Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Friday, 19 May 2017

Sri Parashurama Sahasranama Sthothram – Agni Puranam – Lyrics and meanings 41 – 50

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Lord Parashurama who have great stature with broad chest, vigorous/mighty, powerful, great sheath, he is the commander of living beings with  most excellent features and marvelous  head/Mahamoordha, great ears, and great jaw lines, he has great frame, great signs, great teeth, and great face, he is most valorous and exceptionally brave, he is the provider of wealth and greatest treasures to worshiper, he is worshiped by Yama/Kala, he has the resemblance to great rain clouds, he have great voice and supreme radiance, he symbolizes auspiciousness and prosperity, he is great worshiper of Lord Shiva and sincere follower of  philosophies and faith of Lord Shiva, he is the annihilator of the clan of Haihayana, he represents planets, he is wielded in powerful weapons of Vajra, he is accompanied by illustrious sages and Rishis, he is the source of fruitful performance of duties and responsibilities, he symbolizes Panchavimshathi Thathva, he is eminent, he is preceiptable for the virtuous, he is the commander of the world, he have great roaring voice, he is Kalayogi and very powerful too, he is devoid of passion and worldly affirs, he is immeasurable/unfathomable, he is valorous who performs gallant tasks  and wise/skilled, he is eulogized by Veda and sacred scriptures, he is highly confidential and explores through the air, he is immortal and Lord of Rishis and Sages, he is Suresha who is Lord of Lords, he is the safest haven, he is supreme bliss, he symbolizes Shabdhabhramam, he is the source of liberation from worldly bondage and liberation from repeated births as well, he is unblemished/sinless, he is pure and serene, he eradicates trepidations and anxieties in worshiper, he is pure who is purifier of souls, he is the source of auspiciousness and prosperity, he is the enemy of  Sahasrabhuja, he is the provider of virtuousness, he symbolizes Siddhis and provider of the same, he have four powerful arms, he is Mahadeva/mighty Lord, he have great stature with broad chest, he is Janeshvara who is the Lord of people, he symbolizes precious gem which has intense luster, he is the safest ferry to cross the ocean of samsara/benevolent, energetic, he symbolizes auspiciousness, virtues, fortune, and happiness, he caused affliction to Karthaveerya, he is Rama who is elder brother to Lakshmana and he was relentlessly served by Lakshmana, he is Nara and Narayana as well, he is most desirable, he is divine personified with great effulgence, he doesnot require any support system, he is embodied as divine fish and he is most desirable to worshiper.

Mahavaksha  Mahaujashacha Mahakosho Mahajana: | Mahamoordha Mahamathro Mahakarna  Mahahanu: ||

Vrukshakaro Mahakethur Mahadhamshtro Mahamukha: | Yekabveero Mahaveero Vasudha: Kalapoojitha: ||

Mahamedhaninadhi Cha Mahaghosho Mahadhyuthi: | Shaiva: Shaivagamachari Haihayanam Kulanthaka: ||

Sarvagruhamayo Vajri Bahula: Karmasadhana: | Kami Kapi: Kamapala: Kamadeva: Krithagama: ||

Panchavimshathi Thathvajja: Sarvajja: Sarvagochara: | Lokanetha  Mahanadha: Kalayogi Mahabala: ||

Asangheyo Aprameyathma Veeryakridh Veeryakovidha: | Vedavandhyo Viyathgoptha Sarvamara Muneeshvara: ||

Suresha: Sharanam Sharma  Shabdhabhrama Sathamgathi: | Nirllepo Nishprapanchathma  Nirvyagro Vyagranashana : ||

Shudhadh: Pootha: Shivarambha: Sahasrabhujajith Hari: | Niravadhya Padhopaya: Sidhadheedha: Siddhidha Sadhana: ||

Chathurbhujo Mahadevo Vyoodorasko Janeshvara: | Dhyuthimanis Tharanir Dhanya: Karthaveerya Balapaha ||

Lakshmanagraja Vandhyashcha Naro Narayana: Priya: | Yekam Jyothir  Nirathango Mathsyaroopi Janapriya: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||