Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sri Jagannatha Sahasranama Sthothram – Bhrama Puranam – Lyrics and meanings 51 – 6o

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Lord Jagannatha who is promising to Pandava, he is Parama/supreme Lord who is the protector of Universe and its living beings, he is embodied as Jagath/Universe and carries out the functions of the Universe, he is personified as cowherd and protector of cowherds and cows, he is eternal, he is Mahabhrama, he is the provider of abundance of meritorious rewards to worshiper, he is the source of actions, he is most excellent who symbolizes eternal bliss, he is Parameshvara, he is safest haven to the people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he is safest haven to  all the living beings, he symbolizes all Shasthra, righteousness, Mahadharma, and he is divine represents righteous soul/  Dharmathma, he ensures the prevalence of righteousness, he represents mind, and intellect, he is the provider of supreme wisdom and greatness to the worshiper, he represents the syllables Bhur  and Bhuvasva, he is Mahamoorthi, he has colossal form and he is extremely valorous, he is the creator of Universe, he embodied as Universe, he is supreme Lord who is the Lord of Lords, he is Bhuvanesha who is Lord of the Universe,  he is omnipresent, he is Bhavesha who is Lord of worldly existence, he is the protector of living beings from worldly existence, he dwells in Chathurveda and eulogized by Chathurveda, he has attractive limbs, he has dark blue complexion, he is serene and he has peaceful disposition, he is clever, he is the essence of  Sama, Rik, Yajur, and Atharvana, he has the complexion of dark clouds, he is Chathurmoorthi /supremely gorgeous and Chathurbahu/with four powerful arms, he is the provider of Chathurgathi/Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, he has great effulgence, he is Mahamoorthi, he dwells in the supreme abode/Mahadhama, he is Maheshvara, he is the provider of various boons to Agasthya, he represents Pithamaha/ancestors and grandfather,  and all the deities, he is most pleasing to ardent devotee Prahladha, he honored most passionate devotee Dhruva as polar star, he has magnificent form adorned in various ornaments and he has attractive physical features, he is the provider of intense devotion, he symbolizes Omkara, and he is Parambhrama, he is supreme Lord Hari who does not require any support systems.

Pandava Preethidhashchaiva  Parama: Parapalaka:  | Jagadhdhatha Jagth Kartha Gopa Govathsa Palaka: ||

Sanathano Mahabhrama  Phaladha: Karmacharinam | Parama: Paramanandha: Parardhdhi: Parameshvara: ||

Sharana: Sarvalokanam Sarvashasthra  Parigraha: | Dharmakrithir Mahadharma  Dharmathma  Dharma Bandhava: ||

Mana: Karththa Mahabuddhir  Mahamahima Dhayaka: | Bhurbhuvasuvo Mahamoorthi: Bheemo Bheema Parakrama: ||

Paththa Bhoothathmako Deva: Paththa Moorthi:  Parathpara: | Vishvakaro  Vishvagarbha: Sura: Cha Sureshvara: ||

Bhuvanesha : Sarvavyapi Bhavesha: Bhavapalaka: | Dharshaneeyash Chathurveda: Shubhango Lokadharshana: ||

Shyamala: Shanthabhoothirsh Cha  Sushanthash Chathuroththama: | Sama Preethishcha  Rik Preethir Yajusho Atharvanapriya: ||

Shyamachandhrash Chathurmoorthish Chathurbahush Chathurgathi: | Maha Jyothir  Mahamoorthir  Mahadhama Maheshvara: ||

Agasthivara Dhatha  Cha Sarva Deva Pithamaha: | Prahladhasya Preethikaro Dhruvabhi Mana Tharaka: ||

Manditha: Suthanur Dhatha  Sadhu Bakthi Pradhayaka: | Omkarashcha Parambhrama Om  Niralambano Hari: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||