivalya  Madhirakshi Madhalasa | Siddheshvari  Siddhavidhya  Siddhadhya Siddhasambhava ||

Siddhardhdhi: Siddhamatha  Cha Siddha: Sarvathasiddhidha | Manomayi Gunatheetha  Paramjyothi: Swaroopini ||

Pareshi Paragapara  Parasiddhi: Paragathi: | Vimala  Mohini Adhya  Madhupana Parayana ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||