Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sri Chandhrashekhara Saraswathi Sahasranama Sthothram/Sri Paramacharya Sahasranama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings – 52 – 61

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before Sadhguru Sri Chandhrashekhara who resided in the sacred shrine of Lord Vishwanatha of  Kashi and performed veneration of Linga, he stayed in the famous shrine of Thiruvannamala/Agnikshethram, observed austerities and performed veneration of Sri Unnamalai Arunachaleshvara, he is fond of visiting numerous shrines,  he had visited numerous shrines of  various  deities and performed veneration of Linga, he is fond of bathing in sacred rivers and ponds, various ponds and rivers were cleaned up and protected under his strict instruction, he strictly observe silence for several days, his movements are too swift, he  immerses in  righteous deeds, he is the provider of Dharma/righteousness, Artha/wealth, Kama/desires and ultimately Moksha/ liberation from repeated births, he carries Dhanda, he is the protector of distressed people and he is the provider of boons, he is greatest cure for the people afflicted with illnesses, he is eminent scholar in Veda and Vedantha, he conducts marvelous speeches on  sacred Veda and scriptures, he is the protector of Veda, he symbolizes auspiciousness and provider of auspiciousness to worshiper, he is storehouse of endless virtues, he represents divine cow Kamadhenu who yields all the desires of the worshiper, he is very affectionate to his worshiper, he is pure, he is supreme ascetic, he eradicates extreme perils and miseries of the worshiper, he eradicates arrogance and haughtiness in worshiper, he is Jagathprabhu who is worshiped by the whole world, he is most celebrated, he is the protector of his worshiper, he is the source of happiness in the world, he is beloved of Shiva, Shivaa, and Vishnu, he finds immense pleasure in the veneration of lotus feet of Goddess Kamakshi, he is fond of performance of dance and music, he takes immense delight in playing Veena, he have vast knowledge in the fields of arts , science, history, geography etc.. he is fearless, he is powerful, he have thin stature, he is fond of anointing sacred ashes on the body, he is absolute truth, he strictly follows truth and vow of promises, he symbolizes righteousness, he immerses in the righteous deeds, he strictly follows the righteous deeds and inspires his worshiper to follow the same, he represents appreciation and contentment, he always works for the welfare of his worshiper, he symbolizes fortune, he has great powers and enthusiasm, he has great velocity of thought, he is very efficacious, he is great ascetic who undertakes severe austerities and penance for the welfare of Universe  and its living beings, he is easily attainable for the virtuous and pious people, he follows strict disciplines and vows, he is the provider of boons to his worshiper, he is affectionate father to his worshiper, he is  prime object/reason for life of his worshiper, he is universal friend, he is skillful in all art forms, 

Kashikshethranivasam Cha Lingapoojacharchana Niratha: |Agnikshethre Nivasam Cha Sri Unnamalai Arunachaleshvara Nishevitha ||

Anyakshethradevatha Samsevya Lingapoojarchana Priya: |Theerthapriya Theerthasamrakshana Priyam Gurum ||

Mounin Vegin Dharmaniratha Dharmarthakama Mokshadha |Dhandin Dhainyajanarakshaka: Sakalavarapradha: ||

Vaidhya: Vedavedantha Panditha: Vedajihva Vedaparipalaka |Kalyanaroopa: Kalyana: Kalyanagunasamshraya: ||

Bhakthakalyanadha Bhakthakamadhenu Bhakthavathsala: |Pavana: Pavaka Ghorapathaka Vidhvamsi Madhapaha: ||

Jagadhprabhu Jagathswamin Jagadhvandhya Janardhana: |Jagadhanandhaka  Shivapriya Shivaapriya Vishnupriya Kamakshipadhapoojanapriya: ||

Nadanapriya: Sangeetha Priya:  Veena Vadhyapriya: Sarvakala Visharadha |Dheera: Veera: Krishagathra Vibhoothipriya ||

Sathyavakhya:  Dharmaveththa Sathyaviththama |Dharmavan Dharmanipuna  Dharma Dharmapravarthaka: ||

Krithajja: Krithakrithyathma : Krithakrithya Krithagama | Mahabhagin  Mahothsaha Manovega Mahabala ||

Mahathapsvin Sulabha: Dhridachari  Varada: Guru: |Manojava Jeevahethu: Lokabandhu Kaladhara ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||