Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sri Uma Thrishathi – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Uma who is the daughter of mount Himavan/Haimavathi, she has personified as mighty Goddess Maheshvari who is the consort of Lord Maheshvara, she has no birth, she has the complexion of smoke and she has gorgeous form too, she symbolizes wealth and prosperity, she has embodied as Universe and she is the protector as well, she is ShivA who is the consort of Lord Shiva, she is Bhagavathi who symbolizes auspiciousness, she has embodied as Prakrithi, she performs various amusements in order to preserve the Universe and its living beings, she is imperishable, she is primordial deity, she is primeval, she is beyond human senses, she has personified as Durga who eradicates miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, she has personified as Swaha, and  Swadha, she symbolizes Sudha/sacred rivers, Pushti/devolopment, Sukha/welfare, Soma/nectar, Thushti,/contentment, Nidhra/sleep,  etc..she is Vishnumaya, she is the source of living beings, she is the mother of Universe and its living beings, she is serene, she represents tolerance, concentration, modesty, timidness etc.. she is omnipresent, she represents Smrithi, she is Shakthi who represents Thrishna, Kshudha/hunger, Bhranthi/misconception, Kanthi/radiance ,Cchaya/shadow, she is Rama who is too compassionate, she is Bhavani who has Rajasic nature, she is the creator, she is Mridani who is the consort of Mrida, she represent Sathvik nature, she is the preserver of the Universe and its living beings, she is Rudrani who is the consort of Lord Rudra, she represents Thamasic nature and death, she is Sharvani who represents Thrigunas, she is Para, she has the complexion of dark clouds,  she has personified Lakshmi,  she is Kamadhenu/wish fulfilling tree, Arya/wise, Dhakshayani who is the daughter of Dhakshaprajapathi,  she is Sathi, she is the mother of Lord Ganesha, she is Durga, Parvathi, Bhramacharini who follows strict chastity, she produces boisterous voices, she is Kooshmanda, she is the mother of Lord Shanmukha, she is Kathyayani who is the daughter of Sage Kathyayana, Kalarathri who represents the night of deluge, Gauri who has fair complexion and she is the provider of Siddhi, she is Aparnna who does not even consume leaves, Thapasi who undertakes extreme penances, she has personified as young girl/ Bala,  she has personified beautiful young maiden/Kanya, she enthusiastically explores through the dense woods, her glorious myths are eulogized by illustrious Maharshis, she has Surya, Chandhra and Agni as  three eyes, she has attained half of the body of Lord Shiva, she has great splendor, she is Empresss, she resides in the peaks of Rajathadhri, her lotus feet has the luster of sparkling gem decorated ornaments of the crowns of deities who prostrate before her, she is eulogized by all Agamashasthras, she symbolizes wisdom and knowledge in all fields, she is Thripurasundari, she has personified as Kamala, Cchinnamastha, Mathangi, Bhuvaneshvari, Thara, Dhoomavathi, Kali, Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Sandhya, and Savithri, she is Sarvamangala who symbolizes all kinds of auspiciousness, she represents Chandhass, Shruthi, sounds,  and fame, she has personified as Savithri, and Gayathri, she has endless fame, she is the purifier of souls, she is Paramambika, she is Usha, she represents illustrious female Rishis,  and Maithri, she has great effulgence, she eradicates evil omen, she has great brilliance, she imparts the knowledge of self and Bhramam, she is the provider of wealth and prosperity, she represents Rathri/night, she has embodied as sacred rivers, she is modest and humble, she is highly honored, she represents admiration, Varuni/nectar, and Kshapa/night, she resides in the icy cold mountain peaks of Himalayas, she is wrathful, she has personified as Rama, she has the complexion of dark clouds, she represents Thamasic nature, she is adorned in garlands of skull, she has  fierce appearance, she is dreadful, she has most beautiful appearance that entices the whole Universe, she is eulogized by Lord Bhrama, she is Mahakali who crushed the pride of demons Madhukaitabha, her toe nails has the brilliance of sun, she is absolute Bhramam, she has attractive physical features  thighs and shank, she has large and high raised bosom, she resides in the middle of Sri Chakra, she has the luster of moon, her lotus hands are the source of wealth and prosperity, she is the female force of Lord Vishnu and Shiva, she has thousands of incarnations, she is the source of offspring, he has balzing eyes, she has beautiful nose, eye brows and long curly hair locks, she  represents Lord of wealth, Sandhya, Vayu, and all the deities, she is Chandi/passionate, she crushed the pride of demons Mahishasura, Chanda Munda, Rakthabeeja,  Nishumba and Shumba, she is Kaushiki, she has smokey eyes, she  represents joy, she has personified as beautiful young maiden of cowherd in the sacred land of Gokulam, she is the sister of Murari/Lord Vishnu, she is Vindhyavasini who resides in the peaks of Mount Vindhyachala, she is Yogeeshvari, she is submissive to her passionate devotees, she has large and raised bosom, she has fierce protruding teeth soaked in blood, she is all pervading, she has personified as Rakthachamunda, she resides in the intellect of Vipra, she destroys the wicked people, she has personified as Shakambari, she eradicates miseries and perils, she represents night hours,  and nectar, she has tremendous form/formidable/ terrific, form too, she has embodied as Bhramari/Bhramaraba/Shadpadhi, she eradicates misconception,  she has personified as Sapthamas/Bhramani, Vaishnavi, Indhrani, Kaumari, Varahi/sookaranana, Maheshvari, Narasimhi, Chamunda, she has assigned Lord Shiva as emissary, she is Gauri, she has embodied as Earth, she has personified as Adhithi who is the mother of deities, she is extremely compassionate, she is Devi Renuka who is the mother of Lord Parshurama, she has personified as Kaushalya who is the mother of Rama, she symbolizes piousness, she is primordial, she is Bharathi, she is the mother of deities who destroys the enemies of Suras, she symbolizes Siddha, she has pleasing disposition, she has personified as Saraswathi, she is Vajreshvari who has the effulgence of lightning, she crushed the pride of Vriththasura, she is unconquerable, she is the protector of Universe and its living beings, she holds Danda, Pasham, Shoolam, Khadvangam, Khadga, Chapa, Bana, Musalayudha,Seerayudha, Angusha, Shankha, Chakra, etc… she is wrathful, she was born in the clan of Surya, she illuminates the whole Universe with her radiance, she is supreme Goddess, she is Narayani, she guides us through the righteous path and she is the safest heaven, she is Maheshvari, she symbolizes massive fire, air, sky/Ambareshvari, light, sun, ether, wind, heaven,  etc..she is Akhilandeshvari, she has personified as Devi Rathi, Kameshvari, Radha, Kamakshi who augments desires, she crushed the pride of Bandasura, she is highly confidential, she has Surya, Chandhra and Agni as three eyes, she is dearest darling of Lord Shambhu, she has beautiful long curly hair locks resembles to pack of honey bees, she has loveliest face which has the luster of autumn moon, she has beautiful eyes resembles to lotus flower petals, she has stunning lips has the appearance of coral, she has attractive nose resembles to the fruit of Til, she has lustrous cheeks resembles to mirror, she has stunning physical features, she has lustrous beautiful smile excels the beauty of flowers of Jasmine, she is adorned in Surya and Chandra as marvelous earrings, she has personified as Goddess of wisdom, she has won over death, she symbolizes Shruthi, she has attractive conch shaped neck and back of shoulders, she is adorned in precious ornaments, she has the appearance of fibrous root of lotus, her palms resembles to tender leaves, her attractive large raised bosom resembles to vessels for Suras, she has the appearance of lotus plant and beautiful line of hairs from the navel, she has most enchanting waist line adorned in magnificent waist ornaments, she has attractive thighs, shank, calves, etc.. she has the appearance of golden swan, she has  most alluring physical features, she has the gait of King of elephant, she is mighty Goddess,  she is pure, she represents intellect, she is incomparable, she is void of passion, she is absolute truth, she is eternal, she is blameless, she is sincere, she is the commander of Universe and its living being, she symbolizes prosperity, she is supreme bliss, she is most venerable, she is supreme Goddess, she is void of Thrigunas, she is beyond human intellect.  The above are the glorious verses praising the splendor of Shailaputhri and her hundreds of sacred names which are equivalent to nectar, whoever reads or listens to it  would be relieved from extreme fears and anxieties, all kinds of illnesses, enemies, accidental and unexpected deaths, and all kinds of perils.

Uma Haimavathi  Devi Mahadevi  Maheshvari | Aja Dhoomra  Suroopaika  Vishvasu Vishvadharini ||

ShivA Bhagavathi Bhadhra  Prakrithi Vikrithi: Krithi: | Anantha Anadhir Avyaktha  Dhurgapara Dhurathyaya ||

Swadha  Svaha  Sudha Pushti: Sukha Soma Swaroopini | Thushtir Nidhra  Vishnumaya  Jathirdheeshchethana  Chithi: ||

Matha Shanthi: Kshama Shradhdha Hreer Vriththir  Vyapini  Smrithi: | Shakthisthrishna  Kshudha  Bhranthi: Kanthi: Cchaya  Rama Dhaya ||

Bhavani Rajasi Srishtir Mridani Saththviki Sthithi: | Rudrani Thamasi Mrithyu: Sharvani Thriguna Para ||

Krishna Lakshmi: Kamadhenur Arya  Dhakshayani Sathi | Ganeshajanani Durga Parvathi  Bhramacharini ||

Gambheeranadhavadhanda  Kooshmanda  Shanmukhaprasu: | Kathyayani Kalarathri Gauri Siddhipradhayini ||

Aparnna  Thapasi Bala  Kanya  Kantharacharini | Maharshisthutha  Charithra  Thrinethra  Ardhangabhagini ||

Ramaneeyathama Rajji Rajathadhrinivasini | Geervana  Maulimanikya  Neerajithapadhambhuja ||

Sarvagamasthuthopasya  Vidhya Thripurasundhari | Kamalathma  cchinnamastha  Mathangi Bhuvaneshvari ||

Thara Dhoomravathi Kali Bhairavi  Bagalamukhi | Anullanghyathama  Sandhya Savithri  Sarvamangala ||

Cchandha: Savithri Gayathri  Shruthir Nadhaswaroopini | Keerthaniyathama Keerthi: Pavani Paramambika ||

Usha Devyarushi Maithri Bhasvathi Soonritharjjuni | Vibhavari  Bodhayithri Vajini Vajinivathi ||

Rathri: Payasvini Namra  Dhrithachi  Varuni Kshapa | Himaniveshini Raudhra  Rama  Shyama  Thamasvathi ||

Kapalamalini Ghora  Karala Akhilamohini | Bhramasthutha  Mahakali Madhukaitabhanashini ||

Bhanu Padhangulir Bhramapadha  Pashyarujanghika | Bhoonithamba  Chakramadhya  Sudhakarapayodhara ||

Vasuhasthangulir Vishnudho: Sahasra  Shivanana | Prajapathiratha  Vahninethra  Viththesha Nasika ||

Sandhya Bhruyugala Vayu Shravana  Kalakunthala | Sarvadevamayi Chandi Mahishasuramardhini ||

Kaushiki Dhoomranethri Chandamundavinashini | Rakthabeejaprashamani Nishumbhamadhashoshini ||

Shumbha Vidhvamsini Nandha  Nandhagokulasambhava | Yekanamsha Murarathibhagini Vindhyavasini ||

Yogeeshvari Bhakthavashya  Susthani Rakthadhanthika | Vishala Rakthachamunda  Viprachiththa Nishoodhini||

Shakambari Dhurgamdhni Shathakshya Amrithadhayini | Bheemaika Veera  Bheemasya  Bhramari Runanashini ||

Bhramani Vaishnavi Indhrani Kaumari  Sookaranana | Maheshvari Narasimhi Chamunda  Shivadhoothika ||

Gauri Bhoor Mahitha  Adhithir Devamatha  Dhayavathi | Renuka  Ramajanani Punya Vriddha  Purathani ||

Bharathi  Dhasyujinmatha  Siddha Saumya  Saraswathi | Vidhyuth Vajreshvari  Vrithranashini Bhoothir Acchyutha ||

Dhandini Pashini Shoolahastha  Khadvangadharini | Khadgini Chapini Banadharini Musalayudha ||

Seerayudha Angushavathi Shankhini Chakradharini | Ugra Vairochani Dheeptha Jyeshta  Narayani Gathi: ||

Maheshvari  Vahniroopa Vayuroopa Ambareshvari | Dhyunayika  Sooryaroopa  Niroopa Akhilanayika ||

Rathi: Kameshvari  Radha Kamakshi Kamavardhini | Bandapranashini  Guptha  Thrayambika  Shambukamuki ||

Aralaneelakunthala  Sudhamshu Sundharanana | Praphulla Padmalochana PravalaLohithadhara ||

Thila Prasoonanasika  Lasathkapola Dharpana | Anangachapajjillika  Smithapahasya Mallika ||

Vivasvadhindhu Kundala  Saraswathi Jithamritha | Samanavarjitha Shruthi: Samana Kambukandhara ||

Amoolyamalyamanditha  Mrinalacharudhorllatha | Karopameya Pallava  SuropaJeevyasusthani ||

Bisa Prasoonasayakakshurabha Romarajika | Budhanumeya Madhyama  Katithatibharalasa ||

Prasoonasayaka Agama Pravadha  Chunchukanchika | Manoharoru Yugmaka Manoja  Thoona Janghika ||

Kvanathsuvarnna Hamsaka  Saroja Sundharanghrika | Mathangajendhra Gamini Mahabala  Kalavathi ||

Shuddha Buddha  Nisthula  Nirvikara  Sathya Nithya Nishprapancha Nishkalanka | Ajja Prajja  Nirbhava  Nithyamuktha Dhyeya  Jjyeya  Nirguna  Nirvikalpa ||

Agamabdhilodanena  Sarabhoothamahritham  Shailaputhrikabhidha Shathathrayamritham Maya |Ye Bhajanthi Sooryastharanthi They  Mahath Bhayam Rogajam Cha Vairijam Cha Mrithyujam Sarvajam ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||