Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 9 July 2018

Sri Krishnasthothram – Sri Bhramavaivarththapuranam – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Sri Narayana speaks “  Lord Krishna who is supreme spirit, he is most desirable, he is supreme bliss, he is the provider of abundance of boons, he is most venerable, he is the source of happiness and welfare, he is the cause and cause of all the great causes as well, he represents Karma and cause of Karma as well, he symbolizes extreme penances and he is the fruit of extreme austerities and vows, he is eternal, he is supreme ascetic, he symbolizes asceticism, I shall meditate upon supreme Lord Krishna who has the complexion of freshly formed dark clouds, he is contented, he has most mesmerizing features, he is sinless, he is most desirable, he eradicates excessive lust and desires, he is the source of desire, he is Sarveshvara who resides as soul in living beings, he is the seed for living as well as non-living things, he is supreme spirit, he symbolizes Veda, he is the seed of Veda, he represents the fruit of Vedic rituals, he is the end result of Vedic rituals, he is perceivable through Veda, he resides in Veda and he represents the divisions and pronunciation of it.”  It was composed by Paramathman Lord Narayana who is majestically seated on the gem decorated throne, whoever reads or listens to it thrice a day during the hours of dawn, noon and dusk would be relieved from sins, childless couple would be blessed with virtuous offspring, bridegroom would attain appropriate bride, King who lost his kingdom would attain the lost glories, people who lost their wealth would regain their wealth, worshiper would be freed from imprisonment and extreme perils, and  all kinds of severe illnesses.

Sri Narayana Uvacha –

 Varam Varenyam Varadham Vararham Varakaranam | Karanam Karananam Cha Karma  Thath Karmakaranam ||

Thapasthathphaladham Shashvath Thapsveesham Cha Thapasam | Vandhe Navaghanashyamam Swathmaramam Manoharam||

Nishakamam Kamaroopam Cha Kamaghnam Kamakaranam | Sarve  Sarveshvaram Sarvabeejaroopam Anuththamam ||

Vedharoopa Vedhabeejam Vedhokthaphaladham Phalam | Vedajjam Thadhvidhanam Cha Sarvavedavidhamvaram ||

Ithyuktha Bhakthyukthashcha  Sa Uvacha Thadhajjya | Rathnasimhasane Ramye Puratha: Paramathmana: ||

Narayanakritham Sthothram Ya; Paden Susamahitha: | Thrisandhyam Ya: Padennithyam Papam Thasya Na  Vidhathe ||

Puthrarthi Labathe Puthram Bharyarthi Labathe Priyam | Bhrashtarajyo Labeth Rajyam Dhanam Bhrashta Dhano Labeth ||

Karagare Vipathgrastha: Sththrenanena Muchyathe | Rogathpramuchyathe  Rogi Varsha Shruthva  Cha Samyatha: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana||