Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Sri Dhashamahavidhya Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

Lord Shiva speaks “I shall prostrate before the ten powerful aspects of Goddess Adhi Shakthi who is famously known as Dhashamahavidhya, I shall prostrate before Goddess Chandika who is too passionate, she is the slayer of demons Chanda and Munda, I shall prostrate before Goddess Kalika who eradicates extreme fear of death, Oh! Shive, kindly protects us, she is Jagathdhathri who is the source of Universe and its living beings, Oh! Haravallabhe who is dearest darling of Lord Hara, kindly bless us, I shall reverentially prostrate before Jagadhathri  who is the protector of the Universe and its living beings, she always works for the welfare of the Universe, she symbolizes supreme wisdom and knowledge, she is the creator of Universe and its living beings, she is formidable/ Karala, gruesome/ Vikata and dreadful/ Ghora, she is adorned in garland of skulls, she is worshiped by Hara, she is highly honored by Hara, I shall prostrate before dearest darling of Hara, she is Gauri , she  highly revered as preceptor, she has fair complexion, she is adorned in various precious ornaments all over the body, he is beloved of Hari, she has personified as Mahamaya, I shall prostrate before Goddess Mahamaya who is worshiped by Lord Bhrama, she is Siddheshvari who symbolizes Siddha, she is worshiped by Siddha and Vidhyadhara Ganas, she initiates Manthrasiddhi and Yonisiddhi to ardent worshiper, she has embodied as part of Linga, I shall prostrate before Mahamaya who has personified as Durga, she eradicates miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, she is dreadful, gruesome, she has personified as Ugrathara, she is surrounded by fierce Ganas, she has personified as Neela who has the complexion of dark clouds, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess who has beautiful appearance with the complexion of dark clouds, her limbs are dark blue complexioned, she has the luster of blue, she is adorned in blue colored gems and ornaments, I shall prostrate before supreme Goddess Gauri who is the source of Universe and its living beings, she fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, she is Vishveshvari who has dreadful appearance too, she is Vikata/gruesome, she eradicates horrible actions, she is primeval deity, she is supreme preceptor, she immerses in the veneration primeval deity Lord Shiva, she is Durga who is the provider of wealth, and abundance of grains, she is Padma who is lotus born, she resides in the lotus flower, she is supreme Goddess, I shall reverentially prostrate before Jagadhathri who is dearest darling of Chandrashekhara adorned in crescent moon on matted hair locks, she is Thripurasundhari who is served by Bala and Abala Ganas, she is Shivadhoothi who has assigned Lord Shiva as emissary, she immerses in the veneration of Lord Shiva, she always meditate upon Lord Shiva, she is eternal, she is supremely gorgeous, she represents safest ferry to cross the ocean of worldly existence, she is always surrounded by all the Shivaganas, she has personified as Narayani, she is worshiped by Vishnu, she is beloved of Bhrama, Vishnu and Hara, she is the provider of various Siddhis, she is void of impurities or properties, she represents Saguna and Nirguna as well, she is most venerable, she is the provider of all kinds of Siddhis and supreme knowledge and wisdom to worshiper, she symbolizes Vidhya, Dhashamahavidhya, and Mahavidhya, she is Maheshvari who is ardent devotee of Lord Mahesha, she is Maheshi who is worshiped by Mahakala, I shall reverentially prostrate before  Jagadhathri who is the slayer of demon Shumbhasura, she has personified as Bhairavi, she has embodied as Earth, she has insatiable tongue, she is supreme Goddess, she is divine personified with powerful four arms, Dhashabhuja/ten,  and Ashtadhashabhuja/eighteen, she symbolizes auspiciousness, she is the Goddess of the city of Thripura, she is beloved of Lord Vishvanatha, she is Vishveshvari and ShivA as well, she produces shrieking voices, she eradicates sins and wickedness, she is Kamala who is lotus born, she has personified as Chinnamastha, and Mathangi, she is stunningly gorgeous, she is Shodashi, she is Vijaya who is unconquerable, she has colossal form, she has personified as Dhoomravathi and Bhagalamukhi,  she is the provider of various Siddhis, supreme knowledge, and  Manthravidhya to worshiper, I shall reverentially prostrate before supreme Goddess who is the safest ferry to cross the ocean of worldly existence, she is the essence of sacred chants, Oh! Vararohe/lovely faced one; these are highly propitious hymns, which are capable to provide all kinds of super natural powers, Oh! Girinandhini who is the daughter of Mount Himavan, whoever reads or listens to it would definitely attain liberation from repeated births.”

Om Namasthe Chandike  Chandi Chandamundavinashini | Namasthe Kalike  Kalamahabhaya Vinashini ||

Shive  Raksha Jagathdhathri Praseedha Haravallabhe | Pranamami Jagadhathri Jagathpalana Karini ||

Jagath Kshemakari Vidhyam Jagathshrishti Vidhayineem | Karalam Vikatam Ghoram Mundamalavibhooshitham ||

Hararchitham Hararadhyam Namami Haravallabham | Gaurim Gurupriyam Gauravarnna Alankarabhooshitham ||

Haripriyam Mahamayam Namami  Bhramapoojitham |Siddham Siddheshvarim Siddhavidhyadharangarnnayutham ||

Manthrasiddhipradham Yonisiddhidham Lingashobhitham | Pranamami Mahamayam Durga Durgathinashini ||

Ugramugramayi Ugratharamugra Ganairyutham |Neelam Neelaghanashyamam Namami Neelasundhareem ||

Shyamangi Shyamaghatitham Shyamavarnnavibhooshitham | Pranamami Jagadhathrim Gaurim Sarvarththasadhineem ||

Vishveshvarim Mahaghoram Vikatam Ghoranadhineem |Adhyamadhya Guroradhya Adhyanatha Prapoojitham ||

Sri Durgam Dhanadham Annapoornim Padmam Sureshvarim |Pranamami Jagadhathreem Chandhrashekharavallabham ||

 Thripuram Sundhareem Balamabalamgana Bhooshitham |Shivadhoothim Shivaradhyam Shivadhyeyam Sanathaneem||

Sundhareem Tharineem  Sarvashivagana Vibhooshitham | Narayaneem Vishnupoojyam Bhramavishnuhara Priyam ||

Sarvasiddhipradham Nithyamanithyam Gunavarjjitham | Sagunam Nirgunam Dhyeyam Architham Sarvasiddhidham ||

Vidhyam Siddhipradham Vidhyam Mahavidhyam Maheshvarim | Maheshabhaktham Maheshim  Mahakalaprapoojitham ||

Pranamami Jagadhathreem Shumbhasuravimardhineem |Rakthapriyam Rakthavarnnam Rakthabeejavimardhineem ||

Bhairavim Bhuvanam Devim Lolajihvam Sureshvarim | Chathurbhujam Dhashabhujam Ashtadhashabhujam Shubham ||

Thripureshim Vishvanathapriyam Vishveshvarim Shivam | Attahasa Mahattahasapriyam Dhoomravinashinim ||

Kamalam Chinnamalashccha  Mathangim Surasundhareem | Shodashim  Vijayam Bheemam Dhoomashccha Bhagalamukheem ||

Sarvasiddhipradham Sarvavidhyamanthravishodhineem | Pranamami Jagaththaram Sarashcha Manthrasiddhaye ||

Ithyevashcha  Vararohe  Sthothram Siddhikaram Param | Padithva  Mokshamavapnothi Sathyam Vai Girinandhini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||