Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sri Kalika Sahasranama Sthothram by Mahakalabhairava – Lyrics and meanings 111 – 120

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Goddess Kalika who is Kumari/ youthful/virgin/desirous girl, she is deserved to be worshiped and she get pleased with the veneration, she is personified as beautiful young maiden who undertakes strict austerities and penances, she symbolizes devotion and happiness, she is personified as young unmarried girl/Kaumari, she gets pleased with the veneration of young unmarried girls, she gets satisfied with the act of gratification of young maidens, she immerses in the service of young unmarried girls, she undertakes service of young unmarried girls and resides in the place where veneration of young unmarried girls takes place, she is personified as Anandhabhairavi/blissful,  Balabhairavi/girl ,  Vatubhairavi/youthful, Shmashanabhairavi/dwells in funeral grounds, Kalabhairavi/consort of Lord Kalabhairava and Purabhairavi/dwells in the city of Thripura, she is the consort of  Lord Mahabhairava, she is Paramanandhabhairavi who is eternal bliss, she is Tharunabhairavi/youthful, Gnananandhabhairavi/symbolizes wisdom and happiness, Amrithamandhabhairavi/kalika who was appeared at the time of Amrithmandhan/churning of ocean for nectar in order to protect Universe from the deadly poison, she is Mahabhayangari/vicious, she is fierce and has great swiftness, she is highly enthusiastic, she is Thripura who is the consort of Lord Thripurari/conqueror of the cities of Thripura, she is Parameshani who is supreme being consort of Lord Parameshvara, she is loveliest and stunningly georgeous in the celestial abode, she is the Goddess of cities of Thripura/Thripureshi, she represents Panchadhashi/consisting 15, Panchami/5,  Sapthadhashi/17, Shodashi/12, she resides in the abode of Pura, she is wielded in Mahangusha/ great arrow, and Mahachakra/great wheel,  she dwells in Navachakra/divine Sri Chakra, she is Chakreshvari who dwells in the city of Thripura, she is Empress of great Kingdom, she is Mahathripurasundari, she is beautifully decorated in vermilion, she is Srimath Thripurasundari/supreme Goddess who symbolizes beauty and resides in the city of Thripura, she has most attractive limbs, she symbolizes blood, she is attired in garments soaked in blood, she is decorated in red lac on her fingers and toe nails, she is adorned in vermilion and red sandalwood paste on her body.

Kumari  Poojanaratha  Kumari  Vrathacharini | Kumari  Bhakthisukhini  Kumari  Roopadharini ||

Kumari Poojakapreetha  Kumaripreethidhapriya | Kumari Sevakasanga  Kumari  Sevakalaya ||

 Anandhabhairavi  Balabhairavi  Vatubhairavi  |  Shmasahana Bhairavi  Kalabhairavi Purabhairavi ||

Mahabhairava Pathni Cha Paramanandha  Bhairavi | Suranandhabhairavi  Cha  Unmadhanandhabhairavi ||

 Yajjnanandhabhairavi  Cha Thatha  Tharunabhairavi | Gnananandhabhairavi  Cha Amrithanandhabhairavi ||

Mahabhayangari  Theevra Theevravega  Tharasvini | Thripura  Parameshani Sundari Purasundari ||

 Thripureshi Panchadhashi Panchami Puravasini | Mahasapthadhashi  Chaiva Shodashi Thripureshvari ||

Mahangushasvaroopa Cha Mahachakreshvari Thatha | Navachakreshvari  Chakreshvari Thripuramalini ||

Rajachakreshvari  Rajji Mahathripurasundari | Sindhoorapooraruchira  Srimath Thripurasundari ||

Sarvangasundari  Raktha  Rakthavasthrothareeyaka |Yava Yavaka Sindhoora Raktha Chandhana Dharini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||