Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sri Rama Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who is Ramabadhra and Ramachandhra as well, he is eternal, his attractive eyes has the resemblance to lotus flower petals, he symbolize wealth, he represents King among the Kings, he is illustrious among the clan of Raghu, he is dearest darling of Janaki, he symbolizes victory, he is supreme Lord Vishnu who is unconquerable, he is the protector of Universe and its living beings, he is beloved of Sage Vishvamithra,he is liberal/restraint, he is the protector of virtuous people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he crushed the pride of Vali, he is eloquent, truthful and valorous, he is absolute truth, he follows strict austerities and truth, he is relentlessly served by Hanuman, he is the dearest son of Kausalya, he destroyed demons Khara and  Viradha, he is highly intellectual, he provided shelter to Vibheeshana who is  younger brother of Ravana, he is formidable too, he is wielded in powerful bow Kodhanda, he crushed the pride of ocean and Dhashagreevaha/Ravana, Jamadhagnya/Parashurama, and Thataka, he is the essence of Veda and Vedantha, he is the soul of Veda, he eradicates the miseries and sorrows of worldly existence as an eminent physician, he beheaded the demons Dhooshana and Thrishiras, he represents Lord Bhrama, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshvara, he represents Thrigunas such as Sathvik, Rajasik and Thamasik, he is personified as Thrivikrama/dwarf who measured the whole Universe with the three strides, he is embodied as three worlds, he has endless glorious myths and he is eulogized with his glorious legends, he is the protector of three worlds, he is wielded in powerful bow and arrow, he reinstated peace in the woods of Dhandaka, he liberated Ahalya from the curse, he is extremely devoted to his father, he provides abundance of boons to worshiper, he has won over the senses, he has perfect control over anger, he is supreme Lord Vishnu, he is Universal preceptor, he met the army of Vanaras led by Sugreevah at the Mount Rishyamooka, he resided in a hermitage at Chithrakooda, he restored life of Jayantha, he is constantly served by  Lakshman who is the son of Sumithra, he is worshiped by all the deities, he restored the life of Vanaras who were injured in the battle field, he crushed the pride of illusionist Mareecha, he is mighty Lord who has powerful arms, he is eulogized by all the deities, he has pleasant disposition, he follows strict Bhramanic rites, he is eulogized by illustrious Rishis and Sages, he is Mahayogi, he is too compassionate, he crowned Sugreevah as king of Kishkindha, he symbolizes piousness and kindness, he is primordial, he is absolute Bhramam who is Parampurusha and Mahapurusha as well, he is Puranapurusha and flawless among the men, he has attractive smile on face, he speaks very little and he is polite, he was born in the  illustrious clan of Raghu, he is eternal and  has endless virtues, he is valorous, kind and virtuous, he is divine personified on the Earth, he is worshiped by Lord Mahadeva and all the deities, he constructed grand bridge across the ocean Sethu,  he is victorious, he is embodied as all sacred rivers, he is Hari who has the complexion of dark clouds, he is charismatic, valorous and attired in majestic yellow silk garment, he is wielded in powerful bow and arrow, he is the commander of Yajja, he symbolizes Yajja, he is void of Jara/aging and Maranam/death, he restored the glories of Vibheeshana and crowned him as King of Lanka, he is void of sins and properties, he is Paramathma and Parambhrama as well, he is supreme bliss, he has supreme effulgence,  he is Parathpara and Paresha as well, he has endless fame and he is most celebrated, he is Para who is beyond human intellect, he  is supreme Lord who symbolizes all the deities.

Om Sri Rama Ramabadhraya Ramachandhraya Shashvathe | Rajeevalochanaya Sreemathe Rajendhra Raghupungava ||

Janakivallabha Jaithra Jithamithra Janardhana: |Vishvamithrapriya Dhantha Sharanathrana Thathpara: ||

Valipramathana Vagmin Sathyavache Sathyavikrama: | Sathyavratha Vrathadhara Sadha Hanumathashritha: ||

Kausalyeya Gharadhvamsin Viradhavadha Panditha: |Vibeeshanaparithrathre Harakodhana Khandana ||

Sapthathalabhrabeththe Dhashagreeva Shirohara : | Jagadhagnya Mahadharppadhalana Thadakanthaka: ||

Vedanthasara Vedathma Bhavarogasya Bheshaja: | Dhooshana Thrishirohanthra  Thrimoorthi Thrigunathmaka: ||

Thrivikrama Thrilokathma Punyacharithrakeerthana: | Thrilokarakshaka Dhanvin Dhandakaranya Karththana : ||

Ahalyashapashamana Pithrubhaktha Varapradha: | Jithendhriya Jithakrodha Jithamithra Jagathguru: ||

Rikshavanarasanghathin Chithrakoodasamashraya: | Jayanthathrana Varadha:Sumithraputhrasevitha: ||

Sarvadevadhidevaya Mrithavanarajeevana: | Mayamareechahanthra Mahadeva Mahabhuja: ||

Sarvadevasthutha Saumya Bhramanya Munisamsthutha: | Mahayogin Mahodhara Sugreevavepsitharajyadha ||

Sarvapunyadhikaphala Smrithasarvaghanashana: | Adipurusha Paramapurusha Mahapurusha Punyodhaya ||

Dhayasara Puranapurushoththama | Smithavakthra Mithabhashin Poorvabhashin Raghava ||

Ananthagunagambheera Dheerodhaththa Gunoththama: | Mayamanushacharithra Mahadevadhipoojitha: ||

Sethukrithe Jithavarashin Sarvatheerthamayaya Cha | Haraye Shyamangasundhara Shoora Peethavasase ||

Dhanurdhara Sarvayajjadhipa Yajja Jaramaranavarijjitha | Vibheeshanaprathishtathre Sarvapapagunavarjjitha ||

Paramathma Parambhrama Sacchidhanandhavigraha: | Parasmaijyothishe Parasmaidhamne Parakasha Parathpara: |Paresha Paraga  Para Parasmai Sarvadevathmaka ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||