Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sri Parashurama Sahasranama Sthothram – Agni Puranam – Lyrics and meanings 51 – 60

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Lord Parashurama who has pleasant disposition, gracious, charismatic, he has subtle form, he is embodied as Koorma/giant tortoise and Varaha/wild boar, he is all pervading,  he is manifested as Narasimha/half lion and half man, he is Lord Vishnu personified as Madhusoodhana/slayer of demon Madhu, he is unconquerable, he is omnipresent and dwells as prana in living beings, he is transcendental, he is flawless, he represents sculptor, he is the destroyer of wicked, he is supremely attractive, he is glorious and deserved to be praised, he is fond of eulogized by sacred hymns, he is personified as Vedavyasa, he is serene, he is personified as Buddha who is calm, he is unblemished, he has sathvik disposition, he is Paramarthaguru, he is divine, he guides us to cross the ocean of Samsara, he represents sentiments/fluid, water, he takes immense delight in the Rasa, he is the essence of Universe and its living beings, he is ornamented with Vasuki,  he is Krishna who is dark blue complexioned, he is fervent devotee of Krishna, he is valorous, he is beyond illusion, he is devoid of jealous or envy, he is Maheshvara, he is Mahibhartha who is the consort of Bhudevi, he is personified as Shakalya, he is the consort of Sharvari/twilight, he is spiritual essence, he is initiated the science of archery and useage of armaments to Karna, he is the commander of deities, he is the destroyer of enemies of deities, he is most favorable   to meditate, he is Lord of Dhathri, he is pleasant, he is Thribhuvaneshvara/Lord of three worlds, he is the commander of Karma/deeds, he does not require any support system, he is most desirable/amiable, he provides fruits of righteous deeds, he is Vishampathi who is visible as well as invisible, he has subtle as well as colossal form too, he is Thrilokathma/embodied as three worlds and Thrilokesha/Lord of three worlds, he is Jagannatha who is the Lord of the Universe, he is Janeshvara who is the Lord of subjects, he is absolute Bhramam, he represents supreme ascetic, Rudra, he is preserver as well as destroyer, he is Chathurmukha/four-faced as well, he is modest, he is devoid of ego, he symbolizes auspiciousness, he is born in the illustrious clan of Bhrigu, he is pious, he is Vidhatha, he immerses in the meditation, he dwells in the peaks of Kailasa, he is Bhraman, he is fond of Bhramins who are in pursuit of knowledge of Bhramam and sincere follower of Bhraminic rite, he symbolizes object of desire and he is harmful too , he is Mahakosha who have great sheath, he is most excellent/pre-eminent, he is  most splendid/supreme Lord, he is the source of auspiciousness.

Supreetha: Sumukha: Sookshma: Koormo Varahakas Thatha | Vyapako Narasimhashcha Balajin Madhusoodhana: ||

Aparajitha: Sarvasaho Bhooshano Bhoothavahana: | Nivruththa: Samvruththa: Shilpi Kshudhraha Nithyasundhara: ||

Sthavya: Sthavapriya: Sthotha Vyasamoorthir  Anakula: |Prashantha Buddhdheera Akshudhra: Sarva Sathvavalambana: ||

Paramarthagurur Devo Mali Samsarasarathi: | Raso Rasajja: Sarajja: Kanganikritha Vasuki: ||

Krishna: Krishnasthutho Dheero Mayatheetho Vimathsara: |Maheshvaro Mahabhartha Shakalya: Sharvaripathi: ||

Thadastha: Karnadheekshadha: Suradhyaksha: Surariha | Dhyeyo Agradhuryo Dhathrisho Ruchis Thribhuvaneshvara: ||

Karmadhyaksho Niralamba: Sarvakamya: Phalapradha | Avyakthalakshano Vyaktho Vyaktha Avyaktho Vishampathi: ||

Thrilokathma  Thrilokesha  Jagannatho Janeshvara: | Bhrama Hamsashcha Rudrashcha Sthrashta  Hartha Chathurmukha: ||

Nirmadho Nirahankaro Bhruguvamshodhdhvaha: Shubha: | Veda Vidhatha  Dhruhino Devajjo Devachinthana: ||

Kailasashikharavasi  Bhramano Bhramanapriya : | Artho Anartho Mahakosho Jyeshta: Shreshta: Shubhakrithi: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||