Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sri Krishna Sahasranama Sthothram – Sri Sathvathanthram – Lyrics and meanings –171 – 180

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Krishna who is highly honored by Mahesha, he symbolizes auspiciousness and good fortune, he assisted Lord Mahesha in destroying the demons of Thripura, he crushed the pride of Dhanthavakthra and provided him liberation, he is most promising to Vidhura, he eradicated the burden of Earth, he is emissary of Parththa, he always works for the welfare of Parththa, he most promising to Parththa, he has become the charioteer of Parththa during the great battle of Kurukshethra, he removed the ignorance and despair of Parththa in the battle field, and revealed the highest of the wisdom Gita Shathra to Parththa, he inspired Parththa to perform his duty in the battle field, he sysmbolizes emancipation and supreme bliss, he burnt the atrocities of Dhuryodhanadhis, he provided liberation to Bhishmapithamaha, he assisted Parththa to accomplish the task of performance of Ashwamedhayaga, he worked for the Parththas to regain their Kingdom, he is the provider of happiness and fulfills all the desires, he caused the triumph of Bheema, he provided victory to Parththas in the great battle of Kurukshethra, he is beloved of Yudhishtra and greatest companion of him, he is most promising to Dhraupadhi, his lotus feet are worshiped by Sahadeva and Nakula, he protected the fetus of clan of Puru in the womb of Uththara from the evil effects of Bhramasthra, he is Lord of Pandavas, he returned to the great city of Dwaraka followed with great procession, he narrated the glorious myths to the subjects of Dwaraka, he is most beloved of all, he is most promising to all, he eradicated the sufferings of poverty of Mithravipra/Kuchela, he is Lord of Goddess Ganga who descended down to earth from his lotus feet, he is most reliable companion, he is the source of happiness, he imparted greatest wisdom to the cowherds, he is the father and protector of cowherds, he is most celebrated deity, he imparted knowledge to the virtuous, he inspired them to perform righteous deeds, he is the protector of righteousness, he is  virtuous, he is father who enlightened the people about the knowledge of self, he brought back the six dead children of Devi Devaki, he is beloved of Suthadeva, he has personified as Rama who is the source of delight of Maithili.

Maheshadhaththa Saubhagya  Purabhishchathrughathaka: | Dhanthavakthraripuccheththa Dhanthavakthragathipradha: ||

Vidhoorathapramathano Bhooribharavatharaka: | Parththadhootha:  Parththahitha:  Parththarththa:  Parththasarathi: ||

Parththamohasamucchedhi Geethashathrapradharshaka: | Parththabanagathaprana  Veerakaivalyaroopadha: ||

Dhuryodhanadhi Dhurvriththa Dhahano Bheeshmamukthidha: | Parththashvamedhakaraka:  Parththarajya Prasadhaka: ||

Prithabheeshtapradho Bheemajayadho Vijayapradha: | Yudhishtireshtasandhatha  Dhraupadhi Preethisadhaka: ||

Sahadeverithapadho Nakularchithavigraha: | Bhramasthradhagdhagarbastha  Puruvamshaprasadhaka: ||

Pauravendhrapurasthreebhyo Dwarakagamanothsava: | Anarthadheshanivasath Prajeritha Mahathkatha: ||

Priyapreethikaro Mirthavipradharidhryabhanjjana: | Theerthapadhesha Sanmithrapriyakrith Nandhanandhana: ||

Gopijana Jyanadhatha  Thatha Krathukrithothsava: | Sadhvriththavaktha Sadhvriththakarththa  Sadhvriththapalaka: ||

Thathathmajyanasandhatha  Devakimrithaputhradha: | Shuthadevapriyakaro  Maithilanandhavardhana: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||