Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sri Vidhyalakshmi Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Sri Adhilakshmi who is personified as Vidhyalakshmi/Goddess of wisdom and knowledge, she is Vagdevi who is Goddess of excellence in speech, she represents sacred syllables of ‘Aimkara’ , she is Paradevatha who is unblemished, she is Goddess Saraswathi who holds sacred scriptures in one hand, and other hand  in Gnanamudra posture, she is Srividhya, she symbolizes supreme wisdom and knowledge, and Shashthra, she is omniscient who knows past, present and future, she is Mahavidhya and Vani as well, she has endless fame, she is Vijaya and Jaya as well, she represents terminology, Varnna/description, Paravidhya, Kavitha/poetry, she is eternal, she is beyond human intellect, she is beyond doctrines , she is void of properities, she is blameless, pure and honest, she has no specific form, she is void of any changes, she is always pure, she is permanent, she is the ultimate source of liberation from repeated births, she is void of impurities, she is void of fear or pain, she is immaculate, she represents moon and night hours, she is the cause for the function of Universe, she imparts refined knowledge and wisdom, she is supreme Goddess of the Universe and its living beings, she is worshiped according to prescribed rites and she is worshiped by all, she symbolizes storehouse of virtues, she is divine personified as most excellent and virtuous as well, she is silent spectator of the Universe, she is supreme bliss, she is worshiped by the pious people, she represents all the female deities, she lures the Universe with her mesmerizing beauty,  she is void of desires, she eradicates excessive lust and desires in the worshiper, she symbolizes state of happiness, she eradicates miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, she represents Time, she is beyond time, she represents Lord of death, she is embodied as Universe and its living beings, she is supreme Goddess of the Universe, she has no birth, she is void of Jara/aging and Marana/death, she always works for the welfare of Universe and its living beings, she represents Thrigunas such as Swathik, Rajasic and Thamasik, she represents female forces of trinities, she is Adishakthi who cannot be differentiate and she causes the sense of discrimination with her delusion, she represents Shabdhabhramam, she is the source of sounds, she represents sense of touch and she is void of the same, she has magnificent form,  she remains visible as well as non-visible, she symbolizes aroma/sentiments and she is void of the same, she is all pervading, she is great illusionist, she is the essence of Pranava, she is Parameshvari as well, she is the mother of Universe and its living beings, she has personified as mother of deities, she symbolizes sacred syllables of Hreemkara and Omkara, she is personified as Goddess Gayathri who represents  sound/Shabdha and language/Basha, she is embodied as Universe and its living beings, she illuminates the whole Universe with her radiance, she is supreme Goddess who symbolizes Sarvashakthiswaroopini, she eradicates  ignorance and imparts  knowledge and wisdom, she is wise who is worshiped by illustrious Rishis and sages, she is most venerable, she is eulogized by all, she is mounted on celestial vehicle swan, she has beautiful smile on her face, she has pleasing disposition, she resides on the lotus flower, she is very charming, she holds lotus flower on her hand, she is worshiped by illustrious preceptors, she is most pleasing,  she symbolizes all kinds of auspiciousness, she holds Veena and sacred scriptures on her hands.

Om Aim Vidhyalakshmi Vagdevi Paradevatha | Niravadhya  Pusthakahastha  Gnanamudhra Saraswathi ||

Srividhya  Vidhyaroopa  Shasthraroopa Thrikalajjyanaroopini |Mahavidhya  Vanishri Yashasvini  Vijaya Jaya ||

Akshara Varnna  Paravidhya  Kavitha  Nithyabudhdha| Nirvikalpa  Nigamatheetha  Nirguna  Nishprapancha ||

Nishkala Nirmala  Nithya  Nirakara  Nirvikara | Nithyashudhdha Nithyabudhdha Mukthipradha  Nirahangara ||

Nirathanga Nishkalanga Nishkara Nikhilakarini |Nithyajjyanapradhayini  Nikhilandeshvari Nikhilagamavandhitha ||

Gunadya Suguna  Devi Sarvasakshini | Sacchidhanandha  Sajjanapoojitha  Sakaladevi Mohini Mohavarjjitha ||

Mohanashini Ashoka  Shokanashini  | Kala  Kalatheetha  Kalapratheetha Akhila  Akhilandeshvari ||

 Aja Jaramaranavarjjitha Hithakarini  Thriguna | Thrimoorthi Bhedhaviheena  Bhedhakarana ||

Shabdha Shabdhabhrama  Shabdhakarini | Sparsha  Sparshaviheena  Rooparoopa Roopakarini ||

Rasagandhini Rasaviheena Sarvavyapini | Mayaroopini  Pranavalakshmi Parameshvari ||

Matha: Mathruswaroopini Hreemkari Omkarini Shabdhashareerini | Bhasha Bhasharoopa  Gayathri Vishvaroopini ||

Vishva  Thejasvini Prajjya Sarvashakthiswaroopini | Vidhyavidhya  Vidhushi  Muniganarchitha ||

Dhyana  Dhyeya  Hamsavahini Hasithavadhana| Mandhasmitha  Ambujavasini Madhura Padmahastha |Gurujanavandhitha  Suhasini Mangala Veenapusthakadharini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana||