Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 3 April 2017

Sri Jagannatha Sahasranama Sthothram – Bhrama Puranam – Lyrics and meanings 61 – 7o

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Lord Jagannatha who guides us through the righteous path, he is supreme Lord who dwells as soul in living being and he is protector of living beings, he steals the hearts mind, and thoughts of the worshiper, he has charming/pleasing disposition, he lures the heart of the worshiper, he symbolizes Bhramin, he is Prabhu who guides the senses of Bhramins, he is Sureshvara who embodied as  Thripadha/sacred syllables, Urdhva,  and Virata, he is Parathpara whose lotus feet is beyond perception or description, he is seated on thousands of petaled lotus flower, he symbolizes absolute Bhramam which represents all philosophies that are difficult to distinguish, he is closest companion of living beings in the Universe, he is omniscient, he is the cause for the origin of Lord Bhrama, Bhramin/Vipra originated from his effulgent face, Kshathriya/Raja from his powerful arms, Vaishyas from his attractive thighs, and Shudhras from his marvelous feet, it is a continous process too, he is intellectual/scholar and renowned, he established Varnnashrama, he is all pervading, he is adorned in various ornaments all over his body, he is eternal, he represents Varnna and all deeds, he represents validation for Shraddha rituals /homage to please the ancestors, he represents Bhrama, he is pleasing, he is the enemy of Shambarasura, he is the essence of Veda, he symbolizes virtues and merit, he ensures the prevalence of Sathvik qualities, he is the cause for the origin of Universe and its living beings, he is the Lord of living beings and protector as well, he is omnipresent, he always function for the welfare of  all living beings, he is promising and favourable to all living beings, he is eternal, he is divine personified, he is Baduka/form of Lord Shiva, he proposes all the actions, he is too compassionate, he undertakes strict meditation, he is the provider of pieties and wealth to the worshiper, he is the source of actions, he is the destroyer of the Universe and its living beings, he always dwells in the mountain peaks of Neeladhri, he is embodied as mountain peaks, he is Purandhara/Lord Indhra, Lord Shiva, Lord Agni, and destroyer of strongholds, he is personified as Nara and Narayana, he is pure and promising.

Sadhgathi: Paramo Hamso Jeevathma  Jananayaka: | Manash Chinthyash Chiththahari Manojja  Cha Paradhika : ||

Bhramano Bhramajatheenam Indhriyanam  Gathi: Prabhu: | Thripadhadh Oordhava Sambhootho Virat  Chaiva Sureshvara: ||

Parathpara: Para: Padha: Pankajasya; Kamalasana: | Nana Sandheha  Vishayas Thathva  Jnanabhinirvritha : ||

Sarvash Cha  Jagadhbandhur  Manojajjatha  Karaka: | Mukha Sambootha  Vipras Thu Bahu Sambootha Rajaka: ||

Varo Vaishya: Padhobhootha: Shoodhro Nithyopanithyaka: | Jnani Mani Varnnadhash Cha Sarvadha: Sarva Bhooshitha: ||

Anadhivarnna Sandheho Nanakarma Paristhitha: | Shradhdhadhi Dharma  Sandheho Bhramadheha: Smithanana: ||

Shambararir Vedapathi: Sukrith: Sathyavardhana: | Sakalam Sarvabhoothanam Sarvadhatha  Jaganmaya: ||

Sarvabhootha Hithaishi Cha Sarva Pranihitheratha: | Sarvadha Dhehadhari  Cha Badako Baduka: Sadha||

Sarvakarma  Vidhatha  Cha Dhyanadha: Karunathmaka: | Punya  Sampathi Dhatha Cha  Kartha Harththa  Thathaiva Cha ||

Sadha Neeladhrivasi  Cha  Nathasyash Cha Purandhara: | Naro Narayano Devo Nirmalo Nirupadhrava: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||