Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Sri Sathyanarayana Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before Lord Sathyanarayana, who is absolute truth, he is supreme soul, he dwells as soul in living being, he is Purusha, he is the Lord of the Universes and its living beings, he is watchful, he witnesses the happenings in the Universe, he symbolizes Yoga and supreme wisdom, he is fond of truthful and  intellectuals, he symbolizes wealth, he has various incarnations to reinstate righteousness on the Earth, he is Prabhu, he is Eshvara, he is source of action who carries out essential functions of the Universe, he is pure and purifier of the Universe, he symbolizes auspiciousness, he is embodied as Universe and its living beings, he is Prajapathi, he is extremely valorous, he symbolizes Siddha, he is Acchyutha who is unconquerable, he is brave, he is supreme consciousness, he symbolizes righteousness, he is absolute truth, he is contented and satisfied, he has embodied as Varaha/wild boar in order to protect the Earth, he is perceivable through intense devotion and faith, he is flawless, he is greatest cure for all the illnesses, he is eternal, he augments righteousness and truthfulness, he symbolizes wealth and prosperity, he is supreme Lord, he is most venerable/splendid, he is extremely valorous, he is wielded in powerful bow Sharnga, he symbolizes supreme intellect, he symbolizes truth, he can be formidable, he symbolizes Time/death, he is too compassionate, he symbolizes Vasu/wealth, he has the complexion of dark clouds, he represents Lord Rudra, Lord Bhrama, and Lord Indhra, he symbolizes nectar and Vedanga, he is clever, he accepts oblation from fire sacrifices, he is pure, he is attainable through intense faith and devotion, he symbolizes absolute truth and wisdom, he resides in the supreme abode, he establishes customs and practices, he represents intellect, he is eulogized by Veda and illustrious Rishis, he symbolizes elixir of nectar, he is a great illusionist, he has most enchanting form, he is the source of happiness to Sura, he symbolize ocean, he undertakes extreme penance, he is valorous like lion, he  represents animals, he is the commander of Universe and its living beings, he ensures the existence of truth, he represents Dikpalaka/Lord of directions, he is wielded in Dhanuss, he has the loveliness of lotus flower, he strictly follows extreme vows, he is Universal preceptor, he ensures dominance of justice, he witnesses all the deeds in the Universe, he is absolute truth, he  bestows all kinds of auspiciousness, he represents Vayu, Vahni/fire,  and rain, he  is supreme bliss, he is supreme Lord, his lotus feet symbolizes wealth and prosperity, he is highly confidential, his each and every limbs represents absolute truth/Udhara/stomach,  Hridhaya/heart, Kamala/Nabhi the place where lotus flower initiated, Hastha/hands, Bahu/arms, Mukham/face, Jihva/tongue, Dhamshtra/line of teeth, Nasika/nose,  Shrotha/ears, Chakshu/eyes, Shirass/head, he is adorned in magnificent crown, he represents sky, he is adorened in various ornaments all over the body, he is wielded in weapons, he is Srivallabha who is beloved of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, he is beyond human intellect, he represents sacred rivers, he is absolute truth, he is beloved of Sathyabhama, he represents planets, he punishes the wicked people with the vicious weapon.

Om Sathyadeva  Sathyathma  Sathyabhootha  Sathpurusha | Sathyanatha  Sathyasakshin Sathyayoga  Sathyajjyana ||

Sathyajjyanapriya Sathyanidhaye Sathyasambhava: | Sathyaprabhu Sathyeshvara  Sathyakarmane  Sathyapavithra ||

Sathyamangala  Sathyagarbha  Sathyaprajapathaye Nama: | Sathyavikrama  Sathyasidhdha Sathyacchutha Sathyaveera ||

Sathyabodha  Sathyadharma  Sathyagraja  Sathyasamthushta: | Sathyavaraha  Sathyaparayana  Sathyapoornna  Sathyaushadha: ||

Sathyashashvatha Sathyapravardhana  Sathyavibhave  | Sathyajyeshta  Sathyashreshta  Sathyav ikramine Nama: ||

Sathyadhanvine  Sathyamedha  Sathyadheesha  Sathyakrathave | Sathyakala Sathyavathsala  Sathyavasave  Sathyamegha ||

Sathyarudhra Sathyabhramane  Sathyamritha Sathyavedanga | Sathyachathurathmane  Sathyabhokthre  Sathyashuchaye  Sathyarjjitha: ||

Sathyendhra  Sathyasangara Sathyasvarga  Sathyaniyama | Sathyamedha  Sathyavedhya  Sathyapeeyusha  Sathyamaya ||

Sathyamoha  Sathyasuranandha  Sathyasagara: | Sathyathapase  Sathyasimha  Sathyamriga  Sathyalokapalaka: ||

Sathyasthitha  Sathyadhikpalaka  Sathyadhanurdhara: | Sathyambuja  Sathyavakhya  Sathyagurave  Sathyanyayathma ||

Sathyasakshine  Sathyasamvritha  Sathyasampradha | Sathyavahnaye  Sathyavayuve  Sathyashikhara Sathyanandha ||

Sathyadhiraja  Sathyasreepadha  Sathyaguhya  Sathyodhara | Sathyahridhaya  Sathyakamala  Sathyanala Sathyahastha ||

Sathyabhahave  Sathyamukha  Sathyajihva  Sathyadhaumshtra | Sathyanasika  Sathyashrothra Sathyachakshushe  Sathyashirase ||

Sathyamukuda  Sathyambara  Sathyabharana  Sathyayudha | Sathyasrivallabha  Sathyaguptha  Sathyapushkara  Sathyadhidha |Sathyabhamavathara  Sathyagraharoopi Sathyapraharanayudha: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||