Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sri Rama Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before Lord Rama who is the source of happiness to the Universe, he is victorious, he is dearest darling of Goddess Janaki, he was born in the illustrious clan of Ikshvaku/Suryavamsha, he is the Lord of Kings, he has marvelous appearance, he is worshiped by Suras, he has pleasing disposition, he is source of happiness to the whole Universe,  he is the source of happiness of Amara/immortals/deities, he  has personified on Earth, he is flawless, he is blameless/sinless, he is worshiped by Suras and Asuras as well, he liberates soul from repeated births, he has most desirable face, he talks pleasantly and always surrounded by illustrious Rishis and Sages, he is Govinda who symbolizes perpetual bliss, he is youthful, he eradicates miseries and perils, he strictly follows vow, he is inseparable from consort Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, he is vigilant and he is the destroyer of enemies with the speed of wind, he is all pervading, he resides in the heart of virtuous people, he is the protector of numerous army of monkeys, he has the luster of precious gem Indhraneela, he has Surya and Chandhra as eyes, he is immeasurable, he is eloquent, he represents all the deites, he is pure, he reclines on the serpent Anantha in the milky ocean, he is safest heaven even to the people belongs to the enemy clan,  who are surrendered at his lotus feet/Vibheeshana Sharanagathi, his lotus feet are capable to remove severe sins/Ahalyashapamoksham, he is the protector of Universe and its living beings, he is munificent who showers abundance of boons, he is serene,  he is the Lord of Janakaja/daughter of King Janaka, he is Varada who is the provider of boons and Lord of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, he is the source of happiness in the whole Universe, he is the cause for Creation, preservation and destruction of the Universe and its living beings at the end of Yuga, he is copious who fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, he has great stature, he is younger brother of Lord Indhra who is the consort of Devi Sachi, he  inspired the deities for churning of milky ocean for nectar of immortality and he has embodied as giant tortoise to make the process successful, he has endless glorious myths which augments devotion, he resides in the ocean like heart of virtuous people, he traveled on the majestic Pushpakavimana after the vicious battle with the demon Ravana, he crushed the pride of wicked demons, he is eternal and he has no birth, he is the essence of Pranava, he represents Purahara/Lord Shiva, Sarojabhava/Lord Bhrama, and Keshava as well, he destroyed the enemies of Indhra, he is extremely compassionate to worshiper who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he is most charming, he is void of passion, he is the essence of greatest philosophies and sacred texts, he is wielded in powerful bow and arrows, he crushed the arrogance of demons, he is Puranapurusha who is the Lord of Thyagaraja, he is the son of King Dhasharatha, he is the safest heaven and protector of people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he destroyed the demons Khara, Viradha and Ravana, he is the destroyer of wicked people, he is most desirable, he is store house of virtues, his lotus feet has the luster of Aruna, he has endless fame, he is most sought-after by the intellectuals and resides in the heart of poets, he is surrounded by illustrious Rishis and Sages and Suras, he is the source of wealth and prosperity, he holds Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi on his chest, he has the luster of moon, he symbolizes piousness, all the auspiciousness to Puranapurusha/primeval who is  Ramabhadhra.

Om Jagadhanandhakaraka  Jaya Janakiprananayaka | Gaganadhipasathkulaja Rajarajeshvara  Sugunakara ||

 Surasevya  Bhavyadhayaka Sakalajagathanandhadhayaka | Jaya  Janakiprananayaka  Amaratharakanichaya Kumudhahitha ||

Paripoornna Anagha  Surasurapoojaya  Dhadhi Payodhivasaharana | Sundharatharavadhana  Sudhamayavacho Bhrindha ||

Govindha Sanandhavarajara Apathnivarana | Nigama Neerajamrithaposhaka Animishavairivaridha Sameerana ||

Gagathuranga Sathkavihridhayalaya Aganitha Vanaradhipanathaghriyuga | Indhraneelamanighanasannibha Sooryachandhranayana : ||

Aprameya  Vageendhrajanaka Sakaleshvara | Shubhra  Nagendhrashayana Shamanavairisannutha ||

Padhavijithamaunishapa  Sarvaparipalana  Varamanthragrahanalola | Paramashanthachiththa  Janakajadhipa ||

Sarojabhavavaradha  Akhilajaganandhakaraka | Shrishtisthithyanthakaraka Amitha Kamithaphaladhayaka ||

Asamanagathra  Shachipathinutha Abdhimadhaharana | Anuraga Raga Rajitha  Kathasarahithaya ||

Sajjanamanasabdhi Sudhakara  Kusumavimanasancharana | Asuraganamadhaharana Sanathana Aja ||

Omkarapanjjarakeera  Purahara Sarojabhava Keshava | Vasavaripujanakanthaka  Kaladhara  Ghrinakaraka ||

Sharanagathapalana  Ramaneeya  Nirvikara  Nigamasara| Karadhrithasharajala  Asuramadhapaharana ||

Puranapurusha Sri Thyagarajanutha  Nripathmaja | Ashrithaparadheena  Khara Viradha Ravana Viravana ||

Parasharamanohara Aganithagunasampanna  Arunabasamanacharana | Aparamahimne  Adhbhutha  Su Kavijanahrithsadhana ||

Suramuniganavihitha Sreekara Sreedhara Chandhrayamala Thejase | Punyasheela Puranapurusha Ramabhadhraya Mangalam ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||