Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Bakaradhi Sri Buddhashtoththarashathanama Sthothram - Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Vishnu who has personified as Buddha, he is the source of delight of wise, learned and intellectuals,  he symbolizes supreme intellect and Shatka, he imparts the knowledge of wisdom, he is beloved of wise people, he imparted the knowledge of Adhwaithasamhitha, he imparts the knowledge of self to the ignorant, he symbolizes supreme wisdom and knowledge, he symbolizes learned, he augment intellect, he is shelter place of intellectuals, he resides in the intellect, he is Budheshvara who symbolizes supreme intellect, he is most desirable to virtuous who yearn for the knowledge of Bhramam, he is Vapu who dwells in the woods like intellect of living beings, he explores through the intlect blissfully, he shines in the intellect, he is beloved of intellectuals, he lures the heart of intellectuals, wise, scholarly,  and learned people, he purifies the intellect of the virtuous, he is the  safest shelter place of  intellectuals, he is  Lord of intellect, he is the companion of intellectuals, he is the provider of wisdom and knowledge, he is closely related to intellectuals, he represents  intellect of the living beings, he witnesses all the happenings in the Universe, he is eminent and highly scholastic, he has various manifestations, he is store house of virtues, he represents illusion, he undertakes all the functions of the Universe, he takes immense pleasure in the richness and wealth, he is highly respectable, he has numerous sacred names, he is the provider of all kinds of auspiciousness, happiness and wealth, he enlightens the souls, he is supreme preceptor, he symbolizes auspiciousness, he is the provider of abundance of auspiciousness, he is absolute Bhramam, he has embodied as the woods of Brindhavan, he performed various pastimes in the sacred Brindavan, he symbolizes auspiciousness, courage, prowess,  and valor, he has  supreme radiance, he is supreme ascetic, he symbolizes richness and wealth, and righteousness, he is the conqueror of world, he eradicates worldly existence, he is the safest asylum of people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he is eulogized by Devaguru Bhrihaspathi, Bhrama and all the deities, he is  Lord of Bhrama, he is the Lord of Bhramanda as well, he is mighty Lord who is resplendent, he is eagerly works for the welfare of Universe and its living beings, he is dearest companion of Balabadhra, Subadhra, and living beings as well, he causes deluge at the end of Yuga, he is all pervading, he represents sense organs, he is not attainable for the wicked, he has the complexion of rain cloud, he is supreme spirit, he has the eyes resembles to Bisapushpa/lotus flower petals,  he has wide  chest, he takes immense pleasure in the various pastimes, he has supreme abode Sri Vaikundham, he is beloved of all, he is very contented, he is absolute Bhramam, he is omnipresent, he  undertakes the functions of the Universe, he breed the knowledge of Adhvaitha, he established Varnnashrama, he eradicated the classifications, he is mysterious, he is ocean of Rasas, he is forbearing, he is extremely compassionate, he sincerely follows disciplines, he is fond of fire sacrifices, he is surrounded by numerous disciples, he is void of sufferings or pain, he is extremely kindhearted, he was troubled by the trap of enemies, he imparted knowledge of righteousness, he gave lot of speeches revealing the true knowledge,  I shall surrender at the lotus feet of supreme Lord, he is absolute Bhramam who is beloved of Dhvija,  he is eulogized by Bhrama, he is the creator of Bhrama, he is the companion of Bhramanda, he is absolute Bhramam.

Budhdho  Budhajananandhi Budhdhiman Bauddhichodhana: | Budhapriyo Budhashatko Bodhithadhvaithasamhitha: ||

Buddhidhooro Bodharoopo Buddhsarvo Budhanthara: | Budhdhikrith Buddhivith Buddhir Buddhibhith Buddhisathbudha: ||

Buddhyalayo Buddhilayo Buddhigamyo Budheshvara: | Buddhyakamo Buddhavapur Buddhibhoktha Budhavana: ||

Buddhiprathigathanandho Buddhimudh Buddhibasaka: | Buddhipriyo Buddhyavashyo Buddhishodhi Budhashaya: ||

Buddhishvaro Buddhisakho Buddhidho Buddhibandhava: | Buddhinirmithabhoothaugho Buddhisakshi Budhoththama: ||

Bahuroopo Bahuguno Bahumayo Bahukriya: | Bahubhogo Bahumatho Bahunama Bahupradha: ||

Budhetharavaracharyo Bahubhadhro Bahupradha: | Bhrindharakavano Bhrama Bhramadhooshanakaithava: ||

Bahuaishvaryo Bahubalo Bahuveeryo Bahuprabha: | Bahuvairagyabaritho Bahushri Bahudharmavith ||

Bahulokajayi Bandhamochako Badhithasmara: | Bhrihaspathigurur Bhramasthutho Bhramadhinayaka: ||

Bhramandanayako Bhradhnabasvaro Bhramathathpara: | Balabhadhrasakho Badhdhasubhadhro Bahujeevana: ||

Bahubhug Bhairanthastho Bahirindhriyadhurgama: | Balahakabho Badhacchidh Bisapushpabhalochana: ||

Bhrihathdhvaksha Bhrihathkreedo Bhrihathdhramo Bhrihathpriya: | Bhrihaththriptho Bhramaratho Bhramavith  Bhramaparakrith ||

Badhithadhvaithavishayo Bahuvarnnavibhagahrith | Bhrihathjagathbedhadhooshi Bhavashcharyarasodhadhi: ||

Bhrihathkshemo Bahukripo Bahusheelo Balipriya: | Badhithashishtanikaro Badhatheetho Bahudhaya: ||

Badhithanthashathrujalo Badhdhachiththahayoththama: | Bahudharmapravachano Bahumanthavyabhashitha: ||

Bahairmukhasharanya Bhramanyo Bhramanapriya: | Bhramasthutho Bhramabandhur Bhramasur  Bhramashoavthu ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||