Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Sri Krishna Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Sathvathanthram – Lyrics and meanings – 21- 30

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Krishna who is the source of happiness,  he is flawless, he is omnipresent, he lures the whole Universe with his mesmerizing beauty, he is the ultimate object,  he is the source of all the happiness, he is eulogized by sacred chants, he is Janardhana who is the protector of Universe and its living beings, he is the Lord of Universe,  he is the protector and father of the Universe and its living beings, he carries out the functions of the Universe, he is  commander of Universe, he is the source of happiness to the Universe, he has four face and four arms, he is the provider of Chathurvargaphala, he symbolizes four types of arrangements, /appearances, he represents particular constellation, and Chathuryuga, he is primordial, he is Lord of Lords, he is Devesha, he is divine personified on Earth in order to perform various pastimes, his lotus feet are worshiped by all the deities, he is the Lord of Universe, he has embodied as Universe and its living beings, he is the soul of Universe, he faces in all directions of the Universe, he symbolizes wealth, he provides abundance of meritorious rewards, he is the source of Universe and he is commander of the Universe, he resides as soul in living beings, he is the protector of living beings, he is Universal spirit, he resides as soul in living beings, he is the provider of wealth, power, fortune and happiness, he symbolizes wealth, richness, opulence, and welfare, he augments wealth and richness, and he protects the same, he is all pervading, he is supreme Lord Narayana who reclines on the serpent Anantha in the milky ocean, he is wise and he is the ultimate object of the learned and sages, he is the provider of spiritual awareness, he is the provider of liberation from repeated births, he is the Lord of living beings, water, cows, etc.. he has thousands of marvelous forms, thousands of sacred names, thousands of appearances, thousands of heads, thousands of feet, and thousands of arms,  he is Padmanabha who holds lotus flower on navel, he is the creator of Padmagarbha/Lord Bhrama, he has the luster of lotus flower, his beautiful eyes has the resemblance to lotus flower petals, he reclines on the lotus flower, he is adorned in garlands of lotus flower, his  feet has the luster of lotus flowers.

Sarvanandha :  Sarvahara:  Sarvaga:  Sarvavashyakrith | Sarvapatha  Sarvasukha:  Sarvashruthi Ganarnnava: ||

Janardhano Jagannatho  Jagaththratha  Jagathpitha | Jagathkarththa  Jagadhdharththa Jagadhanandhamoorthiman ||

Dharapathir Lokapathi : Swarpathir Jagathampathi: |Vidhyapathir  Viththapathi:  Sathpathi: Kamalapathi: ||

Chathurathma  Chathurbahu Chathurvargaphalapradha | Chathurvyooha Chathurdhama  Chathuryuga Vidhayaka: ||

Adhidevo  Devadevo  Devesho  Devadharana: | Devakrith Devabhrith Devo Deveshitha Padhambhuja: ||

Vishveshvaro Vishvaroopi Vishvathma  Vishvathonmukha: | Vishvasur Vishvaphaladho Vishvago Vishvanayaka: ||

Bhoothakrith Bhoothabhrithbhavo Bhoothathma Bhoothabhavana: | Bhoothidho  Bhoothivistharo  Vibhoothir  Bhoothipalaka: ||

Narayano Narashayi Narasur Narajeevana: | Naraikaphaladho Naramukthidho  Naranayaka: ||

Sahasraroopa: Sahasranama  Sahasravigraha | Sahasrasheersha  Sahasrapadhakshibhuja Sheershavan||

Padmanabha:  Padmagarbha:  Padmi Padmanibhekshana : | Padmashayi Padmamali Padmankitha Padhadhvaya: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||