Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 21 May 2018

Sri Thripura Bhairavi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vishvasara Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 71 – 80

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before upreme Goddess Thripura Bhairavi who has the appearance of fresh alluring fully blossomed flower, she has embodied as magnificent flower, she is the source of flowers and she is fond of it,  she is adorned in garlands of fresh alluring flowers, she disapprove the people who disrespect flowers, she symbolizes galaxy/cluster of stars, she eradicates unexpected and accidental deaths, she is worshiped by star and planets, she symbolizes principle object, she is adorned in various pearl decorated ornaments on the chest, she has marvelous appearance, she represents Goddess of stars, she has embodied as stars, she symbolizes good fortune, and pre-eminence, she is the ruler of the world of Galaxy, she is highly honorable, she bestow prosperity and wealth, she symbolizes honor and happiness, she is the mother of Universe and its living beings, she is most venerable, she is Mahakaleshvari who is supreme Goddess inseparable consort of Lord Mahakala, she is most venerable, she produces alarming and boisterous voices, she is decked in great Shankha, she has embodied as Mathsya, and Mathsyagandha who belongs to fishermen clan, she is Mahodhari who has large great belly, she has pot sized belly/Lambodhari,  long lips/Lamboshti, long nose/Lambanasa, and long insatiable tongue hang out the mouth, she has excellent bull as celestial vehicle, she has long stature, she has marvelous appearance with slender waist,  she has extremely long and great physique, she has beautiful appearance with long slender physique, she has most pleasing nature, she is stunningly gorgeous, she is the provider of loveliness, she has most stunning appearance as celestial Rambha who has attractive thighs, she has personified as dearest darling of Lord Rama, she takes immense pleasure in amorous sport, she is the source of passionate sport, she has loveliest limbs which arose passion, she is supreme bliss, she has personified as Devi Rathi, she is fond of Devi Rathi who symbolizes amorous sport, she is worshiped by Devi Rathi, she is beloved of Devi Rathi.

Supushpa Pushpakaprana  Pushpaka  Pushpavallabha | Pushpapriya  Pushpahara  Pushpavandhakavandhaka ||

Pushpaka Pushpamala  Cha Pushpanindhakanashini | Nakshathra Kalahanthri  Cha Nakshathralakshavandhaka ||

Lakshyamalya  Lakshahara  Laksha  Lakshaswaroopini | Nakshathrani Sunakshathra  Nakshathraha  Mahodhaya ||

Mahamalya  Mahamanya  Mahathi Mathrupoojika | Maha Mahaneeya  Cha Mahakaleshvari  Maha ||

Mahasya  Vandhaneeya  Cha Mahashabdha Nivasini | Mahashankeshvari  Meena Mathsyagandha  Mahodhari ||

Lambodhari  Cha Lamboshti  Lamba Nimnathanudhari | Lamboshti  Lambanasa  Cha Lambakhona  Lalathsuka ||

Athilamba  Mahalamba  Sulamba  Lambavahini | Lambarha  Lambashakthishcha  Lambastha  Lambapoorvika ||

Chathurganda  Mahaganda  Gandanadhapriya  Sadha | Vadhyapriya  Vadhyaratha  Suvadhya  Vadhyanashini ||

Rama Rama  Subala  Cha Ramaneeya Swabhavini | Suramya  Ramyadha  Rambha Ramboru Ramavallabha ||

Kamapriya Kamakara  Kamangai  Ramani Rathi: | Rathipriya  Rathi Rathisevya  Rathipriya ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||