Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Sri Krishna Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Sathvathanthram – Lyrics and meanings – 10 - 20

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Vasudeva, he is Krishna, and Paramathma/universal spirit as well, he eradicates distress, miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, he is the provider of supreme bliss, he has personified as Sreekrishna,  he is Lord wealth, he is highly honorable, he holds Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi on  chest, he is the source of delight of Goddess Sri, he is the provider of wealth and richness, he is the source of wealth, he symbolizes wealth and prosperity, he is Lord of Goddess Sri, he is relentlessly served by Goddess Sri, he is inseparable from Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, he is Paramathma, he is absolute Bhramam, he is Paresha  who is beyond human intellect, he is Parameshvara, he is Paramdhama who  resides in supreme abode, he is the source of delight, he is the provider of supreme bliss, he does not require any support system, he is void of impurities or passion, he is sinless, he  is unrestrained, he is permanent bliss, he is liberated soul, he has no desire, or passion, he has pleasant disposition, he is beloved of all,  he is most charming, he is beloved of passionate devotees, he resides in the heart of pious, he is safest heaven to people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he has endless glories and fame, he is beloved of all, he is extremely generous, he takes immense pleasure in wealth, he is Mahayogi who undertake strict yogic practices, he undertakes extreme penance and austerities,  he is magnanimous, he is supreme Lord who is eminent, he is the Lord of Mahaloka, he is highly respectful, he symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and success, he is meditated upon by illustrious Yogis, he is the object of Siddhi, he is the provider of various siddhis, he is the Lord of Siddha, he is eminent Siddha, he is Siddha who is the protector of Universe and its living beings, he is beloved of all, he is most respectable, he is beloved of wise and intellectuals, he is supreme Lord who is victorious, he is  pre-eminent, he is superior, he is beloved of all the deities, he is Vishnu who has great radiance, he is imperishable, he is omnipresent, he is mighty Lord, he is kind and promising, he is the source of happiness and auspiciousness, he is the consort of Goddess Earth, he is Lord of wealth and opulence, he is supreme bliss, he is contented, he is the provider of contentment/satisfaction, he is the provider of pleasure, he augments happiness, he is Yogeshvara, he is attainable through Yoga, he is Yogeesha, he is beyond Yoga, he is the source of inspiration for Yoga, he is Lord of Yoga, he is the provider of good health and siddhi, he symbolizes truth, vows, and triple oath, he is beyond truth,  he is absolute truth, he is the safest heaven to truthful and righteous, he holds the truth/reinstate the Dharma, he strictly follows truth and righteousness, he augments the existence of truth and righteousness.

Om Namo  Vasudevaya Krishnaya  Paramathmane | Pranathakleshasamharthre  Paramanandhadhayine ||

Om Sreekrishna: Sreepathi:  Sreeman Sreedhara: Sreesukhashraya: | Sreedhatha  Sreekara:  Shreesha:  Sreesevya:  Sreevibhavana: ||

Paramathma  Parambhrama Paresha:  Parameshvara: | Paranandha:  Paramdhama  Paramanandhadhayaka: ||

Niralambo Nirvikaro  Nirllepo  Niravagraha: | Nithyanandho  Nithyamuktho Nireeho Nispruhapriya: ||

Priyamvadha:  Priyakara:  Priyadha:  Priyasajjana: | Priyanuga:  Priyalambi Priyakeerthi:  Priyathpriya: ||

Mahathyagi Mahabhogi  Mahayogi  Mahathapa: | Mahathma  Mahathamshreshto  Mahalokapathir Mahan ||

Siddharththa: Siddhisankalpa:  Siddhidha: Siddhisadhana : | Siddhesha:  Siddhamargagra: Siddhalokaikapalaka: ||

Ishto Vishishta:  Shishteshto Mahishto Jishnuruththama: | Jyeshta:  Sreshtashcha  Sarveshto  Vishnur Bhrajishnur Avyaya: ||

Vibhu: Shambhu: Prabhurbhooma  Swabhu:  Swanandhamoorthiman | Preethiman  Preethidhatha  Cha Preethidha: Preethivardhana: ||

Yogeshvaro Yogagamya  Yogeesho Yogaparaga: | Yogadhatha  Yogapathir Arogyasiddhidhayaka: ||

Sathyavratha:  Sathyapara: Thrisathya:  sathyakarana: | Sathyashraya:  Sathyahara:  Sathpali:  Sathyavardhana: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||