Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Sri Lalitha Lakaradhi Ashtoththarashathanama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Lalitha Thripurasundari who has personified as Lakshmi with flickering eyes, she symbolize good fortune,  and auspiciousness, she is worshisped by Lakshmana, she has divine limbs, she is the protector of souls, she has personified as Lakini, she is beloved of Lakshmana, she is most desirable, she symbolizes the sacred syllables of ‘Lakara’  and ‘Lomasha’/kind of meter, she has insatiable tongue, she is timid, she is the supreme object of the Mumukshus who yearns for liberation from repeated births, she is perceivable, she is adorned in red lack on finger and toe nails, she is worshiped by all, she symbolizes Lakarakshara, she is lustful, fragile, transient, flickering etc.. she symbolizes amusement, pastime, grace, sport etc.. she is most beautiful woman, she has the luster of water lily, her loveliness resembles to stream of nectar and stream of nectar lake, she symbolizes timidness,  and shyness, she is bashful, she is modest, she is chaste wife of Thripurari, she performs various pastimes, she is graceful, she symbolizes kind of meter, she is beautifully adorned  in saffron and turmeric, her finger and toe nails are adorned in red lack, she is the protector of bewildered and distressed, she is most desirable, she is the mother of Universe and its living beings, she is worshiped in the three worlds, she is the creator of Universe and its living beings, she is most desirable, she is adorned in serpent as ornaments, she has reddish eyes, she represents Linga, she is the Goddess of Linga, she eulogizes the splendor of Linga, she is originated form Linga, she is adorned garland of Linga, she is fond of Linga, she embraces Linga, she is Linga, she is supreme bliss who immerses in the recitation and veneration of Linga, she takes immense pleasure in the veneration and offering sacred bath to Linga, she sincerely worships Linga, she represents Linga and she resides in it, she takes immense pleasure in the embrace of Linga, she takes pleasure in the veneration of married women, she provides contentment, pleasure and satisfaction to women who engages in her worship and she protects them, she provides various spiritual fervor to the worshiper, she resides in the house where women engages in the worship of Goddess Lalitha, she resides in divine creeper homes, she is worshiped by women folks and highly honor them, she provides virtuous offspring to them, she represents Madhavi creeper, she resides in the creeper home, she takes immense joy in the embrace of Madhavi creepers, she symbolizes supreme wisdom and knowledge, she is the essence of Universe and its living beings, she represents  custom, conduct, behavior, etc… she has supreme abode in the middle of Madhavi creeper, she get highly pleased with the veneration of Lavangapushpa, she resides in the middle of the creeper of Lavanga, she represents Lavanga creeper, she takes immense pleasure in the fire sacrifices in which Lavanga is used as a part of offerings, she is worshiped with the sacred syllables of Lakarakshara, she symbolizes Lakaravarnna, she is adorned in Lakaravarnna, she has great splendor which has the resemblance to Lakaravarnna, she is the source of Lakarabeeja, she resides in the Lakarakshara, she resides in the abode of Lakarabeeja, she is all pervading in the form of Lakarabeeja, her divine limbs resembls to Lakaravarnna, she destroys evil objectives, she symbolizes supreme object, she keeps moving to and fro from the observation, she is attainable through thousands and millions of  recitation of sacred hymns praising her splendor, she has thousands and millions of manifestations, she represents thousands and millions amusements, art forms, and  objective, she is worshiped by the trinities who are the creator, preserver and destroyer of the Universe and its living beings, she is beyond Universe, she represents Lopamudra, and Lajjabeeja, she symbolizes timidness and she remains void  of the same, she is the source of Karma, she is fond of performance of dance, she causes deluge at the end of Yuga, she represents all the art forms, she has great womb, she is the provider of Siddhis, she is the source of loveliness and wealth, she is braided with Lakaravarnna, she is supreme Goddess Sri Lalithambika who symbolize ‘Sreem’ as Beejamanthra.

Sri Lalitha Lakshmi Loloakshi Lakshmanarchitha | Sri Lakshmanarchitha Pranarakshini Lakini Lakshmanapriya ||

Lola Lakara  Lomasha  Lolajihva  Lajjavathi | Lakshmi Lakshya  Laksharatha  Lakarakshabhooshitha ||

Lolalayathmika  Leela  Leelavathi Langali | Lavanyamrithasara  Lavanyamrithadheeghika ||

Lajja Lajjamathi Lalana Lalanapriya | Lavana Lavali Lasa  Lakshi Lubdha Lalasa ||

Lokamathre  Lokapoojya Lokajanani Lolupa | Lohitha  Lohithakshi Lingakhya  Lingeshi Lingageethyai ||

Lingothbhava Lingamala Lingapriya  Lingabidhayini | Linga  Linganamasadhanandha Lingamrithapreetha ||

Lingarchanapreetha Lingapoojya Lingaroopa Lingastha | Lingalinganathathpara  Lathapoojanaratha  Lathasadhakathushtidha ||

Lathapoojakarakshini Lathasadhanasiddhidha | Lathagrihanivasini Lathapoojya  Latharadhya  Lathadhara Lathamayi ||

Lathasparshanasanthushta Lathalinganaharshatha | Lathavidhya  Lathasara  Lathachara  Lathanidhi ||

Lavangapushpasanthushta  Lavangalathamadhyastha | Lavangalathikaroopa  Lavangahemasanthushta  Lakaraksharapoojitha ||

Lakaravarnnothbhava  Lakaravarnnabhooshitha | Lakaravarnnaruchira  Lakarabeejodhbhava ||

Lakaraksharasthitha Lakarabeejanilaya  Lakarabeejasarvasva | Lakaravarnnasarvangi  Lakshyachethanathathpara ||

Lakshyadhara  Lakshyaghoornna  Lakshajapenasiddhidha | Lakshakotiroopadhara  Lakshaleelakalalakshya  Sri Lokapalenarchitha ||

Laksharagavilopana  Lokatheetha  Lopamudhra Lajjabeejaswaroopini |Lajjaheena Lajjamayi Lokayathravidhayini ||

Lasyapriya Layakari Lokalaya  Lambodhari| Laghimadhisiddhidhathri  Lavanyanidhidhayini  | Lakaravarnnagrathitha Om Sreem Beeja Lalithambika ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||