Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Sri Maha Thripurasundhari Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vamakeshvara Thanthram – Lyrics and Meanings – 71 -80

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon supreme Goddess Sri Maha Thripurasundhari who has the effulgence of severe poison, she is adorned in hundreds of arts forms, and she has fierce face, she has great face, she is decked in thousands and millions of serpents, she symbolizes Mahasathva, she represents righteousness, she is the provider of righteousness and happiness to her worshiper, she has great forehead in dark cloud complexioned, she has vicious forehead, she is lovely-faced woman, she represents all sense organs includes mind, intellect and ego, she is embodied as sense organs, she is triumphant in all battlefields, she is the destroyer of enemies, she destroys all the perils and miseries, she eradicates all the sorrows and miseries, she represents prosperity and happiness, she eradicates all the evil effects caused by the planets, she is Mathangi who takes immense pleasure in the consumption of nectar, she is beloved of all, she is decorated in marvelous waist belt and she takes pleasure in the nectar, she symbolizes young shoot of lotus flower and has the fragrance of lotus flower, she dwells in Manimandala/gem decorated Chinthamanigriha, she has pleasing disposition and a beautiful smile on face always, she is Kumuda/water-lily, red lotus, she is Lalitha who is elegant, most desirous, swining with fast moving red colored eyes, she is personified as mendicant attired in directions as garments, and Devadhoothi, she is Deva Devadhi Athidevatha/supreme Goddess/primordial, she is mounted on celestial vehicle lion, she resides in silver mountain/snow covered peak of Mount Himalaya, she has boisterous voice and fierce look, she eradicates brutal demons, she is attired in blood stained garments, she is adorned in serpents as Keyoora, she is decorated in Mukthahara/pearl garlands, and flower garlands, she have large mountain sized bosom, she have crimson colored eyes drenched in the elixir of nectar, she represents Samasthadevathamoorthi/all deities, she eradicates the enemies of Sura.

Vishajjvalavathi  Dheeptha  Kalashatha Vibhooshana | Theevravakthra  Mahavakthra  Nagakodithva Dharini ||

Mahasaththva Cha  Dharmajja Dharmathi Sukhadhayini | Krishanmoordha Mahamoordha  Ghoramoordha  Varanana ||

Sarvendhriya  Manonmaththa  Sarvendhriya Manonmayi | Sarvasanghrama Jayadha  Sarva Praharanodhyatha ||

Sarvapeedopa Shamini Sarvarishta  Nivarini | Sarva Aishvarya  Samuthpanna  Sarvagraha  Vinashini ||

Mathangi Maththamathangi Mathangi Priyamandala | Amritho Dhadhi Madhyastha  Kadi Soothrair Alankritha ||

Amritho Dhadhi Madhyastha  Pravala Vasanambuja | Manimandala Madhyastha  Eshath Prahasithanana ||

Kumudha  Lalitha  Lola  Laksha Lohitha Lochana | Dhigvasa  Devadhoothi Cha  Deva Dhevadhi Devatha ||

Simhopari Samarooda  Himachala Nivasini | Attattahasini Ghora  Ghoradhaithya Vinashini ||

Athyugra Raktha Vasthrabha  Nagakeyoora Manditha | Mukthahara  Lathopetha  Thunga Peenapayodhara ||

Rakthothpala Dhalakara  Madhaghoornnitha Lochana | Samastha  Devathamoorthi: Surarikshaya Karini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||