Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Friday, 6 October 2017

Sri Maha Thripurasundhari Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vamakeshvara Thanthram – Lyrics and Meanings – 61 -70

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon supreme Goddess Sri Maha Thripurasundhari who symbolizes sacred waters and remains in the liquid form and  she remains as fragrance in all fragrant ingredients, she is absolute Bhramam, she is Parambhramam, she represents Shabdhabhrama/sounds, and she is void of sounds, she represents Siddhi/supernatural powers, Buddhi/intellect and remains incomparable, she dwells in the middle of flames, she is Shambhavi who is highly confidential, she is Shakthi who represents philosophies and faith, she is imperishable, she is the mother of living beings, she is the commander of Mahabhootha, she is pure, she provides righteousness and augments Dharma/righteousness in worshiper,  she is unconquerable, she is most desirable who represents shruthi, she is cheerful always, she has attractive matted hair locks, she is the source of liberation from repeated births, she has subtle form, she is wielded in Shakthi/fierce weapon, she is attired in the skin of leopard, she have matted hairlocks, she is wielded in trident and Damaru/drum, she is decked in Naramala/garland of skulls, she is extremely vicious, she can be brutal and destroys the Universe and its living beings in the colossal fire at the end of Kalpa, she  is easily attainable in the three worlds, she is beloved of pious who practices to achieve Siddhi, she symbolizes all kinds of knowledge, she is the destroyer of demons, she is Dhamini, DhAmini, Dhantha/restraint, Dhaya/kind, Dhoghri/provider of boons, she protects her worshiper from all kinds of perils and evils, she has large tongue resembles to fire, she is extremely dreadful  and produces alarming shriek, she is Narayani, she is Narasimhi who resides in the heart of Nrusimha, she is Yogeshvari who is the Goddess of Yogic practices, she symbolizes Yoga, she is Yogamatha and she is Yogini as well, she is Khechari who symbolizes various siddhis, she is Khachara who is supreme spirit/cloud, wind, planet, sun, she takes immense pleasure in pastime, she is the ultimate heaven for liberation from repeated births, she is Nagini/serpent, she is Nagakanya/young maiden in the clan of serpents, she is attired in marvelous garment, she is the commander of serpents/Naganayika.

Rasajja  Rasamadhyastha  Gandhastha  Gandharoopini | Parambhramaswaroopa  Cha Parambhrama  Nivasini ||

Shabdha Bhramaswaroopa Cha Shabdhastha  Shabdhavarjjitha | Siddhir Buddhir Parabuddhi: Sandheepthir Madhyasamsthitha ||

Svaguhya  Shambhavi  Shakthi: Thaththvastha  Thaththvaroopini | Shashvathi Bhoothamatha  Cha  Mahabhoothadhipa Priya ||

Shuchipretha  Dharmasiddhi: Dharmavriddhi: AParajitha | Kamasandheepini Kama  Sadha Kauthuhulapriya ||

Jada Joodadhara  Muktha  Sookshma  Shakthivibhooshana | Dhveepicharma Paridhana  Cheeravalkala Dharini ||

Thrishoola  Damaroodhara  Naramala Vibhooshana | Athyugraroopini Chogra  Kalpantha  Dhahanopama ||

Thrailokhya  Sadhini Sadhya  Siddhi Sadhakavathsala | Sarvavidhyamayi Sara  Chasuranam Vinashini ||

Dhamani Dhamini Dhantha Dhaya  Dhoghri Dhurapaha | Agni Jihvopama  Ghoraghora Ghora  Tharanana ||

Narayani Narasimhi Nrisimha Hridhayesthitha | Yogeshvari Yogaroopa  Yogamatha  Cha Yogini ||

Khechari  Khachari Khela  Nirvanapadha Samshraya | Nagini  Nagakanya  Cha Suvesha  Naganayika ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||