Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sri Rama Mangalashasanam – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

All the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who is the Lord of Kingdom of Kosala/Lord Indra of Kosala, he symbolizes ocean of virtues, he is the son of Emperor Dhasharatha, he represents Earth and living and non-living things on Earth, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who is eulogized by Veda and Vedantha, he has the complexion of dark clouds, he is divine personified on Earth in a most desirable form, he is eulogized by sacred chants and he is the essence of sacred hymns as well, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who is beloved of Sage Vishvamithra, he is the Lord of city of Mithila, he represents fortune and cleverness, he is charismatic, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who is staunch devotee of Dhasharatha, he is always accompanies by brother Lakshman and Devi Sita, he is the source of delight for the whole Universe, he is  Ramabhadhra, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who gave up the luxurious life in his Kingdom and resided in an hermitage in the dense wood of Chithrakooda, he is most venerable, he has great control over senses and he is extremely valorous, I shall always prostrate before supreme Lord Rama along with Saumithri/Lakshman and Devi Seetha, he is wielded in powerful bow and arrow, Oh! Swamin, kindly shower your auspicious grace on us.  All the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who resided in the dense wood of Dhandakaranya, he crushed the pride of Khara and Dhooshana, he has provided liberation to Gridhraraja/Jatayu who is passionate devotee of Rama, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who gracefully accepted the fruits offered by his staunch devotee Shabhari, he is easily attainable for the righteous, he is flawless, he is absolute truth that represents Saththvik nature, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who  is relentlessly serves by Lord Hanuman, he fulfilled the desire of Hareesha/King of monkeys/Sugreevah, he crushed the pride of Vali, he is extremely courageous, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who symbolizes wealth and prosperity, he carries Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi on his chest, he was born in the illustrious clan of Raghu, he is most prominent among the Raghus, he constructed grand bridge across the vast ocean Sethu, he conquered Rakshasaraja/Ravana in the vicious battle, he is extremely valorous in the battle fields, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who crowned Vibheeshana as King of city of Lanka, he is Sri Raghava who is the safest heaven to the whole world, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama, who is Rajadhiraja/King of Kings, he is Ramabhadhra, he along with wife Devi Seetha triumphantly returned to the Kingdom of Ayodhya and crowned as the King of Ayodhya, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who is worshiped by Lord Bhrama and all the deities, he is Mahathma, he is absolute Bhramam, he is Raghunatha who is beloved consort and soul of Devi Janaki, all the auspiciousness to supreme Lord Rama who is my beloved Lord, he is supreme Lord and supreme ascetic as well, he is ideal husband of Goddess Sri, he symbolizes compassion and virtues, I shall repeatedly prostrate before all those preceptors who have eulogized the glories of Lord Rama, all the auspiciousness to those preceptors who have praised the splendor of Lord Rama, Oh! Thrailokhyadhipathi who is the Lord of the three worlds, he has pleasant disposition, he is flawless husband to Devi Seetha, Oh! Sreeman who has countless virtues and symbolizes wealth and prosperity, kindly bless us always with all the auspiciousness.

Mangalam Kosalendhraya Mahaneeya Gunabdhaye | Chakravarththi Thanoojaya  Sarvabhaumaya Mangalam ||

Vedavedantha Vedhyaya Meghashyamalamoorthaye | Pumsam Mohanaroopaya  Punyashlokaya Mangalam ||

Vishvamithrantharangaya  Mithilanagaripathe: | Bhagyanam  Paripakaya  Bhavyaroopaya Mangalam ||

Pithrubhakthaya Sathatham Bhrathribhi: Saha Seethaya | Nandhitha Akhilalokhaya  Ramabhadhraya Mangalam ||

Thyaktha Sakethavasaya  Chithrakoodaviharine | Sevyaya  Sarvayaminam Dheerodhayaya Mangalam ||

Saumithrana  Cha Janakya  Chapa Banasidharine | Samsevya  Sadha  Bhakthya  Swamine  Mama Mangalam ||

Dhandakarayavasaya  Kharadhooshana Shathrave | Grigdhrarajaya  Bhakthaya  Mukthidhayasthu  Mangalam ||

Sadharam  Shabaridhaththa  Phalamoolabhashine | Saulabhya Paripoornnaya  Saththvodhrikthaya  Mangalam ||

Hanumathsamavethaya  Hareeshabheeshta Dhayine | Bali  Pramadhanayasthu Mahadheeraya Mangalam ||

Srimathe Raghuveeraya  Sethu Langithasindhave | Jitha Rakshasarajaya  Ranadheeraya Mangalam ||

Vibheeshanakrithe Preethya  Lankabheeshtapradhayine | Sarvalokasharanyaya  Sri Raghavaya  Mangalam ||

Asadhya Nagari Dhivyamabhishikthaya  Seethaya | Rajadhirajarajaya  Ramabhadhraya  Mangalam ||

Bhramadhideva Sevyaya  Bhramanyaya Mahathmane | Janakipranathaya  Raghunathaya Mangalam ||

Sri Saumyajamathrumune: Kripayasmanupeyushe | Mahathe  Mama Nathaya  Raghunathaya Mangalam ||

Mangalasasanaparirmadhacharya  Purogamai: | Sarvaishcha  Poorvairacharya: Sathkrithayasthu Mangalam ||

Ramyajamathrumunina  Mangalashasanakritham |  Thrailokhyadhipathi: Sreeman  Karothu Mangalam Sadha ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||