Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 21 May 2018

Sri Thripura Bhairavi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vishvasara Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 81 - 90

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Sri Thripura Bhairavi who has embodied as divine cow Surabi, she is most celebrated deity, she has great effulgence, her auspicious gaze is capable to remove all ill fortunes, she has supreme radiance, she has supreme luster, she eradicates troubles from evil spirits, she is most desirous, charming, enticing, and she augments desire and charm in the worshiper, her auspicious limbs are enticing, she is worshiped by the charming people, she symbolizes Lobha,  she imparts knowledge /enlightening, she is Mahalobha, she destroys people who disapprove Lobha, she has most enticing divine limbs which has rich fragrance, she represents supreme fragrance/fragrant substance, and pride, she destroys arrogance, she has divine limbs which has supreme aroma, she enhances rich fragrance, she represents rich fragrances, and passion, she eradicates foul smells, she has the luster lotus flower, she holds lotus flower, she is beloved of Goddess Padma, she is beloved of all, she disapprove people who disrespect lotus flower, she holds fully blossomed lotus flower and she takes immense pleasure in it, she holds blood red  water lily, she is fond of Rakthothpala, she represents the Rakthothpala and its fragrances, she is adorned in garland of Rakthothpala, she has the appearance of Rakthothpala, she has beautiful eyes resembles to Rakthothpala, she has embodied as Rakthothpala, she is Vaishnavi who immerses in the veneration of Lord Vishnu, she  has divine limbs smeared in sacred ashes, she honors the people who engages in the veneration of Lord Vishnu, she is Vaishnavi  who has slender and attractive physique, she is inseparable from Lord Narayana, she has personified as Narayani who multiplies the glories of Narayana, she represents Narayana, she resides in the heart of Narayana, she is inseparable consort of Narayana, she is divine personified, she is  beloved of Narayana, she is attractive young woman, she is Narayani who is promising, she is surrounded by multitudes of Ganas, she resides in the supreme abode of Lord Narayana.

Surabhi: Surabhi Sbhobha  Dhikshobhashubanashini | Sushobha  Cha Mahashobha  Athishobha  Prethathapini ||

Lobhini Cha Mahalobha  Sulobha  Lobhavardhini | Lobangi Lobhavandhya  Cha Lobhahi Lobhabasaka ||

Lobhapriya  Mahalobha  Lobhanindhakanindhaka | Lobangavasini Garvavigavadha Garvanashini ||

Gandhangi  Gandhapushta  Cha Sugandha  Premagandhika | Dhurgandha Poothigandha  Cha Vigandha  Athigandhika ||

Padmakanthika  Padmavaha  Padmapriya  Priyankari | Padmanindhakanindha Cha  Padmasanthoshavahana ||

Rakthothpalavara  Devi Rakthothpalapriya Sadha | Rakthothpalasugandha Cha Rakthothpalanivasini ||

Rakthothpalagrahamala  Rakthothpalamanohara |Rakthothpala Sunethra  Cha RakthothpalaSwaroopadhrik ||

Vaishnavi Vishnupoojya  Cha Vaishnavanganivasini | Vishnupoojaka Poojya  Cha Vaishnave Samsthitha Thanu: ||

Narayanasya  Dhehastha  Narayanamanohara | Narayanaswaroopa  Cha Narayanamanasthitha ||

Narayanasangabhootha  Narayanapriyathanu: | Nari Narayani Ganya  Narayanagrihapriya ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||