Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sri Chandhrashekhara Saraswathi Sahasranama Sthothram/Sri Paramacharya Sahasranama Sthothram – Lyrics and meanings – 32 - 41

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before Jagadhguru Sri Chandrashekhara who have brownish complexion, he is splendid/most excellent, he is Paramathma and perpetual, he eradicates  worldly bondages of the worshiper, he is the greatest cure for the miseries of Samsara, he protects his passionate worshiper  from the trouble of  thieves, he has won over senses, he has complete control over anger,  he is unparalleled, he is fond of veneration of Goddess Kamakshi, he symbolizes ocean of fame, he protect us from perils and fears, he symbolizes fortune/prosperity, he is complacent/self satisfied and righteous, he is pure, he is Theerthak/ascetic who finds immense pleasure in visiting sacred places/Kshethras and bathing in the sacred rivers and ponds, he is beneficent, he is steadfast and true to his promises, he is the provider of liberation from repeated births, he dispense the fruits of Karma of the worshiper, he is Mahavrathi who undertakes severe austerities/fasting and penances for the welfare of the Universe and its living beings, he is dispassionate/tranquil, desireless, devoid of passion and desires, he is devoid of emotion like hatred or attachment, he eradicates excessive lust and hatred in the worshiper, he is supremely wise and he is always surrounded by the intellectuals and scholars, he is sought after and adored by the scholarly people, he is modest, well accomplished, humble and very affectionate, he symbolizes morality, ethics and impartiality, he is virtuous and endowed with innumerable attributes, he guides us through the path of righteousness, he is divine embodied as righteousness, he eradicates the absence of virtues in his worshiper and supplement with good qualities, he is the provider of refined knowledge and wisdom, he symbolizes Mahavidhya/greatest wisdom, he is venerated by the Vipra/Bhraman who sincerely follow the prescribed duties and responsibilities/Bhramanic rite mentioned in sacred scriptures, Bhraman who are devoted their life for acquiring knowledge about supreme Bhramam and Veda, he is wise and renowned preceptor, he is supreme soul who is merciful to all creatures, he is most celebrated, he has great effulgence, he is venerated in the whole world, he is serene, he is appeasing and he has the curative properties to restrain the miseries and sorrows of the worshiper, he is impartial towards his worshipers, he is imperturbable, he is devoid of exasperation, he is the provider of welfare to his worshiper, he eradicates arrogance, deceitfulness and hautiness of the worshiper, he is extremely fond of recitation of Rik, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana Veda, he is the provider of courage and augument valor in his worshiper, he is omniscient, he takes immense pleasure in playing melodious music on Veena, he is the provider of triump in endeavors and he is the cause for the success in endeavors, he is fond of veneration of Goddess Sri Akilandeshvari Jalakandeshvara and Goddess Sri Kamakshi Ekambareshvara, he is prominent in  the whole world, he is flawless, he is the provider of Moksha and he guides us through the path of righteousness to attain liberation from repeated births, he has great effulgence due to extreme austerities and penances, he is the emanicipator from passion and desires of the worshiper, he is supreme spirit does not require any support systems works at his own free will, he is resplendent, he is immeasurable with great splendor and prowess.

Bablusha : Shreshta: Paramathma Sanathana: |Pashamochaka: Aushadheesha: Sthayurakshaka: ||

Jithendhriya: Jithakrodha: Dhurasadha: Kamakshipriya: |Keerthisagara: Bhayaskara: Shivathara: Shuchi: ||

Theerthapriya: Theerthak Theerthadanapriya: Shankara: |Sathyasangara: Mokshadha: Sarva Karma Phalapradha ||

Mahavrathin Vrathapriya : Veetharagin Ragadhvesha Vivarjjitha : |Ragadhveshashamana: Viddhvaththamo Vidhvajanamanasa Samshraya: ||

Viddhvajanashraya Vineethavathsala Neethiswaroopo Neethisamshraya: |Gunavath Gunakaro Gunadharo Agunathvanashaka: ||

Vidhyapradhatha Mahavidhya Vipravandhya Visharadha|Sarvathman Pashupathi: Nanadheshaika Nayaka: ||

Jyothiswaroopo Vishvandhya Shantho Shamaroopo  Samabhava: |Akshobhya: Kshobharahitha: Kshemadha Dhambhanashaka: ||

Samapriya Rik Yajur Atharvana Priya: Dhairyadha Dhairyavardhaka: |Sarvajja: Veenavadhanapriya: Jayapradha Jayakarana: ||

Sri Akhilandeshvari Jalakandeshvara Priya: Sri Kamakshi Ekambareshvara Priya: |Jagathpriya Poorna: Mokshadha Mokshakarina: ||

Mahatheja Mahathapa Mochaka: Ragavarjjitha: |Swathanthrathma  Dhyuthimath Amithaprabhva ||

 || Jai Sriman Narayana ||