Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Sri Maha Thripurasundhari Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vamakeshvara Thanthram – Lyrics and Meanings – 21 -30

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon supreme Goddess Sri Maha Thripurasundhari who is the protector of Universe, she fervently devoted to Lord Shiva, she is the consort of Lord Shiva, she is beloved of Lord Shiva, she is Shivamatha, she is the fortune of Lord Shiva, she is Shivaa who is the provider of all the auspiciousness to her worshiper, she is the Goddess of the Universe, she is worshiped by all, she symbolizes worldly existence, she is the commander of  worldly existence, she is the mother of living beings, she is perceivable through wisdom, she is the destroyer of worldly existence of living beings, she is beloved of all, she is the provider of happiness to the living beings, she is Bhavani who lure the heart of the devotees, she is personified as Gayathri, Savithri, Bhramani, and she is absolute Bhramam, she is Bhrameshi, she is the provider of Bhramathva/oneness in all, she represents Bhrama, Bhramani and Bhramavadhini, she is personified as Durga who has fierce form, she destroys the perils and miseries of the worshiper, she is easy to be ascertained and inaccessible as well, she is liberal, and kind, she is the provider of boons, she eradicaste ill fortune of the worshiper, she removes miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, she removes all kinds of wickedness and evil, she has five faces and she is mounted on celestial vehicle lion, she is Panchami/fifth day of the month, she is flawless, she is seated on the magnificent throne, she represents Sathvic nature and enhances the sathvik qualities in worshiper, she is the provider of Sathvik nature to her worshiper, she also represents Rajasic and Thamasic qualities as well, she is the essence of Thamas, Sathva, and Rajas, she represents all the unit of time/Kashta/millisecond, Muhurtha/auspicious hours, Nimisha/second, she is vigilant and she is beyond comparison, she represents month, half of the month, and Samvathsara/era, she symbolizes Yoga, she is the essence of Yoga, she represents Kalpa and she embodied as Kalpa, she is decked in various gem decorated ornaments all over her body, she is adorned in various jewels, she is the soul of Universe, she is the mother of Universe , she eradicates worldly existence/worldly bondages of the worshiper.

Vishvanatha  Shivaradhya  Shivanatha  Shivapriya | Shivamatha  Shivakhya  Cha Shivadha  Shivaroopini ||

Bhaveshvari Bhavaradhya  Bhaveshi Bhavanayika | Bhavamatha  Bhavangaya  Bhava Kandakanashini ||

Bhavapriya Bhavanandha  Bhavani  Bhavamohini | Gayathri Chaiva  Savithri  Bhramani Bhramaroopini ||

Bhrameshi  Bhramadha  Bhrama Bhramani Bhramavadhini | Durgastha  Durgaroopa  Cha Durga  Durgathinashini ||

Sugama Dhurgama  Dhantha Dhaya  Dhogdhri Durapaha |Dhurithaghni Dhuradhyaksha  Dhura Dhushkrithanashini ||

Panchasya Panchami Poornna  Poornna Peedanivasini | Saththvastha  Saththvaroopa  Cha Saththvaga  Saththvasambhava ||

Rajastha  Cha Rajoroopa  Rajoguna Samudhbhava | Thamastha Cha  Thamoroopa  Thamasi Thamasapriya ||

Thamoguna Samdhbhootha  Saththviki Rajasi  Kala | Kashta Muhoortha  Nimisha  Animesha  Thatha: Param ||

Ardhamasa Cha Masa  Cha  Samvathsara Swaroopini | Yogstha  Yogaroopa  Cha Kalpastha  Kalparoopini ||

Nanarathna Vichithrangi  Nanabharana Manditha | Vishvathmika  Vishvamatha  Vishvapasha Vimochini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||