Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 5 March 2018

Sri Mahakala Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram - Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall repeatedly  prostrate before supreme Lord Mahakala who is Boothanatha/Lord of living beings, he is Lord of spirits, he is Kalakala who is beyond time/won over death, he is Rudra who is beloved of Kalika, he is formidable, I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Bhairava who is the protector of the sacred shrine Kashi, he symbolizes Yaksha, he represents ten directions, he is extremely dreadful who quivers the Earth with his deed, he is Samharamoorthi who destroys the sins of the worshiper, he causes mass destruction at the end of each Yuga, he is adorned in magnificent crown, he has attractive matted hair locks, he is adorned in crescent  moon on matted hair locks, he has long stature, he has distorted nails, unique unshaven face which gives out dreadful appearance, he eradicates severe sins of the worshiper, I shall always prostrate before the supreme Lord Mahakala Bhairava who is the protector of sacred shrine of Kashi, he has crimson /reddish brown complexion, he has thin waist line, he has dreadful protruding teeth, he produces boisterous voices, he produces shrieking and alarming roars, he crushed the pride of Yama who tightened the noose on Linga, he is true to his commitments, he crushed the pride of Kamadeva and burnt him into ashes, he is divine personified, he has insatiable tongue which hang out of the mouth, his dreadful face is covered in coils of matted hair locks, he has colossal form, he is adorned in garland of skulls, he is formidable and he has dreadful appearance, his eyes are crimson colored, he is attired in directions as garment, he has the speed of wind, he is kind to the people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he is absolute Bhramam, he destroys enemies and evilness, he is wielded in Gadga, he causes deluge during the end of Yuga and absorbs the whole Universe and its living beings, he has supreme radiance and gigantic stature, he is the source of movement of Kalachakram/Time, he carries out the essential functions of the Universe, he holds Shankha, he has the luster of moon, he has great effulgence, he is flawless and he is  the source of Moksha, he is supreme Lord, he is beyond description, he is highly confidential and remains as unidentified even by the  sacred hymns, he is eternal, he is the Lord of Bhoothaganas who produces deafening sounds to expresses their joy as well as engages in childhood pranks of destructive nature, he holds sword, he consumed toxic poison originated while churning the ocean for nectar of immortality, he has won over death, he has terrible appearance, he has great speed, he is highly inflammable, he represents blazing flame, he produce fierce sounds of Haumkara, he is impenetrable, he produces alarming roars which is capable to quiver the Earth, he represents Siddhi and Yoga, he is storehouse of virtues, he is Lord of Lords, he has pleasing disposition too, he represents Padmanabha, he is Hari and Hara as well, he has Chandhra , Soorya, and Agni as eyes, he is Lord of wealth and auspiciousness, he eradicates extreme fears and anxieties of the worshiper, he is primeval, he has vicious form too, he has the gait of swan, he was displeased by the arrow of Kamadeva, he represents Yoga which leads to liberation from repeated births, he is the leader of Universe and its living beings, he is adorned in marvelous crown, he has attractive matted hair locks, he eradicates worldly bondage of worshiper, he produces the sounds of Danka, he crushed the pride of Lord Kamadeva.

Namo Bhoothanatham Namo Prethanatham| Nama: Kalakalam Nama: Rudramalam | Nama: Kalika Premalolam Karalam| Namo Bhairavam Kashikakshethrapalam ||

Om Namo Yaksharoopa Dhashadhishividhitha | Bhoomikambayamanam Cha  Samharamoorthim||

Shira Mukudajada Chandhrashekharam Dheerghakayam | Vikrithanakhamukhamardharomam Karalam ||

Rakthavarnnam Katikatithathaum Theekshna Damshtram Karalam | Gosha:  Ghatitham Gharjjaram Ghoranadham ||

Dhriditham Jwalitham Kamadhaham Dhivyadheham | Pranamatha Saththam Kashi Kshethrapalam Namami ||

Dheerga Jihva Karalam Dhoomravarnnam Bhaskaram Bheemaroopam | Spudavikatamukham  Rundamalam Ravithamaniyatham Thamranethram ||

Vayuvegam Nathajanasadhayam Bhramasara Parantham | Gadgahastham Thribhuvanavilayam Chala Chalitha Chalitham Bhoomichakram ||

Shankhahastham Shashikaradhavalam Mokshasampoornna Thejam | Mahantham Kulamakulakulam Manthraguptham Su nithyam ||

Bhoothanatham Kilikilikilitham Balakelipradhahanam |  Khadgabhedham Vishamamrithamayam Kalakalam Karalam ||

Kshipravegam Dhahadhahadhahanam Thapthasandheepyamanam | Haumkaranadham Prakatithagahanam Garjithair Bhoomikambam ||

Siddhi Yogam Sakalagunamagam Devadevam Prasannam | Padmanabham Hariharamayanam Chandhrasooryagninethram ||

Aishvaryanatham Sathatham Bhayaharam Poorvadevaswaroopam | Raudhraroopam Hamsayanam Hasithakalahakam Mukthayoga Attahasam ||

Nethraroopam Shiramukuda Jadabadhdha Badhdhagrahastham | Danganatham  Thridhashalatalatam Kamagarvapaharam ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||