Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 12 March 2018

Sri Mahamrithyunjjaya Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Sadhashiva who is eternal bliss, he represents greatest philosophies and resides as soul in living beings,  he represents all sacred hymns, Yanthra and Thanthra, he resides in  Yanthra, he has profound knowledge in all philosophies, he is Rudra initiated from  Bhrama, he is Neelakanda who has bluish throat, he is beloved of Goddess Parvathi, he has Soma, Surya and Agni as eyes, he is smeared in sacred ashes from funeral pyre, he is adorned in gem decorated crown, he is adorned in ornaments decorated in ruby, he is Rudra who performs the task of creation, preservation and destruction of Universe and its living beings, ultimately absorbs the Universe at the end of Yuga, he destroyed the grand Yagna of Dhakshaprajapathi, he is Mahakala who has dreadful appearance, he is the source of Universe and its living beings, he is beyond all philosophies, he is Gangadhara who is adorned in sacred river Ganga on matted hair locks, he is Lord of Lords, he is the essence of Veda and Vedantha, he is the provider of Thrivargaphala, he is the commander of numerous Bhramanda, he is adorned in serpent Anantha and serpents of illustrious clans as ornaments, he is the essence of Pranava, he is eternal bliss, he represents sky, stars and planets, he is all pervading, he is unblemished, he is the source of Universe and living beings, he absorbs the Universe and its living beings at the end of Yuga, he is highly confidential and remains confidential in all doctrines, he is profound in all Vedantha, he is the provider of abundance of boons to Universe, he is the source of auspiciousness to Universe, he is adorned in crescent moon on matted hair locks, he is eternal and pure, mythical, infallible, free from desires and passion, modest, firm, modest, serene, innocent, void of properties, sinless, peaceful, blameless, excellent, and stainless, he is eternal, without any cause, free from afflictions, pure, he is absolute truth, he is free from worldly attachment, independent, free from jealousy,  he does not require any support system, he is free from illnesses, wrath, explores at his own will, free from fear and anxieties, free from changes, he is uninterrupted, he is supreme spirit, he is incomparable, certain, and pure, he has various incarnations and remains formless too, he is eternal, pure, enlightened, and flawless, he is supreme bliss, he is not perceivable through senses, he is extremely serene, he has supreme effulgence, he represents supreme brilliance, he is Maharaudhra who is wrathful, he symbolizes auspiciousness, he is Mahabhairava, he brings end to Kalpa, he is adorned in garlands of skulls, he is wielded in Gadga, Pasham, Angusha, Damaru, Thrishoola, Chapa, Bana, Gadha, Shakthi, Bindhi, Thaumara, Musala, Mudhgara, Pattasi, Parashu and Parigha, Bhushundi, Shathagni, Chakrayudha, he has dreadful appearance and thousands of faces, he produces defeaning and alarming voices, he represents Bhramanda, he is adorned in Nagendhra as earrings, he is adorned in serpents as ornaments all over the body, he is adorned in the skin of Nagendhra, he is Thryambaka who has three eyes, he is Thripuranthaka who destroyed the demons of the cities of Thripura, he has unique eyes/Viroopaksha, he is Vishveshvara who is the Lord of the Universe, he is embodied as Universe/Vishvaroopa, he is watchful facing all directions, I shall repeatedly prostrate before Mrithyunjjaya who has won over death.

Om Bhagavathe Sadhashivaya Sakalathathvathmane | Sarvamanthraroopa Sarvayanthradhishtitha  Thanthraswaroopine Nama: ||

Thathvavidhoora Neelakanda Parvathipriya Somasooryagni Lochana: | Bhasmodhoolithavigraha Mahamanimakudadharanaya Cha ||

Manikyabhooshana Srishtisthithipralayakala Raudhravathara: | Dhakshadhvaradhvamsaka Mahakalabedhaka: ||

Mooladharaikanilaya Thaththvatheetha Gangadhara | Sarvadevadhidevaya  Vedanthasarayathe Nama: ||

Thrivargasadhana Anekakodi Bhramandanayaka: | Ananthadhi Nagakula Bhooshana Pranavaswaroopa ||

Chithakasha Akashadhiswaroopa Grahanakshathramaline | Sakalaya Kalankarahitha Sakalalokaikakarthre ||

Sakalalokaikasamharthre  Sakalanigamaguhyaya Cha | Sakalavedanthaparaga Sakalalokaikavarapradha: ||

Sakalalokaikashankara  Shashanka Shekharaya Cha | Shashvatha Nijavasa  Nirabhasa Niramaya: ||

Nirllobha Nirmoha Nirmadha Nishchintha Nirahankara: | Nirakula Nishkalamka  Nirguna  Nishkama: ||

Nirupaplava Niravadhya  Niranthara  Nishkarana: | Nirathanka Nishprapancha  Nissanga Nirdhvandha ||

Niradhara Nirogaya  Nishkrodha  Nirgama  Thadha | Nirbhaya  Nirvikalpa  Nirbhedha  Nishkriyaya Cha ||

Nisthula Nissamshaya  Niranjjana  Niroopavibhavaya Cha | Nithya Shuddha  Buddha Paripoornna Nithyathe Namo Nama: ||

Sacchidhanandha Adhrishya  Paramashanthaswaroopa Sadha | Thejoroopa Thejomaya  Maharaudhra  Bhadhravathara: ||

Mahabhairava  Kalpanthaka  Kapalamaladharaya Cha | Gadvanga  Gadga Pashamkushadhara  Damaru Shrishoola Chapadharaya Cha ||

Bana Gadha Shakthi Bindhipaladharaya Cha | Thaumara Musala Mudhgara Dharaya Cha ||

Pattisa  Parashu Parigha Dharaya Cha | Bhushundi Shathaghni Chakrayudhadharaya Cha ||

Bheeshanakara Sahasramukha  Vikata Attahasa Vispharitha | Bhramandamandala  Nagendhrakundala  Nagendhraharaya Cha ||

Nagendhravalaya  Nagendhracharmadhra  Thrayambaka | Thripuranthaka Viroopaksha Vishveshvara Vishvaroopa | Vishvathomukha Vividhaphalapradha Om Sri Mrithyunjjayayathe Nama: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||