Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sri Thripura Bhairavi Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Vishvasara Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 61 – 70

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Thripura Bhairavi who has the radiance of Surya, she is the source of functioning of Surya, she has embodied as Surya and she carries out the function of the same, she afflicts pain, she represents mystical letter, she has the luster of smoke, she represents Mareechi/sun, she has the radiance of sun, she represents desire, pleasure, wish, taste, appetite, interest etc.. she is the provider of supreme intellect, religious fervor, happiness, and prosperity, she has embodied as Universe, she is Dharini/mother Earth who imparts the knowledge of Bhramam, she symbolizes endurance, she represents Yuga, and Yoga, she is perceptible to  the righteous, she inspires fruitful actions and  union of soul with the supreme soul, she resides in the middle of Vahnimandala, she explores through the Vahnimandala, she represents Vahnimandala, she carries out the function of Vahnimandala/fire, she has the effulgence of blazing fire, she is passionate resembles to fire, she is the source of fire, she destroys the accidental fire, she represents fire sacrifices, she holds fire, she represents arts, she symbolizes blazing fire, she has smokey nature, she has great radiance, she has great spark, she is wielded in trident, she has most beautiful appearance, she is Kapila, she holds oblation from fire sacrifices, she has various radiance, she is divine personified as inseparable part of the family of Parambhramam, she is Jyothirbhramamayi, she is Parambhramaswaroopini, she is Paramathma/supreme soul and  Para as well, she symbolizes piousness,  she is the provider of piousness and augments the same, she has various sacred names, she is fond of auspicious and rich fragrances, she has slender and beautiful physique, she is divine personified and she symbolizes piousness, she performs auspicious tasks, she destroys the wicked people who are deceitful and has lack of devotion, she represents auspicious hours, she symbolizes auspiciousness and devoutness, she performs devout sport, she performs devout pastime, she is Para and  has various sacred names, she is worshiped by virtuous people, she performs various devout sport with the passionate devotees, she is primordial, she symbolizes devoutness, she has embodied as Purusha, she is Prakrithi who is beloved of Purusha, she is the soul of Purusha, she has assumed the form of Purusha, she is Purushi and she is inseparable from Purusha.

Suryakanthi: Suryakara  Suryakhya  Suryabhavana | Thapini ThApini Dhoomra  Mareechir  Jwalini Ruchi: ||

Suradha  Bhogadha  Vishva Bodhini  Dharini Kshama | Yugadha  Yogaha  Yogya  Yogyaha  Yogavardhini ||

Vahnimandalasamstha  cha Vahnimandalamadhyaga | Vahnimandalaroopa  Cha  Vahnimandala sanjjaka ||

Vahnitheja  Vahniraga  Vahnidha  Vahninashini | Vahnikriya  Vahnibhuja  Kala Vahnau  Sthitha Sadha ||

Dhoomrarchitha  Ujjvalani Thadha Cha  Vispulinglini | shoolini Cha Suroopa  Cha  Kapila Havyavahini ||

Nanathejasvini Devi Parambhramakudumbini | Jyothir Bhramamayi Devi Parambhramaswaroopini ||

Paramathma  Para Punya  Punyadha Punyavardhini | Punyadha  Punyangi  Cha Punyagandha  Priyathanu: ||

Punyadheha  Punyakara  Punyanindhakanindhaka | Punyakalakara Punya  Supunya Punyamalika ||

Punyakhela  Punyakeli Punyanama Samapura | Punyasevya  Punyakhelya  Purana Punyavallabha ||

Purusha  Purushaprana  Purushathmaswaroopini | Purushangi Cha Purushi Purushasya  Kala Sadha ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||